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Greg contemplates his next move

Someone decided to try diabolo.

#barcamprdu session grid

#barcamprdu E F G H sessions

#barcamprdu: @jcgregorio talks about the fun of writing patent licenses for GData and Wave Federation Protocol. 30 days for 2 sentences.

My friends Roberta and Kevin having some fun while I had my camera taking time lapse photos of the BarCampRDU 2009 session grid

Putting up the sign - take 2

@mgkimsal kicks off 'alt languages on the JVM' session at #barcamprdu

Putting up the sign - take 1.

Neomonde provided lunch (sponsored by rPath)

Xiaowen has a unique rPath hat.

I just talked to @factoryjoe . I haven't seen him since the 1st @barcamprdu 3 or 4 yrs ago. Great guy see

Fred from Claimid at BarCampRDU


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Paul Jones, "Indian Style" at barcamp RDU...The Director of ibiblio takes things on. If there is a guy who understands community at these events, it's Paul Jones. Here's he's testing out the wi-fi.


P.S. Special thanks to the attendees who brought wi-fi servers.

Tara tells about the SMS messaging group.

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