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This was in my Pasadena City College Welding instructors desk drawer and he would pull it out every once in a while to threathen us! Looks like it was welding with CheezWhiz with a nut thrown in for good measure. The best part... It was in an operating forklift, proving, it doesn't need to be pretty!

Rusted hinges that are poorly welded.

A bunch of really terrible fusion welds along a couple lengths of 1/8" rod. This is the sort of thing I'm going to have to do over and over again with my sculpture, so I tried a big bunch of it with bad and not-so-great results. Practice, practice, practice!

Pitted welds on a "brand new" chipper box by Schodorf.

Pitted welds--they had to all be removed and re-welded at our expense (after removing the paint, of course)

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Practice coupons with obvious issues.

Some crappy fusion welds on 1/8" plain steel rod.

Edge weld. Not bad! No filler rod, just fusion/autogenous style welding.

Here's a butt weld that is ridiculously porous. Turns out there's a coating on the steel that I didn't get scrubbed off, and the impurities in it made it bubble and pit. This drove me nuts, because I was using different pieces of steel, and some welds would come out fine, then I'd go do another couple of pieces and this would happen. The steel looked so good I didn't realize it had any contaminants on it.

A ton of practice coupons that I cut up.

Shoddy welding on Schodorf "new" chipper box.

Rusted hinges AND poorly done welds.

A view of the sculpture I'm working on. This is made out of plain steel. The first several sections of it were done with a MIG.

Here's the setup I'm using to create these metallic aberrations: Miller Maxstar 150 STH. I've used a little ER70s2 filler rod, but most of it is fusion/autogenous welding.

Butt weld, fusion.