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Shirajgonj, Bangladesh

Sundarban, Bangladesh

The National Parliament Building, is the National Assembly of Bangladesh, located at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Nagar Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Designed by architect Louis Kahn, the complex, which accommodates all Bangladesh's seven parliaments, is one of the largest legislative complexes in the world, comprising of 200 acres (800,000 m²).

The building was featured prominently in the 2003 film “My Architect”, detailing the career and familial legacy of its architect, Louis Kahn. The National Parliament of Bangladesh is regarded as one of the twentieth century's most significant buildings by many experts.

Construction began in 1961 by President Ayub Khan, the then president of Pakistan as a permanent building for the federal legislature of both West Pakistan and East Pakistan and was completed after Bangladesh’s war of independence and after several decades — on 28 January, 1982. The complex opened the following month on 15 February for the eighth (and last) session of the second parliament of Bangladesh and has since operated as the sole complex for the National Assembly.




’Ekhane proshanto mone khela kore uchu uchu gaach.

sobuj patar pore jokhon nemeche e-shey dupurer suejer aach

nodite soron kore ekbar prithibir sokol belake.

abar bikel hole otikaai horiner moto shanto thake

ei-sob gaach-guli; ---jeno kono dur theke osposto batash

bagher ghraner moto hridoye jagaye jay traash

-Jibananando Das


Location: Sundarban, Bangladesh (healing the wound of Sidr-2007)


Photo credit: Tapash Pramanik




Buriganga River, Munshiganj, Bangladesh

Most Tibetans outside of the major cities survive on livestock. Sheep is particularly important as it provides meat, milk and wool. In many parts of Tibet, sheep, yak, and wild horses are the only animals to be seen. With their horns entwined, Tibetan sheep obediently wait in queue to be milked.

In the south western part of Bangladesh, in the district of greater Khulna, lies the Sundarbans, "the beautiful forest." It is a virgin forest which until recently owed nothing to human endeavour and yet nature has laid it out with as much care as a planned pleasure ground. For miles and miles, the lofty treetops form an unbroken canopy, while nearer the ground, works of high and ebb-tide marked on the soil and tree trunks and the many varieties of the natural mangrove forest have much to offer to an inquisitive visitor.


Here land and water meet in many novel fashions. Wild life presents many a spectacle. No wonder, you may come across a Royal Bengal Tiger swimming across the streams or the crocodiles basking on the river banks. With the approach of the evening herds of deer make for the darking gladeswhere boisterous monkeys shower Keora leaves from above for sumptuous meal for the former. For the botanist, the lover of nature, the poet and the painter this land provides a variety of wonders for which they all crave.

Gear : Nikon D90 | Nikkor 18-105mm VR

Exif : 1/800 | f/8 | 100


Place & Date : Madhobpur, Sylhet. | 19 Jun, 2010.


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This picture taken by Canon 7D with 10-18mm Lens from Ijarakanda village in Araihajar Thana, Narayanganj.

Mymensingh, Bangladesh, 2012.

This picture taken by Canon 7D with 10-18mm Lens from Ijarakanda village in Araihajar Thana, Narayanganj.

"My friend came to me

with sadness in his eyes

he told me that he wanted help

before his country dies.

Although I couldn't feel the pain

I knew I had to try

Now I'm asking all of you

to help us save some lives


Bangladesh, Bangladesh"~ George Harrison


♪ ♫ ♩ ♬



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Photo captured From Rajshahi , Bangladesh .



Taken just at sunset.

Shonkho Nodi, Bandarban, Bangladesh.

This was taken from train on the way to Sylhet, a beautiful district of bangladesh.

Photo taken from Meghna bridge.

Photo shoot for Bangladesh Army(Join Army Project).This image is property of Bangladesh Army & Half Stopo Down production.So plz do not use this image with out my & property Owners writen permission.

Bangladesh Agricultural Other of the main food rice & crops is paddy planting time winter and spring in main period, so of Agricultural food crops their have no per hed land ratio public the number of cultivable land is much less....So That is the farmers and his rice planting in a pond chest.... .

Life at haor (wetlands). Tanguar haor (Bengali: টাঙ্গুয়ার হাওর), (also called Tangua haor), located in the Dharmapasha and Tahirpur upazilas of Sunamganj District in Bangladesh, is a unique wetland ecosystem of national importance and has come into international focus. The area of Tanguar haor including 46 villages within the haor is about 100km2 of which 2,802.36 ha2 is wetland. It is the source of livelihood for more than 40,000 people. The Government of Bangladesh declared Tanguar haor as an Ecologically Critical Area in 1999 considering its critical condition as a result of overexploitation of its natural resources. In 2000, the hoar basin was declared a Ramsar site - wetland of international importance. With this declaration, the Government is committed to preserve its natural resources and has taken several steps for protection of this wetland [].


(c) All rights reserved: Ashraful Hadi, 2014. Tanguar Haor.

In Mawa ghat, fishing boats, which now often use motors rather than sails, leave in the afternoon, to fish all night.

A 5 line highway in Bangladesh. The obvious two lanes, two hard shoulders and our driver managed to find a 5th lane along the dotted line

Location: Shahbag

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Taken from Haila hawor, Srimongol, Bangladesh

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