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Wonderful food at our friend's baby shower!

We had a baby shower today for my daughter Danielle. It was so much fun and she got so many beautiful presents. My quilt was a great hit with Danielle and the other guests.

Cookie favors for baby showers.

Chocolate dipped cookies made with oreos.

Wonderful food at our friend's baby shower!

Baby Shower…a happy event where the mother to be is showered with gifts at a party. A time to share and celebrate.

The baby bottom is a cake, actually. A work of art…wonderful to look at and it was delicious too. Just had to share it with you. 😊

This was for my niece's baby shower and I absolutely LOVED this cake! The Tappits really turned out well but didn't photograph so great. The crib and all its accouterments were gumpaste and the walls were pastillage. I switched styles by doing the walls in such as impressionist style, but the clock was ticking. The light is a dollhouse sconce with a battery pack behind the wall. This was the only cake I've been sad to let go of. Thanks for looking!

Wonderful food at our friend's baby shower!

Here is the cake from my cousin Erica's baby shower this weekend. It was so cute and matched the theme we used for the plates and napkins (little clothes line). Everything on here is totally edible.


I was so amazed by this cake and just wanted to post the link to the woman's website here, for those of you in the Chicago area.

A baby shower cake made for one of my favourite customers. All fondant and gumpaste decorations with buttercream bubbles

Made for a Baby Shower in a couple of week's time ...... and they know the baby is a boy!


I'm not sure whether I will have time to do the actual cake ..... that's on hold for the moment ..... but at least they will have a topper !


All hand modelled in fondant with CMC added.

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Baby Shower made to match invitation.

Wonderful food at our friend's baby shower!

Baby shower cake based on an invite.


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I made these sweeties for a baby shower...

Have a good one!!


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Baby shower ou Chá de bebê, Chá de Fralda , Chá de Berço rsrsrs cada lugar ganha um nome...

aqui pra nós na Niemeyer vai ser Chá do Caio ehehhe

E Dona Mariela (mãe do Caio) e Tia Fabis andam meio na correria para EXECUTAR o que eram PLANOS PARA 2008...

"modos" que o Chá do Caio vai ficar para Fevereiro OK?


Entraremos em contato com todas nossas amigas em breve!

E agora deixa eu correr pra voltar a sessão de fotos!


beijokas em todos


convido todos que curtem trocar idéias comigo, curtem minhas fotos etc etc etc para me adicionar no



e no TWITTER que é onde o BICHO PEGA!


tem os blogs também!


fotografando com Fabiola Medeiros



A colorful baby shower version of the gift boxes cake. I loved making those little booties with the eyelet touches and frilly ankle edges!


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my first to break into the top 100! Then top 50!!

Wonderful food at our friend's baby shower!

my best friend from high school is co-hosting a baby shower and she requested 5 dozen cookies for a platter and for favors. the animals were made to match the invitation. i completely forgot to add the invite to any of the photos:-)

Last month, I made an elmo birthday collection for Heather's son. She liked the cookies so much that she contacted me to make some cookies for an upcoming baby shower:-) Her only request was that they be pink and brown with some fun details like polka dots, etc.


Thanks for the order, Heather!!

by the way, Heather is a fantastic artist herself! She has a design business called Running With Scizzors:

Cookies and cupcakes from the baby shower I recently hosted for my little sister.


More photos and details,

This is a topper for a baby shower cake ...... I'm not making the cake, just this topper.


The mother-to-be is cabin crew for a well known airline (!) and they know that the baby is a little girl. As the mother is very "girly" herself, I decided to do a little baby in a pretty outfit asleep on a cloud, towing a toy plane to add a little connection to mum's job !


The lovely ribbon around the board was a present from a very kind flickr friend and was just perfect for this ..... thank you Liz !


All hand modelled in fondant with added CMC.


( I must confess ........ that the amazing hair of Nati's beautiful little baby Lani inspired me for this baby's hair !! ;o)) LOL )

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.


12 Dishotwel apron favors made for a dear friend's baby shower. My friend and I hosted a cooking party for the mommy-to-be at Sur La Table. I used MS Everyday towels from Kmart for the aprons ( I Like Ice Cream set) and added pompom fringe, twill tape, and an "appliqued" pocket.


Not being completely insane, these are not true appliques. They are done with a raw edge, though I did use fray check on the edges so they would not get too frayed in the wash. The letters are zigzag stitched to the pockets, which were made using the blue towel from the set and fabric scraps.

Getting ready for Amber’s baby shower tomorrow at work. Got a whole little outfit, pants onesie and sweatshirt and cool glow in the dark pacifiers.

Marina's baby shower favor.

My second baby shower

My illustration for the invitation to my baby shower.


If you want a card for your baby shower with a customized version of this picture, e-mail me for details!

Chocolate mini's for a baby shower - requested in colours of pink & blue!


For my niece's baby shower, you would never the guess the theme was Disney ...


My sister and daughter made these for the party ... there were trays of them.


I placed two of them on the white tablecloth and then over exposed the white a little to make the background go to infinity - turned out pretty cool for my first time trying that, and doing it there on the spot at the party.

This Baby Shower Cake was made for a dear family friend Mel, who is due to have her first baby in May.

8inch Chocolate Mud Cake with chocolate ganache and fondant.


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Created for my friends Baby Shower which I organised. These were the giveaways on the day. Design taken from Planet Cake book.

Kodak trix 400 pushed to 1600, Leica M6

Vanilla cupcakes with homemade lemon curd filling and vanilla cream cheese frosting.


These were for a baby shower for a good friend of mine, I guess I don't have to tell you it's a girl!

With Pei Wen & carrying her second baby at the baby shower.

I attended a baby shower in Milwaukee today, for a nephew's wife.

My sister-in-law, co-owner of the sports bar where it was held, covered the existing sports-themed photos in the room with appropriate wrapping paper for the occasion.


I'll be back much later tonight to catch up with your beautiful pix...I have some obligations this evening.

Cookies for a baby shower.

Friend's Baby Shower - April 2017 - Burlington, ON

Decorated to match the invitations for a Baby Shower.

Baby shower - It's a girl {yellow} - Coming soon



For a ducky-themed baby shower. Top tier is yellow cake with vanilla buttercream; bottom tier is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. Iced with buttercream and decorated with fondant cut-outs and fondant bows.

Yesterday Andi threw a baby shower for our friend Kristen -


I thought this was a pretty cool idea..."Baby Shower Booties". Andi said that when she was younger she would see this done at the baby showers she went to in Texas.


Wondering how to make these?

I think baby shower cookies are my favorites!

Cookies to be wrapped up as favors for a baby shower. I did 40 total, in several different styles, all in the shower colors of purple and yellow.


Taken last thu during the baby shower for the BUENAFLORS. We just pray for more blessings especially in terms of financial provisions in the upcomming delivery. Have a

great day to all my flickr friends.


[Photograph taken at Doha, Qatar]


Interesting Set | Object Set

Here's a few of the complete set of cookies for the baby shower. I ended up doing some I've done before, just with different colors.

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