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Vivid Sydney, Light and Music Show starts in a few days. City was preparing for the lights.


From Kirribilli, NSW Australia

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia


Sun rays beaming through light fog along Skyline Drive in the Central District of SNP.



Centre Pompidou / Paris


It is the largest and most important museum of modern art in Europe. It is featuring the late 19th-20th century art. with over 50,000 works, including movements from Fauvism, Cubism, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism.


The escalators are located outside the building, with a nice look over Paris. The building looks very futuristic, with all of its internal facilities – air conditioning, elevators and pipework – on its façade!.


Post processed with LR. Mainly increased contrast and I used dehaze. This led to the enhanced blues not only in the sky.


HSS! Happy sliders Sunday!

that red bit, is my shirt.

Samsung NX1 & Steinheil Munchen 'Cassar S' - 50mm f/2.8

10mm Macro Tube | 12 Aperture Blades | f/4 | Manual Focus | Available Light | Handheld


All Rights Reserved. © Nick Cowling 2018.

Looks like I'm creating the Milky Way.....from an astrophotography workshop with Brady Cabe....

Interesting sky as I emerged from Homebase, with the lower two clouds having the look of the lenticular about them, with a kind of spiral/helix above them. I've never seen lenticulars in the UK, only on my visit to Iceland a few years ago. If there are any experts out there to say if they are or not, I'd be glad to find out more.

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Near ---Table Mesa Road off I17

The wooden temples of Japan are made with extraordinary precision and centuries of passed down skill and knowledge. The beams of this temple radiate out from a corner pillar, using no nails or glue in its construction.

Created for Treat This 188 in the Kreative People Group


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From an excursion i had to the beautiful island Senja in Troms Northern-Norway, back in January. I have posted one shot from the same location before, but when i was browsing the archive i found this one with a beautiful green beam of light. I figured that it was good for posting to Flickr. Picture was shot in Steinfjord, Senja, Northern-Norway.


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Oh, Canada...

Lisboa, Portugal

In a dark room, four figures descend a staircase in front of a bright red wall.


Dans une pièce plongée dans la pénombre, quatre silhouettes descendent un escalier devant un mur rouge lumineux.



photographie argentique film analog photography

Leica Minilux, Fuji Velvia 50


When I saw this beautiful forest and then these rays of light....I thought to myself, how beautiful, almost angelic. In the back of my head though, all I could hear was, "Beam me up, Scotty!" What can I say, my thoughts are kinda smartassed.


Location: Frog Hollow

Crossrail Place

Docklands, London

Mr. Scotts transporter beam struggled to get a fix on my location while I was inside the Upper Antelope Canyon, just outside the town of Page, Arizona.



Ich war schon einige Male im Versmannhaus, habe schon mehrfach dieses Treppenhaus hochgeladen...mal ein anderes Objektiv, mal ganz anderes Wetter als davor...und immer auf der Suche nach wieder einer anderen Perspektive.

Ein persönlicher Treppen-Evergreen*g

Natural sunlight




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Vivid Sydney at Sydney Harbour


They present spectacular beams this year.


Your soul is beaming with flowers,

it's time to stop watering

your scars.


- Pavana

A shaft of light caught my eye as it broke thru the stormy clouds on a peak above Jackson Lake.


Thanks for taking a look.


Fantastic walk up Blencathra, via Sharp edge, even though the top half of the mountain remained in the clouds most of the day, the views were stunning.

Selective focus. Caught in a web.

inside 1 Discovery Place, Sandton

william j. rutter center

san francisco, california

Sun rays shine through the clouds as the sun slips just below the horizon of Mount Audubon in the Indian Peaks wilderness. The slight rippling of the waters of Red Rock Lake is the result of a Mallard hen and her obedient ducklings cruising the waters. The scene was so dominated by blues, that I thought a mono treatment was warranted.

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