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Fancied a flower for a change & found this one taken at the beginning of the month in Kensington Gardens.

Yes, this is yet another offering from my "Department of Redundancy Department" showing yet another look that poor old half burned IHC 650 tractor and that battered old house.


I do so love this pair, and I've got one more view of the tractor yet to post, so I'll be gettin' around to that one of these days

This is a random shot of something i tried a couple Summers ago. I will definitely do this again, having learned since, the things i did wrong:

1. Different aperture probably 5.6 or higher, its to shallow, the stitching is the only thing sharp and the batter isn't recognizable enough.

2. Better pose in the bokeh, better batting stance from my Son:)

3. Brand new ball, i think it would look better.

4. More attempts with different lenses.

I cheated on the throw, i kept tossing the ball in the air after pre focusing and this was the best one:) i may try to catch it in a real throw, although that would be a huge challenge.

Despite all that, i thought it was pretty cool. Hopefully you do as well.

Have a good weekend everyone. Thanks for your views, comments, and faves.


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A recent heavy sea battering Tynemouth north pier

After a week of "on & off" rain, this was the last one on the bush.

Some kind of foundation stone/statue/symbol in Chandigarh, pretty similar to emblem of Chandigarh.


One can see what this statue has gone through. What it has seen all those years. Stoned. Pelted and Battered! Still standing strong!

An Oak that's seen better days, and more fog :)


{Explored} - Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and faves. My heart sank when we got to the park that morning and it was soooo foggy, and my poor bridge camera struggled to focus on anything, but this was one of those shots that just somehow worked.

Even when we have physical hardships, we can be very happy....Dalai Lama.

Met this old lady struggling with big boulders to clear pathway so others can walk unobstructed, requested her to pose and she happily obliged and made my day.

Having just arrived into the terminus at Griffith as 4MC2, DL44 and NR103 (out of picture) rest in the evening sun whilst their train is loaded in the Patricks depot.


The train made a quick turn around time where it spent 2 hours here before departing as 5CM3 to Melbourne.


Earlier in the morning pre-dawn, NR100 derailed in Junee Yard preventing the train from leaving on time, though also resulting in the DL to lead the remainder of the journey.... No complaints!


Thursday 9th April 2015

The only bright flower in the garden right now, I spotted its splash of colour from my window and felt it deserved to be recorded.

It seems defiantly bright and almost indestructible after yesterday's gales with lashing rain, sleet and snow - followed by a freezing night. If it follows previous years, it will still be pushing out new flowers well into spring.

Cute BadUnicorn [BUC] Jersey Found at TMD this round!


Although the sky had some beautiful color I kind of like how this looks in b&w. The Connecticut shoreline has taken a beating this year with all the storms and a couple of good old Nor'easters. These dune fences are all but gone.

breezeway: abandoned barracks

Eagle Field, CA

red and lime-gelled strobes; lots of xenon flashlight

The wonders of the "Vanilla Nebula" located in Ophiuchus near ..... okay, not really. Visiting with my folks and watching my Mom making a French Apple Cake.... I looked into the mixing bowl and found that at this point the batter rendered what I think is an almost celestial abstract. Of course I had my camera with me and could not resist. Kudos to Mom who gave me the time to take a shot - we both did! Oh, and the cake was awesome by the way. Thanks Mom! :)


Eat What You Shoot Series: 7


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201/365 (17th January 2014)


After seeing a photo on Instagram, I was left shocked by the site of something that has remained - practically - unchanged for many years, suddenly fall to pieces. The force of the storm surge that caused that damage must have been horrendous - it was because it completely ripped through two huge sand dunes. Crow Point has changed so much since I was there on Boxing Day.....It's quite sad really.


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Porthleven, Cornwall

Sat 8th Feb 14

Out of defeat can come the best in human nature. As Christians face storms of adversity, they may rise with more beauty. They are like trees that grow on mountain ridges — battered by winds, yet trees in which we find the strongest wood. Billy Graham


~happy battered fence friday~

Processed for Monochrome Bokeh Thursday


HMBT, folks!

of focus.


one day out of my life this spring, i've been playing co-ed softball. this is the first time i've played since i was a kid and it's fun...well, until i bit the dust and gained a new strawberry on my knee.


i hit the ball where i normally do, right to the shortstop. i ran like the wind to 1st, trying to beat the ball there and tripped over the 1st baseman's foot. i flew through the air and tumbled a time or two and i think all the pressure centered just below my right knee cap and my right elbow. i was all kinds of dusty and had quite a goose egg. now it's just a big, ugly scab. because i'm tough as nails, i played out the rest of the game and enjoyed an after game margarita with the team to soothe the pain.


and yes, the batter was out.



I had a small conference to go to in San Francisco, so of course I brought my camera. On the first day, I met up with my Flickr pal Alan Chan. We decided to shoot a part of Sutro Baths that isn't photographed often - with good reason! It's a bit off the beaten path and down a steep slope. I had a little tumble on the way down...thankfully it was a slow tumble, but I did get a bit banged up. I managed to hit my temple on a rock, and as soon as I got up, I began thinking...did not lose consciousness - good. Did not see stars - good...OMG there's a divot on my forehead...oh, that's just the tender area above the hematoma...No bleeding...OK, I think I'm ok...One thing's for sure, I am not the mountain goat that Alan is.


It had intermittently rained on my way up, but we were hopeful as the clouds were beginning to clear a little. Alas, this was probably the best light I got all weekend, as we ended up being skunked for every sunset.


I could have used my 10 stop here, but I ended up using a combination of my polarizer and GND to get a long enough exposure for the waves. This is a blend of three images to get rid of some distracting splash.


We were high up on the rocks, so I did not get wet. That was a different day.

From the outside its a wreck, underneath its sweet as a nut!

whitehaven harbour taking a battering at high tide during the heavy winds.

May 25, 2008 -Plano, Texas USA --Miss J from her last shoot.-photo by Andie Smith


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*used my "up a hill" lightroom/ACR preset from Pink Ink Studios

Schuyler started playing with a local soccer and baseball program today, for special needs kids.

Another shot showing the storm damage at Formby

It was a real stormy sunrise this morning,one where the weather threw everything it had at me.It made for a wonderful stormy scene,although the contrasts of bright and dark were hard work for my camera's.

Seaton Carew at sunrise.


Worth a look in lightbox.

The Kent coast takes it on the chin.


Pls view 'L'

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A low-res, flatbed scan of a 6x7 (2 1/4 x 2 3/4 inch) transparency.


This image was made long after the color of the sunset peaked one evening near Bodega Bay, California. Left, was the blue color of the sky pouring through openings, filtering through the clouds above, and bounicing around to paint this image blue. With this angle, I was able to photograph the interesting cloud base and the sea, not forgetting, of course, the wonderful sea stacks of the Sonoma County coast that always steal the show. Thank you for looking!

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