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What a surprise! There was some cool iron in the wrong neighborhood this weekend. Heh.


I'm just joking.

marquees = love

I've always liked the Little Radio venue.

Just playing with the cell phone and odd light conditions

Moo Cards (

Can't...concentrate on

session...purple shoes...

so cool...

This Audi A3 understands the language of load lifters and moisture vaporators.


Oh, and Bocce.

Agent-based Social Science

Modeling Session

Sessions attended:


* Agent-based social science modeling


* Brainstorming for a better RSS feed


* What does social computing mean inside large companies?


* Fun with Moo Cards -- customized Flickr-based personal cards


* Bridging the gap between applied technology & the human organism


* What's the big deal about Microformats?


* How fractals & circuits help us understand social interaction


* Facilitatation of Getting Things Done methodology (GDT) via web apps


* Tumblelogs – creating context for the online experience

Charging up all my gear before BarcampLA-3. Marble desk courtesy of the Hilton.

studying the twittervision in stereo

…driving back early from BarCampLA, i took Fwys 10 -> 5 -> 710 -> 105 -> 605 -> 91 and off at Knott's Berry.



I'll be heading back early tomorrow, and will perhaps share a session with some other barcampers re: WordPress or Flickr, et al.

Nope, didn't play the latest podcast as background music, what with the naughty bits in the latest episode from SXSW!


Naughty, naughty! heh.

First time I've ever seen anything like that. Blocks and blocks of downtown LA were lined with vans and trailers. The yellow crane showed here is holding up a rain bar.


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