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UPDATE: I think I finally discovered the actual species. According to this excellent site, it looks like it's a Cotton Harlequin Bug (Tectocoris diophthalmus).


I've never seen one of these before and apparently it's a Harlequin Beetle. I can't find much information or even the botanical name for it, so I did a search for quotes that referred to harlequins.


Imagine my delight when I found a quote from Battlestar Galactica! Here's the quote in full from Wikiquote:


Hybrid: Two protons expelled at each coupling site creates the mode of force, the embryo becomes a fish though we don't enter until a plate, we're here to experience, evolve the little toe, atrophy, don't ask me how, I'll be dead in a thousand light years, thank you, thank you, genesis turns to its source, reduction occurs step wise though the essence is all one, end of line. FTL system check. Diagnostic functions within parameters repeats the harlequin, the agony exquisite, the colors run the path of ashes...


View On Black

please view in the dark.


i shot this leaving the protest at syntagma square on june 1st 2011 -- love the symmetry. more imagery from the protests, here.


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"Be careful out there? Our job isn't to be careful, it's to shoot Cylons out of the frakking sky!” – Lego Kara “Starbuck” Thrace


Another mini ship. It would probably benefit from some sticker stripes (especially on the wings) but I like how the shapes work together in this build - plus the connections were fun. So now it's off to find earth ... or at least a spot on my shelf :) So Say we all!

Group picture of the new and the old viper.

A little Hangar Bay for my Viper.

Acrylic on canvas

5" x 5" x 1.5"


Ever have one of those days? Or perhaps one of those years or what seems like a lifetime? That's what my painting is all about.


I wanted to make a presentation of all my colonial stuff from the classic series Battlestar Galactica. The "tank" is new and the shuttle got new windows, I think it's now better.

And again an update from my classic Viper frorm Battlestar Galactica. The biggest difference is that it is now no longer white. And I have make some minor changes in the inside and some optical updates. I think especially the cockpit is now better.

This is a shot of my Moebius models BS Galactica with f.optics lighting.


A BSG inspired photo :D


I took this about a year ago, and I had it on my flickr for a bit but I decided to take it down because I wasn't sure about the skin.


After I saw Diana's lovely photo here I got inspired to add it back:


I got the idea from the story of Gina Inviere on the show. She was always one of my favorite characters and I always kind of held out the hope that she would be resurrected and find happiness after all that happened to her, but for her it wasn't into another copy of a body but into something deeper which I find to be kind of an interesting idea.


In my own life I feel like I've kind of left behind an old life to be born again into the person I am now, and her story was always one close to my heart.

Today's FGR is I Think I Might Be A Cylon and I couldn't resist joining in!

Out came the red dress and blonde wig - one of the current known Cylons. But who will the next one be?

The Battlestar Galactica look-a-like elevators hidden inside the Ludwig Erhard Haus

My favourite Sci-fi to Babylon 5.I've just finished season 1 and will be on season 2 tonight.Does anyone else like this one? i have a theory on it.I think everyone on board is a fracking Cylon lol...And the Cylons themselves are also Cylons that are yet to evolve.I could be wrong though hahaaha..

A little Hangar Bay for my Viper.

My aim was to make this using as much Dark Tan as I could, as it seemed the most accurate colour.

"Viper Four-five-zero! Galactica.

Approach port landing bay, hands-on, speed one zero five,

checkers red, call the ball."

Shakespeare's most famous stage direction.

Finally finished for now, credit goes to Andrew for making the original model, also thanks to Iain for giving me some breakaway shots.

Ok, the 3rd season from the classic Series is terrible, but the Turbocycles are really funny. :)

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From our correspondent in Cylon-occupied Caprica

A little Hangar Bay for my Viper.

Tigh signed this for me... uploaded within minutes from my phone.

Between the first and second Cylon war, the Colonial Viper starfighter evolved from the venerable Mk1 model to the top-notch Mk7. The Mk5 falls somewhere in between, retaining much of the simple and sturdy design of the original Mk1 Viper.


More angles here and WIP state here.

Taken from the other side of 'the ship'

Because some people ask, of course it's possible to open the cockpit. :)

In a remote part of the galaxy, two Colonial Vipers patrol the sector ahead of the fleet.

It's the Viper Mk V (Scoprion) from the Xbox Game.

And again an update from my classic Viper frorm Battlestar Galactica. The biggest difference is that it is now no longer white. And I have make some minor changes in the inside and some optical updates. I think especially the cockpit is now better.

And some pics with my hangar bay. :)

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