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8:52 Amuse Yourself – however you want!


It took me a couple of bananas before I got this sort of right, but I did have fun with it! The peels wilted so quickly, and of course, the flying pieces wanted to give in to gravity :)


I am recovering nicely from my eye surgery, and can see so clearly with my right eye now, but can't look at a screen for too long. I will do my best to fave or comment on your recent images really soon!

Diesel: "How do you open this thing ?" ~ Poughkeepsie, NY

Shot taken at Banana Bay

Teleport Here

Photoshop & Corel Painter

SN/NC: Musa acuminata, Syn. Musa Paradisiaca, Musaceae Family


This picture was taken in a regular market in Jandira, a city of the Great Sao Paulo area. Nice colors, great flavor, healthy stuff. You can´t miss a banana.


Planta herbácea y perenne de rizoma superficial o subterráneo, que posee meristemos a partir de los cuales nacen entre 200 y 500 raíces fibrosas, que pueden alcanzar una profundidad de 1,5 m y cubrir 5 m de superficie. Del rizoma también brotan vástagos ("chupones") que reemplazan al tallo principal después de florecer y morir éste. Foto hecha en un mercado en la Grande Sao Paulo. Me gustó los colores uniformes, como oro.


Banana tem a cor do ouro, a cor do Brasil e o sabor único que o mundo inteiro aprendeu a apreciar. Esta foto foi feita num mercado em Jandira, SP.

Photoshop edit of a Banana

Not only is the fruit delicious, but the flowers are unreal. The little native bush bees thinks so too :)


Sorry still snowed under with assignments and deadlines.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Taking a well-earned banana delivery break.

Had to grab this shot quickly from the open window of a bus.

Lp560 Spyder @Symbolic La Jolla.

I have no idea what these are, I just seen them and my first reaction was that they looked just like little Bananas lol. Have a Wonderful Saturday!

Taken at Centennial Park Botanical Gardens.


The banana heart is the flower of the banana plant. From it grow the fruits.


In the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries, the banana heart itself is edible at that stage when it is cooked as a vegetable. It is most commonly served as a salad or as a sauteed vegetable dish often with coconut milk.


Thanks to Pareé for the texture.


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This banana tree has been a bit of a photographic obsession, which is almost, but not quite, over.

Botanical name: Musa balbisiana.

Family: Musaceae.

This is Small Banana Beach, a popular nude beach on the Greek island of Skiathos. This beautiful and secluded beach is located right next to the neighboring Big Banana Beach. The two beaches are seperated by a small rocky outcrop.

Naturism is still really popular in Greece and most of Europe, so beaches like this are common. Only a few beaches are designated "nude" beaches, but topless is legal everywhere. That's why there were a few topless women on the neighboring Big Banana Beach, and the nearby Koukounaries Beach.


I was actualy looking at pictures of this beach, and everyone had clothes on, so i wasn't expecting to see any nudists, but almost everyone on the beach was naked. Mostly older people, but a few young people as well. But most of the young people were on the neighboring Big Beach.

I felt a little awkward with clothes on, so I stripped down as well and went skinny dipping.

It was very hard to find an empty spot. There were people everywhere!


These two beaches are twins to Big and Little Makena Beach on Maui.

Two bananas are better than one.

you can see the flower on bottom left,,,the bunch of bananas grow between each leaf. ok I think I'm finished posting these for awhile.. it's just so cool to see such dramatic change daily. wanted to share.


L is Good : )

Friends had been visiting for a couple of days...he came rushing in the kitchen one morning, "Quick!!! Have you got a banana??"

This arrived in the mail several days later.


Thass my story an I'm stickin' to it.


Photo & post processing are his, mosaic artwork is mine.

Photo: Steve Napoli, Berkeley, CA.

香蕉巧克力鬆餅 台北 台灣

Banana Chocolate waffles, Taipei Taiwan

by Sony A7r & Sonnar T* FE 35mm f/2.8 ZA

Candid street photography by the Banana warehouse on a dull day in York, England.

Homemade banana bread loaf with oats, walnuts and chocolate chips

Macro Mondays Challenge, Theme Pareidolia - Photograph faces in everyday objects or in your surroundings... Face in a slice of banana

A little fun with my regular morning banana in Photoshop.....I saw the idea on YouTube and gave it a go :-) Feel free to eat this if you wish,,,,,

thanks for your visits and have a good day,,,,,

Daily Practice

Car Journaling



I can't ever look at a banana and NOT think of the song "Yes, we have some bananas" ... and so we do ... and did on our drive to Charleston. I worked on this while C drove and I juggled potholes, a water jar, paints and journal.


it's back to work today -- but oh how good it was to be home a few days. The weather couldn't have been nicer -- high 60s, low 70sF -- and I was able to get out in the garden, weed, prune, hit the most noxious weeds with Round-Up, and get more than a few minutes of much needed natural Vitamin D!


This weekend we turn the clocks forward for Daylight Savings ... giving more light to our evenings ... yep, spring is fast approaching!


Hope your week is great!

Banana flowers are not hard to find in the tropics. They usually come in maroon color and sometimes pale.This is so far the first pink and the prettiest banana flower I've ever seen =) And different too as it protruded upwards rather than the usual hanging down excited with this find





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Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, California


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[shapes & shadows around the banana tree]


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The banana tree is common in Kwa-Zulu Natal but not the Western Cape. So it was a delightful surprise to find this wild banana growing in my area. I've had great fun taking pictures of this beautiful tree (well, technically a herb, I believe).

Botanical name: Musa balbisiana.

Family: Musaceae.

Growing wild in Mountainside, Gordon's Bay, Western Cape, South Africa.

Light and shadows in banana leaves

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Banana (Musa spp.) is the most widely cultivated and consumed fruit in Sri Lanka. It is also an attractive perennial fruit crop for farmers due to its high economic gains throughout the year. When consider the production it is the 4th important crop in the world. As well as 2nd important fruit crop in the world.

Banana is the biggest herb in the world. Banana trunk is a pseudo stem. So, it is an erect and covered with leaf sheaths. Banana doesn’t have a tap root system but lateral root system. Corm is the heart of the banana plant which produces the pseudo stem. Leaves are broad in appearance having 3-3.5m and 65 cm in length and width respectively. Height of well grown banana plant is 3-15 m and weight of a bunch and length of a fruit are 22-65 Kg (In Sri Lanka it is around 11-40 Kg) and 4-12 inches respectively. There are 50-150 fruits in a bunch.


Sri Lanka has got 18 different types of bananas.

Varieties : Seeni kesel, Ambul, Ambun, Rathambala, Anamalu, Kandula, Kolikuttu, nadee, Pulathisi, Prasad, Mondan, Atamaru, Ash plaintains, Puwalu, Ambun, IC-2, Ambul, Nadee, Seeni kesel, Bin kesel, Prasad, Mondan, Atamaru, Meti kithala

Bananas growing at the Conservatory


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Every Friday my good friend Jasmine comes over and we have a good ol' time either baking or cooking.This past Friday we made banana whoopie pies which is the cookie of the month from September's Martha Stewart Living.

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