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Marina Park Pathway, Emeryville, CA

Usually seen in Asia and Europe, this lone Bar-tailed Godwit (most likely a juvenile) is a rare visitor to the Bay Area and, for that matter, most of North America. Since its surprising sighting a couple of weeks ago, it has attracted many birders to the Emeryville shoreline along the south side of Powell Street. It seems comfortably mixed with flocks of its distant and slightly bigger relatives Marbled Godwits (16 vs. 18 inches in average length). Note its namesake barred tail and rump.

@ 600mm (i.e 900mm on DX format camera)


Shutter 1/1000

ISO 100

Bar la Torre resides in a 12th century tower in Borgo Pratale along an ancient Roman road in Tuscany. The tower was built as a roadside inn providing refreshment, merriment and lodging for the many Crusaders travelling enroute to– and (hopefully) returning from the fighting in the holy land. The walls here at the tower's base flare out to over eight feet thick to support the enormous weight of the structure… little wonder it still stands after nine hundred years have passed!


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Created for "AWESOME ABSTRACTS" - SOTN April 2019 - Contest #64.






Images and Textures of my own.


Querétaro - México.


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What is better and more relaxing than having a nice Cigar at the Bar?

Taken Lagoa de Santo Andre, Portugal

• BAR Z gacha by Zerkalo @ Kustom9


Credits on blog


Picture taken @ Stand'Art Studio

Thanks to Zara for beeing my model during the seance♥


North Norfolk


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Bar Estimulante.

Zacatecas- México.

Bar-tailed Godwit

Binomial Name: Limosa lapponica

Split tone with green and red there on this foggy evening captured while in Maine.

Bar is gone but the sign remains. I like old Neon, really like it when it is restored and working



Window of the headquarters of De Nederlandsche Bank (The Duch Bank) from 1867 until 1968.

The current owner has painted the bars matte silver, although you can't see that very clear in this B&W. :-)


The slightly visible lamp behind these bars repeats in some way the patterns.


PIcture has been taken on a sunny March 24, 2017




Images and Textures of my own.


"Thank you all my kind Flickrs Friends. Your comments and invitations are much motivating and appreciated".

Querétaro - México.

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At the birdbath for a drink - taken through the window as they are quite people shy.

Bar Tailed Godwit (Limosa lapponica)

Bar Lavigne のオーナー兼ママしてます(*´ᴗ`*)♪


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Bar tailed Godwit at Ticthwell RSPB reserve,Norfolk..

Bar-tailed Godwit


Scientific name: Limosa lapponica

Ashley Wetlands, New Zealand-1810

lets go back for now to the African bush.


bar maiden/thyretes caffra moth


(after transporting her on the PC from her ugly background to a new one)


And no, there was no bar nearby..

Glasgow's Oldest Bar & Restaurant

Situated in the heart of Glasgow’s city centre, Sloans is one of the city's most stunning and impressive venues set over three decadent floors - and we’d love to welcome you in for a drink, bite to eat or a great night out at our famous Friday Ceilidh in the second floor Grand Ballroom.



Created for "Social Distortion" - KP December 2018 Contest.


Images and textures of my own.


"Thank you all my kind Flickrs Friends. Your comments and invitations are much motivating and appreciated".

Querétaro - México.

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It's a bar

Listenwave Photography (60.00N, 30.00E)


What does not matter ?😜

1.What to photograph - Camera. 📷📱

2.Where to photograph - Place. 🌋

3.When to photograph -Time.🌅🌄


What is important ?😎

1.Study and tune the camera. 👨‍🔧

2.Learn where you are going.

3.Study the lighting at different times.🌞🌚


What's the secret?‍♀️

1.Feel the instrument, hear what it says. 🙏

2.Feel the atmosphere of the place, catch the wave. 🌊

3.Switch on .Catch the moment!⚡️


What to photograph?

✨Finding the observer, comes awareness!✨

Gouin, provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

A bar-tailed godwit on the beach at RSPB Ttichwell, one I found in the archives :)

Cigar Box - [ kunst ] - Cigar box / open

Chip set - [ zerkalo ] Casino Gacha - Chip Spot2


Bottles from left to right

1. [ kunst ] - Vodka dispenser bottle#1

2. [ kunst ] - Brandy bottle dispenser RARE

3. [ kunst ] - Nomada Whisky dispenser

4. [ kunst ] - Glenfirstclass bottle

5. [ kunst ] - Tradition bourbon bottle / dispenser

6. [ kunst ] - Bourbon dispenser#1

All the bottles can be found in Kunst store here:


Glasses - [ kunst ] - Scotch glasses (x6)

[ kunst ] - Mini fridge / dispenser RARE

Shot Glass tray - (epia) - Shot Glass Roulette

SEMPITERNAL [The Father's Christmas] Scotch (Arcade Dec Round)


A bar in a vintage carriage, shot at 'Steam', a railway museum in Swindon, UK.


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Wall art as a bar code?


"Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul."

Quote - Buddha


Happy Wall Wednesday ;-)

ILCE-6500 ƒ/4.5 37.0 mm 1/60 ISO1600-1 EV


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At Cotswold Wildlife Park

Bar Las Calandrias.

Hacienda Jurica-Querétaro-México.

North Norfolk.


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Bar Headed Geese

Head Maralla Sialkot

Punjab, Pakistan

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 L USM

@ f/5.6 1/1250 ISO 100

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