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Natural sunlight




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Day 6 At Mt Perry. Sunrise with Beams of light coming from the clouds.

Fall is happening so quickly and the weather is about to change I I'm anxious about losing all of the colors that are so brilliant.

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Airport Mesa....It didnt take but a few minutes and everything changed so quick.


This phot has been cropped to thanks to my flickr friend DAVE.....that is what is so aweome about this site you have the pro's that show you the small things to make a photo into a piece of art....

One of those .....quick pull over the car moments as the mist drifted through a gap in the forest beside Snake Pass.

Another from last weeks bluebells woodland shoot.


If anyone fancies a bluebell one-to-one in Dorset or Wilts I have scouted a few good locations. Please get in touch via my website or flickrmail.

The two beams can reportedly be seen by a 60-mile radius on a clear night, from Brooklyn to the Bronx, Queens to Staten Island, and Wall Street to Jersey City.


Formed from 88 powerful bulbs positioned into two squares that echo the fallen Twin Towers, the light memorial reaches four miles skyward. It shines from a roof near the trade center, traditionally from sunset to dawn, and has become a moving, quietly powerful element of the anniversaries since the attacks.


Last September 11, my husband and I spent several hours at the Brooklyn Bridge Park waiting for the beams to appear.

As we were leaving the premises I turned around to see the lights one more time. I looked up and saw the beams projecting their light straight up into the sky.


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"Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray."

Lord Byron


"Sé tú el arco iris en las tormentas de la vida. El rayo de luz en el atardecer que pone una sonrisa en las nubes a la distancia, y tiñe la mañana con proféticos rayos."

Lord Byron


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Another morning on Pakefield beach with sun beams breaking through the cloud.

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me up into the sunlight

... thanks for the inspiration on title, Andy :-)

... "old-ish man who roams the woods" would be my second choice, thanks Phil :-)

Portuguese cisterne, El Jadida, Morocco


Explore #57, thanks all!!

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sun beams through mist in a forest

Beams of Light.........I can honestly say that this may have been once of the most incredible displays of light that I have seen. It's been a year since I captured this scene and I still remember the day like it were yesterday. Jave, Alan C. and myself couldn't believe the light that was unfolding in front of our eyes. I stood at the edge of Steptoe Butte in awe. I only was able to capture 3 images of this scene, the image you see here, this one and another image that was horrible! Believe me, you wouldn't want to see that train wreck of an image! But looking back, it was a wonderful experience, and an experience that I am thankful that I was able to capture with my camera, and one that I can share with you. Peace and Love.


It truly was a magical evening on the Lewis Tops a couple of weeks ago. This view looks down the Maruia River, in the general direction of Springs Junction.

Taken at a cousin's wedding at the Westmoreland Country Club outside of Chicago, IL this past weekend.


The image stabilization on my lens is crucial for situations like this when I want to take three exposures but don't have a tripod. A steady hand helps too.

I have had such good luck with light beams lately!!!!


Kind of thought the little birds on the poles were cute too.

As the 4401 sit in the siding at Dekalb, (that right Dekalb has a siding) A main line train passes thru the night.. (NOTE) the flag on the 4401 is on the passing train.

Sun beams in the Upper Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona. A fantastic location. If you want to see the beams be sure to be there about 12 am. They are only visible about two hours (depends on the time of the year). We were lucky and made this shot at about 1 pm, a few minutes later the rays were gone.


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Here's an image I captured during my recent 3-day backpacking trip through Grand Gulch on the Cedar Mesa Plateau, Utah.

This is at a location known as "Perfect Kiva"...a 1,000+ year old Anasazi ruin. I arrived late morning and the sun was on a perfect angle to enter the kiva opening (I am in the kiva, underground).

Before you ask, yes the light beam is real -- this not PhotoShop trickery...this is a simple technique known as the Tyndall effect...remember as a kid in school when you clapped the chalkboard erasers together in front of the movie projector you could see the light...same idea except I tossed up sand from the floor of the Kiva.


No HDR...single frame. Goes to show just how much dynamic range the Canon 5D3 has! If you ride the edge of your histogram shadows you can indeed pull a dramatic amount of detail out of what appears to be pure black.

Another view of the old rooms at Brockhampton Estate near Bromyard Herefordshire, now part of the National Trust.


One of the more difficult aspects of shooting a light house is that darn light! They come in all different shapes and sizes. Cape Cod light has a multi-light spinner while Nauset light has a white beam and a red beam rotating opposite of each other. A bright sweeping light can wipe out a starry sky unless you can some how figure out how to control the light source. I use mind control. Ok, not really.

An experimental shot that didn't work too well but at the same time didn't turn out too badly. Food for thought for my next Milky Way trip. About as close to a selfie as I'm comfortable with!

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