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Early Meeting Someone....What Shall I Do ?

The pretty harbor view at blue hour.

Increased the ISO a little to keep the exposure shorter with the boats.

Here is a single capture taken at Bar Harbor Maine back in 2012 during our trip to New England. It was a stunning sunset. Below is an originally posted version, but I revisited this one with slightly warmer white balance as well as adding a gradient to the sky within Lightroom that allowed me to tweak down the highlights and up the shadows just a bit to make the clouds not as menacing ... I wanted to create a warm inviting atmosphere compared to the cooler original.

One year anniversary from the trip to Maine ... here is what the sunset looked like a year ago up in Bar Harbor, Maine ... great spot to stay when you visit Acadia National Park.


My wife was able to shop while I walked around taking sunset shots there at the marina area ... best of both worlds in one location ;)

This was a great bar at Guarda do Embaú, SC, Brazil.


The owner and his family kept the bar for 25 years without electric energy, still the beer was always cold and they had fresh fish.


They were obligated to close it due to some political/environmental issues.


The stars are out of focus, which I don't like, but at the time I had no way to keep the shutter longer than 30 secs.

Seeing this Barred Owl for the first time in the wild was the absolute highlight of this trip to Vancouver Island. I saw "something" fly and then saw robins bothering him. He sat patiently for a few minutes allowing me to get this shot.

The 'Tiger Shark' red vessel there looked great under the colorful clouds and the start of Blue Hour as the sun had set.

Here is a capture taken in Bar Harbor, Maine with some neat clouds around after sunset.

Hotel and restaurant all lit up nicely against the blue hour sky ... like the bench/chairs out there on the grass ... shame no one was out there enjoying this nice Summer evening.

Late day just after sunset in Bar Harbor, Maine. Extended the shutter a little here to smooth out the reflection.

From a year ago, here is another wide view from that fabulous sunset in Bar Harbor. I liked this comp that looked away from the brighter part of the sky and towards the area that was still under some thunder clouds.

Pretty late sunset colors on the clouds over the harbor.

The harbor is calm and quiet as the sun just clears the top of Burnt Porcupine Island in Frenchman Bay.


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Bar Harbor, Maine. A place where boats can vary in size quite a bit ;))

Bar Harbor, Maine. Extended the shutter just a little here to get a muted reflection on the water without having the boats move too much.

This is tied to a restaurant in Carrboro, NC

Bar on MSC Fantasia

Barred for life...

A place I have wanted to see for a long time. A wonderful day out meeting old friends again and making new ones. With Mars Lander, Miss Lightyear and Skankypants :)

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This shot made the Explore front page. Thanks so much for all the comments and faves.


Interestingness #25

This may have been the super moon in September. Or the day before.

Happy Fence Friday All and a bicycle from last year in New Orleans to be included in the 100 Bicycles project. What it is...


100 Bicycles project: 100 different bicycles photographed in detail. This is bicycle number 15.


To learn more about this project see the 100bicycles group.


Caravaggio è un comune italiano della provincia di Bergamo. La città deve la sua particolare notorietà alla presenza del noto Santuario dedicato a Santa Maria del Fonte, che secondo la tradizione cattolica apparve nel 1432 nelle campagne circostanti il centro abitato. Caravaggio è anche nota per aver dato il soprannome a Michelangelo Merisi, celebre pittore italiano, i cui genitori erano originari del paese, ma poi si erano trasferiti a Milano dove poi il pittore è nato.


a Savona con Meg


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Bar Beach from the lookout above.

Bar Harbor under some pretty clouds after sunset. Was able to get away with the 10 second exposure here to get that nice smooth reflection. Blessed this evening with some great clouds opposite the sunset direction.

day 2-one Barred found, one other heard.

Vancouver, B.C.

aka recuperation pint for darla (meant to post this for you yesterday zooey but was too sickly) ;-D

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To set the mood for a week! I wish you good one and lots of seasonal miracles;-)

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Another one from yesterday at Bar Beach with a few of the Sundancers.

I think this is my favorite photo ive ever taken! I had the best day shooting the Owls in Howell. The weather was beautiful, the fall colors were gorgeous, and the owls were amazing! Hope you all enjoy, i have much more to come too:)

-Howell, Michigan

Este bar esta en la Plaza de´s Mercat....


Lugar para comer una hamburguesa o un perrito,lugar donde la gente que va al centro de palma suele pasar por al lado,ahora el ayuntamiento quiere reformar la plaza en donde esta ubicado,diciendo que posiblemente no vuelva a abrirse mas,un local que tiene mas de 30 años,situado en Palma de Mallorca,al lado de los juzgados de la ciudad...


Near Cambridge - St.James - Jamaica

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La punta de Estaca de Bares, es un mirador en lo alto del acantilado que nos permite obtener unas vistas inmejorables del Mar Cantábrico. Se piensa que este punto es la línea imaginaria que separa ambas aguas, las del Cantábrico y las del Océano Atlántico.

Esta zona es uno de los más importantes enclaves del mundo para controlar la migración de las aves marinas, y es un fantástico observatorio ornitológico por ser el lugar de paso de numerosas especies.

La playa de Vilela y la de Bares : son playas paradisiacas de aguas limpias cristalinas, protegidas por los vientos y poco masificadas en un bello entorno natural.


The top of Stake of Bars, it is a viewing-point in the high of the cliff that allows us to obtain a few unsurpassable sights of Cantabrian sea. There is thought that this point is the imaginary line that separates both waters, those of the Cantabrian one and those of the Atlantic Ocean.

This area is one of the most important sites in the world to control the migration of seabirds, and is a fantastic bird observatory as the place of passage for many species.

Vilela Beach and Bars: are beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters protected by the winds and little crowded in a beautiful natural environment.


bar headed geese at thol bird sanctuary

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