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left to right: Will Pate, Boris Mann, Lee LeFever, and Matthew Oliphant at Cyclops Bar deep in geek talk.

Twelve summit attendees headed up the hill to have dinner at Mama's Mexican Restaurant. It was delicious (but I'm a little unclear as to whether I had the beef or the chicken.)

Blog Business Summit, Palace Hotel, San Francisco, August 17, 2005 (more)

A big crew at Mama's Mexican Kitchen. It's too late to name everyone.

DL Byron and D Keith Robinson doing their presentation as the WiFi goes down and the staff scramble to get it back online.

Boris Mann and Darren Barefoot in a heated beercast about who's got more megapixels and does it matter.

Thx for the awesome bags Dean!

Pete Blackshaw experiences the fun of accidently leaving your IM open when you are speaking.

l'm attending blog biz summit today. so far it's like every other conference -- a few gems for everyone, but plenty of stuff that's just not critical.

Moored to the conference center.

Stowe Boyd, Robert Scoble, and Gregory Narain doing a panel.

Will Pate, Jason Fried, and Matthew Oliphant chatting.

Happy Molly Day! A day to celebrate all things Molly Holzschlag. Hanging with Biz Stone, DL Byron, Janet Martin, Matt May, Steve Broback, Keith Robinson, and Nick Finck at Etta's in my old Seattle 'hood.

Our presentation, Paul Ingram took the snap. Left to right: me, Biz Stone, and Mary Hodder.

more ancient history: returning Golden Moon to Alameda after the Corinthian Midwinters series, Feb 2004, my first bit of sailboat racing ever... coming down the estuary in the dark was SO cool, even on a cold and almost-raining night -- the cranes at the Port of Oakland looked so magical...


and in case anyone's interested in seeing photos of Golden Moon sailing in the recent Big Boat Series (i.e. NOT pictures that I took), try this link -- you can even see me in a few of them!

Much better than those Boxes and Arrows.

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