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Thank You all! Missy made it to the top 20 hall of fame and I am beaming. :D

Taz on the top and Spike going for his underbelly.

Computer Schematic liberally slapped around in Photoshop.

Artwork in watercolor from my photos


Java happy in her box and ready to play

Measuring cup half full in the light

Closeup of Buddy's eye, you can see the reflection of the yard in it

My mom when she was young mixed with baby photos of me on the left.

Old prescription from the 1919

He knows he is cute and he is going to a new home. This is a brother to the other kitten. One of the girls at the office had a a mama cat deliver before getting her fixed, so she is bringing each kitten in to the office to be picked up by the new owners. This is one darling little furball.

Twilight at the Oregon Coast

Artwork in watercolor from my photos


Dreary late days of winter - I am tired of them.

Iris and feathers photo merged and blended pastels

Spike - Always looking for something to get into.

We have been so lucky this year! Normally this Oak tree would be down to just a few leaves by the end of October. It is common to have a good sized rain storm with lots of wind, so now I suspect we will get a barage in November.

This photo was taken from a moving car traveling at 60 miles per hour. A quick trip to the coast.

Spike just had to get it out and looks so content at the end.

Photo taken at the Oregon Beach outside of Newport

I gave my mom's dog a lavender enhanced collar to calm him during the fireworks and I notice my cats love to sniff it as well.

Very vintage, not such a great ride.

Rainy day - clouds over the ocean

Through these days of winter weather the glow of fire is like a ray of hope.


Photos made from a couple of my photos put together.

He stares at me until he gets what he wants.

Spike looking out the window at a passing bird.

One of my favorite areas at the Oregon Coast. I would dearly love to have a home up here.

These two were huddled near the sea enjoy the warmth of the sun. Well fed by all appearances. :)

Java gives the flowers the sniff of approval

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