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Allen's Hummingbird

Selasphorus sasin


Member of the Nature’s Spirit

Good Stewards of Nature


© 2013 Patricia Ware - All Rights Reserved

Well the hummingbirds are coming thick and fast to the backyard. I have a few issues getting there pictures as my camera only goes to 200/1 sec with a flash and the feeder they are picking is in the shade. I've ended up using a reflector to bounce the light on to them to help speed up my shutter speed and keep the ISO down. One of my favorites from yesterday. Keep shooting Guys !!!

We call it Regenboog and you call Rainbow or इन्द्रधनुष or Arco Iris or Arcobaleno or

Arc-en-ciel or Regenbogen or 日本語 or Македонски or اندردخش or ουράνιο τόξο or 虹 or pelangi

i was tooling around the backyard after a heavy rain and noticed that things were looking 'greener'. i've been searching forever for a curly vine...and settled on this curly blade of onion grass. (really unusual to find this, i thought.) focused on the blade, aperture wide open, to create this abstract 'painterly' quality in the background..


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this is from March, in my backyard, up very high in my neighbor's Pecan tree. This is active breeding and nesting time, and we have great old trees here in Orlando, so lots of nests and eggs and babies. So ... unfortunately ... the hawks are very active too.


A beautiful Red-shouldered Hawk gave me a minute or two to get my camera. Not the best shots, but I had fun painting them.

Yarrow in the backyard. For some reason I only got one bloom this year out of all my plants. Yes, it's near the bird feeders. Lol!

© 2008 Steve Kelley


Backyard NYC style.


HDR 9exp


Please view on black and large:

This is not the first time I am posting my sunroom window shot, nor it is going to be the last one. I just love the light...late afternoon hours are the best. HBW!

I liked the combination of new and old from the same plant.

It appears that Expore scout has placed this photo at it's Highest position: #1 on Monday, April 13, 2009. I'm totally amazed...

THANKS or all the comments!!

Calosoma sp., found roaming my backyard this morning. It sat still just long enough for a portrait then headed off to hunt.

This red-shouldered hawk has been seen perching in my backyard a couple times a week for the past month. He usually takes off when I approach the window, but I got lucky this time. I love the beautiful rufous coloring on his head, back, and shoulders.

Female of the pair bringing food to the nest, nest hole on right.


Saw this Monarch (Danaus plexippus) butterfly in the backyard this morning whilst awaiting the birds.

Yesterday my husband said..."There is a bird in the birdbath I have never seen before"..I grabbed my camera and headed to the backyard...A Painted Bunting!!!! I was really amazed. He stayed in for about 20 minutes..It was getting late and then flew into the tree for the night...I have been watching today but haven't seen it..although I do think a lot of the bird seed in the feeder is gone.

taken during last week's snow storm

Damhaugen - Halden - Norway


Taken in an old backyard in my hometown


As I sit on this bench

I absorb the scenery

That is all around me.


I guess I never really noticed how beautiful

my backyard could be.

I always thought it

was like everyone Else's,


But as I sit on this bench

I see the true beauty

that has been hidden for me so long.

― Felix


•*¨♪ღ♪ ¨*•


Texture: Kerstin Frank


Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view,

comment, fave and invite my photo, much appreciated :o)

Just cruzin' in the backyard looking for details, found this blurry feather (not that I missed the focus, it TOLD me to give it the "beauty" treatment:-)


Hope your day is great and the evening is unspeakable!


Click on the image or hit "L" on your keyboard :-)


See this BIG in a slideshow


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Just some family/friend backyard fireworks to celebrate a fantastic 11th of July BBQ.


Yes, this was in someone's backyard. The show ran for about 30 minutes, and was choreographed to a patriotic playlist. A fantatsic show put on by a bunch of talented people that worked extremely hard to make this happen!

Backyard Shots - 01, Macro

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There are few things I'd rather have in my backyard than a perfect climbing tree. <3 CC welcome.


san francisco, california

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Backyard Squirrel


----------Shooting Data----------

Camera: NIKON D4S Lens: Sigma VR Zoom 150-600mm f/5-6.3G IF-ED Sport

1/640 sec @ f/6.3 - 600mm

ISO: 1600

Nikon D4s. Nikkor 80-400mm @ 400mm. 1/6400th @ f/5.6. ISO 500. EV = - 2/3

Backyard in Brunswick, Melbourne. Full of abandoned classic cars. Some have been there since the 50s/60s probably.

My daily visitors love to come begging for corn!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Flickr Friends! Thanks for all your wonderful comments and especially your friendship.

Grandma's Backyard / Union County / New Jersey


Jessica Kirste Photography I Etsy I Facebook


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Previous Backyard Hawk image reworked using Canon Digital Photo Professional software.


As I read various bulletin boards, I'm noticing more photographers using the Canon DPP software as their RAW image processor rather than ACR/Lightroom along with some conversations about highlight recovery capability for the newer Canon sensors. Because I was dissatisfied with my previous attempt to recover highlights for this image I took another pass at it.


I first imported the image into DPP. I immediately noticed that those blown areas along the left side of the Hawk were noticeably improved. So was the amount of feather detail. I made a few adjustments in DPP and then saved the images as a TIF file.


I opened the TIF file in Lightroom to apply some of the other edits (cropping, cloning, white balance adjustments) as the previous version.


Clearly, the DPP step improved the result. Guess I'm going to have to take a tutorial to learn how to use DPP effectively.

This was taken a few years ago....also in my backyard

Thanks have the best "props"! I was attempting to capture some of the lush color of large format polaroid film in the style of Marie Cosindas.

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