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first slinging for Alice....

My sweet little baby boy napping in the Ergo. I'm afraid he's getting too big to lay down in the Peanut Shell but he's not big enough to sit in it yet.

In the mei tai while I stand at the counter computing and waiting for tea to steep.

I love this photographer because of her mission (which includes empowering women). I love all her work. This woman in particular I am familiar with and I love that they caught her displaying extended breastfeeding and babywearing.

Filip, 1 year old, with his mom

Walk for babywearing mothers with Milind Soman organized on Sunday in Cubbon Park Bengaluru. A part of training for young mothers to take care of their health and babies.

of course I know both of them very well ! ;-)

received a visit from a dear friend (tristina) & her 9-month old (olivia) yesterday (all the way from atlanta!!) ... it was so good seeing her and hugging her. and also seeing what we're in for in a few months with the crawling and the cruising.


related: emma is going to have to learn to share. ;)


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Babywearing em Portugal


Um grupo para os adeptos do babywearing, com o objectivo de permitir a troca de conselhos e o esclarecimento de dúvidas sobre o uso de todos os tipos de porta-bebés (slings, wraps, mei-tais, marsúpios, etc.).

This dad passed me a couple of times on his motorcycle before circling around, jumping off, and revealing his son for a portrait.



Hecksher Playground in Central Park

Yindi napping while Em sews some camera straps. Her straps & scrapbook kits can be found at . Pictures courtesy of Em Falconbridge. Thanks Em :)


See my profile for more info.

She asked if she could mow the yard after breakfast.

Filip, 1 year old, with his mom

Hug-a-Bub Traditional Ring Sling

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