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The pretty harbor view at blue hour.

Early Meeting Someone....What Shall I Do ?

Increased the ISO a little to keep the exposure shorter with the boats.

Seeing this Barred Owl for the first time in the wild was the absolute highlight of this trip to Vancouver Island. I saw "something" fly and then saw robins bothering him. He sat patiently for a few minutes allowing me to get this shot.

Here is a capture taken in Bar Harbor, Maine with some neat clouds around after sunset.

This was a great bar at Guarda do Embaú, SC, Brazil.


The owner and his family kept the bar for 25 years without electric energy, still the beer was always cold and they had fresh fish.


They were obligated to close it due to some political/environmental issues.


The stars are out of focus, which I don't like, but at the time I had no way to keep the shutter longer than 30 secs.

Vicious nasty American Robins chased this poor young Barred Owl into some conifers just because it wanted to see their babies.

Bar on MSC Fantasia

A juvenile Barred Owl which has matured since this image was taken.

Turtle Back Zoo / West Orange / New Jersey


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One year anniversary from the trip to Maine ... here is what the sunset looked like a year ago up in Bar Harbor, Maine ... great spot to stay when you visit Acadia National Park.


My wife was able to shop while I walked around taking sunset shots there at the marina area ... best of both worlds in one location ;)

OM goodness, just one more then I've got to go do errands! Jumping ahead YET AGAIN to yesterday. A kind gentlemen showed me where this beauty was at the Cemetery ... am I blessed or what! I had looked and looked before when I learned there was a couple there. There's a nest in the crevice of an old Live Oak tree too.


OK, I cannot resist ... he was trying to get a little "shut eye" in the middle of the day!


I haven't seen one in a couple of years, and they are one of my faves for sure!

One more shot of these Barred Owls. I rarely get the opportunity to photograph a pair.


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Barred for life...

A place I have wanted to see for a long time. A wonderful day out meeting old friends again and making new ones. With Mars Lander, Miss Lightyear and Skankypants :)

Bar-headed goose (Anser indicus) - Хээрийн галуу

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The southern end of Bar Beach is usually all sand but with all the bad weather we have had lately the sand is all but gone and has exposed an amazing amount of rock that a lot of us have never seen before. I'll be heading back here a few more times that's for sure!

Happy 100th Anniversary Nikon!!! :tada::100::dash:ISO 8000 Handheld


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I found this male Barred Owl not even 6 feet off the ground and about 20 feet off the path deep in some trees. About 50 feet away unknowing young bunnies were running around and playing.

There are very few Bar Headed Geese wild in the UK normaly seen with other geese as was the case with this bird it was with a large flock of Canada Geese.

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Another one from yesterday at Bar Beach with a few of the Sundancers.

As we were heading to Albania from Budva, Montenegro , our bus skirted around the edge of Bar . I spotted the golden domes gleaming in the sunlight & I asked the guide if we could go closer on the return journey.

It is the orthodox church of St. Jovan Vladimir & was only completed in 2016 ,after some 20 years construction. Dedicated to the patron saint of Bar, a Serbian king around year 1000 .

I had just about a minute to get off the bus & grab a couple of shots of this magnificent building ( ca. 41 metres high ).


Click on image to enlarge.

From a year ago, here is another wide view from that fabulous sunset in Bar Harbor. I liked this comp that looked away from the brighter part of the sky and towards the area that was still under some thunder clouds.

Here is a single capture taken at Bar Harbor Maine back in 2012 during our trip to New England. It was a stunning sunset. Below is an originally posted version, but I revisited this one with slightly warmer white balance as well as adding a gradient to the sky within Lightroom that allowed me to tweak down the highlights and up the shadows just a bit to make the clouds not as menacing ... I wanted to create a warm inviting atmosphere compared to the cooler original.

I came home from work a few days ago to this guy keeping watch over my bird feeders.

Another wet Wednesday sunrise outing with friend and fellow flickr photographer Paul Hollins - this time to Bar Beach, NSW; Australia.

Not much sun to see this morning - this taken under the umbrella!!!!

At least nature's diffuser made exposure a little easier + helped show off the contrasting colors!!!

Have a great day and week - hope you like this one!!!

This is a narrow opening in the wall of Peel Castle it has been barred to prevent people entering as its not the main entrance. Its intriguing pointing the camera in dark holes and using the flash you're not always sure what you might find! In this case I didn't use the flash as the light at the end of the passage was quite bright!

Processed in Nik software for Sliders Sunday and to bring out more detail in the walls.

Bar headed geese are native to Asia, where they breed in colonies of thousands near mountain lakes of Central Asia; they winter in South Asia, as far south as peninsular India. The bar-headed goose is often kept in captivity, as it is considered beautiful and breeds readily. This beauty was in captivity at the Château de Chenonceau.


Hope you have a great start to the new week. Thanks, as always, for stopping by and for all of your kind comments, awards and faves -- I appreciate them all.


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Sleepy wild Barred Owl in Florida posing as the sun was starting to set. We could hear another one calling across the hammock (perhaps he/she was just trying to get away for a moment's peace). The background is blowing palms.


Canon 1DX, Canon 500, F10, 1/400, ISO 400


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Went out hoping to get some duck shots in the morning at Tinkers Creek State Nature Preserve, but the marsh was frozen bagged a Barred Owl instead. :)


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I am looking and looking and I am unable to find owls. Two woman doing their walk and chatting away with each other spot this Barred Owl low in the trees and point it out to me. Another woman walking her dog sees them and says there are more a couple trails over. I never found those.

Right place, right time.

Of all the photos taking that day the one with her eyes shut is my favorite.

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