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This BART station stands out to me every time I go to SF Mission District. The lines and the architecture of the subway takes me to a TRON like environment. But even more, is that when you emerge from the station, the Mission District offers so much wall art and murals.

Film: Fujicolor 200

Guitarist serenading a little girl near the 16th Street BART station in the Mission District of San Francisco.

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These are just a sample of a few of my favourite black and white photos from contacts and a few other people. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful photos! But if you have any objections to me using your photo here, please drop me a line and I will edit :)

As seen in 16th st BART station, San Francisco.


Taken around 4 AM on my way to a SFO, it was basically a ghost town.

Young Woman with her bicycle, waiting for her train at the 16th & Mission BART station.

After a long walk and after the long carnaval parade shot, we stop for a second time to eat at the Pampanga restaurant at S. Van Ness/16th and ordered some biko, halox2 and buko juice. It was unplanned to stop there, but it so happen that it was on our way towards 16th BART station.


Most of the customers already left by this time, it’s only our group (Rai, Andrew and me) and her in the restaurant. The lines on her face and how the way side light hits her face were so dramatic that I could not let it pass without taking a photo of her.


at Pampanga restaurant, 16th/S. Van Ness, San Francisco, California

May 2008



16th Street BART station, fotohunds shoot, Mission District, San Francisco.

Compared to previous years this has been a strange and limited year for me geographically.


To begin with the immediately concrete, I’ve hardly gone outside in the past week and a half, thanks to an extended episode of my right foot being stiff and swollen from gout. This time it struck without warning or provocation, unlike the previous time earlier this year, which you can see foreshadowed on the map as a day of biking around exploring West Oakland and then to Berkeley. The next day I could barely walk, and I haven’t dared to ride a bike in months.


My daily routine has been dominated all year by getting between home and MacArthur or Rockridge BART stations and between Civic Center BART and the Mapbox office on 9th Street. There are also many short walks from 16th Street BART for the Friday morning ritual of geobreakfast, and some longer ones taking advantage of some extra time in the morning to walk between 16th Street and Castro or Church stations instead of going straight to work. Another couple of early mornings I went to Glen Park and Noe Valley just to count pedestrians.


The long straight lines in the Oakland Hills are GPS tracks from airplanes. The rules changed and now you can use a GPS receiver during takeoff and landing, but it’s still hard to get a good signal. The trips were to Boston, to speak at the OpenVis conference (and then from there to Maryland to visit Steph’s family), and to Minneapolis, to speak at Eyeo Festival. Not visible on the map are two trips to visit my parents in southern California.


Locally, I talked at the Macro City conference at the Brava Theater, at Swissnex on Montgomery, at the National Association of City Transportation Officials at SPUR, and to a cartography class at San Francisco State, gave lunch talks at SFMTA and Gehl Architects, and was in SPUR’s Urban Cartography exhibit.


One Saturday I took the F Market around the Embarcadero to go to the library book sale at Fort Mason and came away with seven bound volumes of the Armed Forces Song Folio, monthly compilations of popular sheet music issued by the military in the 1940s and 50s. By systematically working through them, I’ve finally become a competent “fake book” pianist, able to play songs I’ve never heard before from the written melody and chords, although playing full standard piano arrangements is still beyond me.


I think the only new infrastructure reflected here is trying out BART’s Oakland Airport Connector on its opening day.




In general, black is walking, red is bicycling, blue is cars or buses, and green is above-ground rapid transit or freeways. (Color is from speed, not from an actual record of transportation mode.) Not shown: tunnels and subways. How big is your world?


Other people doing similar things: Nicole Aptekar.

16th and Mission BART Station, San Francisco, California

Photographed in San Francisco, California

January 23, 2011


I have been having a photographic love affair with the BART stations, but mostly images shot with my iPhone and posted on Instagram. Are you using Instagram? If you are, find me there: pketron

BART Station, San Francisco, CA.


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On my way to the BART station after work, I had the sudden urge to take pictures, so I whipped out my ol' point-and-shoot and fired away. I probably wouldn't have done this if I had only my DSLR with me because I wouldn't want to deal with the hassle of keeping my camera dry. My p&s is already banged up and not fully functional anyway. ;)


Those of you who frequent downtown San Francisco should be able to recognize the bright yellow "JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU" sign. Although I'm an atheist, I admire the man's dedication to delivering his sweet and simple message. Plus he's not offensive, unlike the "No Sex" guy.


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photo taken in San Francisco, California at the 16th St. Mission Bart Station


taken with a Minolta x-700 // Kodak tmax 400

16th St. Mission Bart Station, San Francisco, California


photo taken with a Minolta x-700 // Kodak tmax 400

Woman near the 16th and Mission BART station in San Francisco.

Ian Larkin. The NERV. Performing at 16th Street BART Station. ULUV Music Day.

16th Street BART station, SF CA

The 16th Street BART station has a great funky modern SF interior. Be sure to stop off here on your BART ride and snap some pics.

After the Flickr Turns 2 Party I went back to BART to catch a train. After waiting for about 15 minutes shooting the empty station I realized that I had missed the last train which runs at 12:16 a.m. (hence the empty station).


It was well worth the $30 cab ride to West Oakland BART though as I've wanted to shoot an empty BART station and had been meaning to get down there after hours for a while.

From the 16th & Mission BART station in San Francisco.

Musicians tuning their instruments in the underground part of the 16th & Mission BART station. Seen while I was waiting for my train after spending the afternoon at the annual Cinco de Mayo celebrations in Delores Park in the Mission District.

like that the person took the time to add a little artistic flair to the script.

16th st BART station with no people. (gasp!) I like to sit at the far end where there are less people.

San Francisco


BART station '16th Street Mission'


Mezzanine level sith stairs to the trains


Verteilerebene mit den Treppen zu den Zügen



Harum Scarum @ 16th Mission BART Station

San Francisco


BART station '16th Street Mission'


Track of the trains bound for downtown


Gleis der Züge Richtung Innenstadt



Sandra Kwak. The NERV. Performing at 16th Street BART Station. ULUV Music Day.

This is probably the busiest, and sometimes smelliest intersection on the Mission District (Mission and 16th street)

Not quite the optimal place to relax and read.


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Bart station on 16th and Mission San Francisco ca.

Seen on my way back from Cinco de Mayo celebrations in Delores Park. Came across this pair near the BART station at 16th & Mission. The homeless man was standing next to his cartload of possessions, the young woman was standing next to her motorcycle talking to him. When I gave him some money she asked if she could have some too. I told her yes, but that she would have to get into the picture, which she did. I'm happy with the result. Two more actors on the Mission Street Stage of life.

Bart Station at 16th and Mission

16th and Mission BART station, San Francisco

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