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Sunday at Westfest was also Bat's Day! Lots of amazing costumes and great photo-ops!

One of my favorite shots from Disneyland!


Dude, this photo was taken at like 12:20 on the first day at Disneyland! I've already posted over 40 photos and I haven't even made it to the second day. I hope that no one minds the flooding of my stream - I figured it was a Flickr-inspired event so I gotta post all the photos I like...


LAST YEAR'S TEACUP SHOT - no wide angle lens back then!


Ride #6: Teacups

Minnie knew it was Bats Day so she put on her new gothy dress and Maleficent hat and had a blast at Disney :D

Nov 8 2008

Goth Mouse

This was my pre-Bat's day apparel. I got a few complements... but mostly scared children. Just wait until tomorrow!

365 Days



The decorations in this part of town were a bit overwhelming...

I want it in my house. Now.

Jumping from the Matterhorn all the way to the princess castle!

Loved the Edward Sissorhands we saw at the T Party!!! And that Haunted Mansion dress was Amazing!!!! Minnie got to meet Pandora too - now she wants a matching dress :D

Perfect timing for her to come out on Bat's Day! She was AWESOME!

That's more like it!

Since no one is interested in my impressive jump from today, I will instead torture you with more Disney pics!! Don't worry, I'm only going to post 5 a day until they're all up. Then I won't harass you anymore! But, look, they're SO good! Cruella was amazing. She was hilarious and her outfit was great. At one point she said "it's like looking into a mirror." :-D

Jan 4 2013

Free Hugs


Dear WH: I didn't have any pizza ideas today, sorry.

May 8 2011

Afternoon Tea

She was thrilled to travel in style in my Haunted Mansion Bag!!

This is what happend when the flash is aimed too much at the camera.

14th Annual Bat's Day at Disneyland

May 20, 2012

But only headless chickens with no feathers or feet.

Babyland performing at the May 2nd 2009 Bats Day Dark Park Festival at the Anaheim Sheraton

Babyland performing at the May 2nd 2009 Bats Day Dark Park Festival in Anaheim California

Severina & Shane of The Break Up performing May 2nd 2009 at the Bats Day Dark Park Festival in Anaheim California

If you're looking for me at Disneyland, this is what I'll be wearing! Ryan and I will be there from around 11am to 7pm. See you there!!

I absolutely love this mask-skull decoration they have at the jungle-land (or whatever it's called) entrance.

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