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Photo and retouching by Morgan Zamboni.

I want to dedicate this post to one of the most beautiful, nice, creative, funny, cute person and really good friend that I met in my Sl.. This post is for u my lovely Amie Fravoisse! I really love u amie!! U rocks!! :D We miss u a looooot here! ♥

Details :


Mirinda brought home her "Big Catch" from yesterday's fishing trip at the lake.....she named him Davey Jones.


"Mom will be so happy when she sees we made her homemade cookies! She won't even notice you're here!"


Oven-baked drumsticks with buttermilk and sundried tomatoes

Pockerley Old Hall, Beamish, Co Durham

Mouse likes peanut butter...Mmmmmm

Oven-baked drumsticks with buttermilk and sundried tomatoes

Yeah so I guess if one goes up another go up. Double wammie


Yeah so my apartment has a ghost. I thought of a nice description and then it disappears when I come out the shower. WTF is that. I hate freaking ghost crap. They may or may not be real but all I know is that that subject freaks me out. Like all skeeve. Bah what makes it so bad I have really bad memory and I forgot what the hell I wrote. ROFL yup I did it's only been a few min from when it disappeared and I forgot. SOoo I'm writing this now and my title is "Baked Ziti". Why did I write that crap for a title.


Suggestions anyone?

13 of 365: ripe bananas = chocolate chip banana muffins. Chocolate chips have yet to be added at the time of shot.

It was a day full of light and warmth. We ate our leftover spaghetti and meatballs on the back patio, and took a walk without jackets. She told me that for Mother's Day, she was going to gift me a whole year of happily letting me take her picture, and then asked if she could bake cookies. How could I say no?

dark chocolate cake with raspberries and white chocolate filling

Lattrop/Breklenkamp - Op de boerenerven staan nog vaak ‘bakspiekers’ (bakhuizen), waarvan er één heel bijzonder is. Door het dak van de bakspieker uit 1738 op het erf van de familie a/d Jonkershoesweg groeit een meer dan 300 jaar oude eik. De pachter van de bakspieker wilde in 1900 een schuurtje voor zijn varkens erbij bouwen. Dat mocht van de barones, op voorwaarde dat de stal om de achttiende-eeuwse zomereik heen zou komen. De omvang van de boom neemt jaarlijks met zo’n drie centimeter toe. De pannen schuiven mee.


Lattrop/Breklenkamp - On the farmyards are still often are somehow 'Bake houses', one of which is very special. Through the roof of de Bake house from 1738 on the yard of the family a/d Jonkershoesweg grows a more than 300-year-old oak. The leaseholder of the Bake house wanted in 1900 a shed for his swine building. That if the Baroness, on condition that the stable to the eighteenth-century English oak would come back. The size of the tree takes annually about three inches and slide the pans with it.


..only the heart is left..

A private commission for a baking polar bear, including a tiny wooden spoon (not made by me!)

It's been a while seen i've baked anything so I made these late last night, I couldn't wait to make the most of our new kitchen :D piping skills are a little rusty though!


[my first image on explore] - thanks for all the lovely comments :)

good advice whether it's referring to baking or photography.

Not something I see much in my part of the world! A really, really., really dry ponds.

Oven-baked drumsticks with buttermilk and sundried tomatoes

Imagine if you were unable to touch or kiss your newborn baby. This is an ordeal thousands of families, whose child arrives too soon, too small or too sick, are forced to go through each year. But you can help. By baking and selling cupcakes, you’ll be raising funds to help support families during what can be a very lonely and frightening time, and to provide a brighter future for their babies.


Some facts and figures:


• There is a shortage of 1,150 nurses to care for the 70,000 babies in need of specialist hospital care in England. Less than a third of units have enough nurses to meet minimum standards.

• Neonatal units are working way above recommended occupancy levels meaning there is no safety net for peaks in the number of babies being admitted to units.

• Families of babies admitted to specialist hospital care face a crippling financial strain on top of the normal costs of having a new baby.

• Over half of parents face the prospect of not being able to stay near their baby in hospital due to a shortage of overnight rooms for families.


Cake A Difference is the annual fundraising initiative from Bliss, the special care baby charity. Bliss offers guidance and information at a critical time in families' lives, funds ground-breaking research and campaigns for babies to receive the best possible level of care regardless of when and where they are born. Cake A Difference 2011 takes place from 14-20 February 2011. For more ideas on how you can support Bliss contact


If you want to help to make a difference you can donate via Sparklingbizzy's justgiving page: Her daughter Eleanor was born 12 weeks prematurely and Bliss is a cause close to her heart.


Go ahead, bake my day!


Available @ MadPea International Food Fair

MadPea GOFBB Tin of Brown Sugar

MadPea GOFBB Tin of Caster Sugar

MadPea GOFBB Baking Tins

MadPea GOFBB Old Food Scale

MadPea GOFBB Bag of Flour

MadPea GOFBB Bag of Sugar

MadPea GOFBB Rolling Pin

MadPea GOFBB Bowl of Flour

MadPea GOFBB Whipping Cream

MadPea GOFBB Whisk

MadPea GOFBB Recipe Book

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MadPea GOFBB Spatula

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MadPea GOFBB Broken Eggs

MadPea GOFBB Cooking Pan

MadPea GOFBB Frying Pan

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MadPea GOFBB Milk Jug

MadPea GOFBB Kitchen Scale Grey RARE


:CP: Modern Farmhouse Foodie Pendant Light

:CP: Modern Farmhouse Foodie EAT sign

:CP: Modern Farmhouse Foodie JamJar Flowers

:CP: Modern Farmhouse Foodie Wine Rack (removable)

:CP: Modern Farmhouse Foodie Fruit Basket and Cutting Board

:CP: Modern Farmhouse Foodie Bric-a-brac


Other Items Used


Holborn Kitchen Dishes

Holborn Kitchen Bowls

Holborn Kitchen Shelf

Riciclo Set Hanging Plant

Holborn Kitchen Cups&Dishes



Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Chopping Boards

Sari-Sari - Vertical Herb Garden

Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Wire Shelf RARE

Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Chives and Parsley 1

Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Fridge Station RARE

Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Knife Strip



Amala - Rosemary Plant

Amala - Countertop

Amala - Sink - RARE

Amala - Giant Clock



[ keke ] hanging herb - coriander

[ keke ] hanging herb - mint

[ keke ] paperbag herb - mint 1 RARE


Dust Bunny

dust bunny . toaster oven . color change . RARE

dust bunny . darling hanging plant


DRD Mainstore

DRD - RK - Counter Clutter - One

DRD - RK - Counter Clutter - Two

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DRD - RK - Free Bonus - Sink Bubbles

DRD - RK - Free Bonus - Kitchen Soap

DRD - RK - Free Bonus - Kitchen Sponge


Build Used:


- Minimal Needs House - RARE *modified*

I was too bored on a hazy Saturday afternoon so I decided to bake some miniature red velvet cupcakes.


Baking items from Re-ment Puchi Kitchen #7 and #10.



The iconic ‘Elephant Rock’ bakes (along with me) in the hot 105f (40c) afternoon sun, hiking was not recommended on this day! Valley of Fire, Nevada, USA

planning some christmas baking ... soon!

good morning * :)


a planear bolinhos para o natal ... em breve!

bom dia * :)

Canon EF 50mm F/1.4L.

50mm, ISO 125, F1.4 1/125 sec

This is from a shirt sewsew-a-gogo cleverly crafted for her fashionista daughter. I borrowed the idea

baked with brown sugar, cinnamon, and ginger

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