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A close look of this beauty

To me, they look as though they're reaching out to me inquisitively.

Panurus biarmicus


Are these not the cutest little birds around? Well i do think so, it's one of my favorite birds.


In the period when i took this picture i had a lot of things going on in my life so i never got around to sort and develop the photo's. It's so much fun too see photo's like this one after all this time. I might post some more.


I am being self indulgent again, love em.

Many thanks to all those who comment on my photo's and/or add them as favourites. It is very much appreciated.

I think it's a Bearded Iris? If anyone knows for sure please let me know :)) Thanks..

Bearded tit, Radipole Lake, Dorset.

no crop, converted to b&w, sharpened and added a vignette - simple :) this is the same iris that I posted to HBW yesterday now fully in bloom.

I cut the beard and it made me sad.

Very colorfull bird.

OVP last winter.

beard project, great fun continuing this series, meeting real cool people like him.

Amazing encounter with this little chap today. Luckily for me he waited until everyone else had gone before jumping up onto a reed about 15 feet away from me and giving me both barrels. I was fair intimidated I was!


Actually, I don't think he was angry, more just celebrating the glorious Sunday morning.

[ e x p l o r e ] Tumbling water and fall colors collide in this quintessential New England autumn photograph. The great Ted Williams used to fly-fish here.

She said about my beard!

(untouched pic)

A cluster of lovely Bearded Irises, shot during a walk through our Brooklyn neighborhood. We love those "beards" and the beautiful petal venation and color patterns.

Bearded Reedling...Panurus biarmicus


Alkborough Flats, North Lincolnshire, England.

My beard. Red from Ireland, grey from being old, black from Argentina.

Male and Female, Stodmarsh, Kent. Another from a glorious morning.

Another beard I shot for my university's newspaper. I always wish I had more time and better lighting to do these pictures... I feel like they aren't as good as they could be.

Amazingly close views of hungry Bearded Tits at Radipole on Friday.

Titchwell Marsh (Norfolk) May 2012

This is about as close as I can get to the beard of a German Bearded Iris. I stacked two extension tubes onto my macro lens, and this is what I got. I think it has an abstract look to it. I took two different exposures, changing the focus point only, and then combined them in Photoshop CS4. I've seen this technique described as focus stacking.


Other images where I used this technique can be seen in my Maximum Depth of Field Macros set.

One from last year, hopefully we will get some more tomorrow

Male Bearded Tit at RSPB Strumpshaw Fen

This is a Adam, he's a happy chappy and a very obliging soul. We met in the park, he told me he was a Bearded Dragon and I asked him if he minded posing for a few pics. I said it's nice that you're sat on the fence but i'd love to see you in the river so he went for a swim. He was very fast in the water (lizard paddle) and was just a yellow blur in some of my photos, so when he'd dried off he lay in the long grass and I was happy to come down to his level so we could face to each other, eye to eye, man to reptile. After we chatted he left, said something about having to take his owner for a walk!

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