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Jesus saves. Buddha does incremental backups.


you can buy it her:



I need to feel good to take time for myself

I rake exercise, I freshen up.


There's no place like


you like it? by it here:




# Barcamp „Tourism 2.0“ – Tourism Sustainability and Social Media, by agricolus, 16.06.09

California Republic.


Who knows the link where to get it?

BIG Brother Awards - Datenschutz ist Menschenrecht

"machen Sie eine typische handbewegung"


(Licenced under a Creative Commons Licence, see right pane - attribute to

Bird - Kolibri


who knows where I can get this?

Thinking... please wait




here u can get it for yourself:





# We've been thinking...


# Nesting: Preparing for a New Baby, Part 2 by Mandi


# Should I Switch? by Heather Murray


# Thinking How Not To Think… by Guttu, 26.07.09


# Computer Speed Could Be Related To Windows Driver Problems, by Paul, 8.10.09


# Figuring, Thinking, Wondering. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, by John Ong, 30.10.09


# Web Performance: Who Cares About Customer Experience? : Sean Power and Alistair Croll, Slide 6, by MeasureWorks, 17.11.09


--> 2010


# Personal Improvement Begins With This Question, by Sean Silverthorne, 13.01.2010;post-5210


# kirith-kodachi-on-roleplay by Katsumi1980, 05.02.2010

Blank Page.


if some knows where to get it, pls comment.


Die große Welle vor Kanagawa.


Kanagawa oki nami ura.


Die große Welle vor Kanagawa (jap. 神奈川沖浪裏, Kanagawa oki nami ura) des japanischen Malers Hokusai dürfte das weltweit bekannteste japanische Kunstwerk sein. (wikipedia)


The Great Wave off Kanagawa (神奈川沖浪裏 Kanagawa Oki Nami Ura?, lit. "Under a Wave off Kanagawa") is a famous woodblock print by the Japanese artist Hokusai. It was published in 1832 (Edo Period) as the first in Hokusai's series 36 Views of Mount Fuji and is his most famous work. (wikipedia)



My Photo seen



The next statement is not true.

The previous statement is true.


not the exat one, but the same words:

Poolbar 2006 - Postmodernism changed my life.


Death Race 2000.

David Carradine's Hand.


video: Death Race 2000. american sense of humor:

or the trailer:


what says the wikipedia:


Shoot the Baddies by Olly Moss


wurde direkt gekauft: Kirchengasse 26, 1070 Wien

sonst vielleicht noch auf


and finally we have found the thread where you can buy it (thx vividvisions):





here u can see how Olly Moss looks like: ;)


more from Olly Moss:

Daring Fireball.


an article about it:


if u want one too, they could be possible to order them again around 10.2009, what the site says:

This actually belongs to the barcamp set, it's the plugs at Knallgrau's Werkstatt.

dieter und max bei ihrer session

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