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Playing around with Autostitch merging about twenty 50mm shots. Final image at 7097 x3937

Captured w/iPhone3GS edited w/iPad3

Bharachukki waterfalls, near Mysore, Karnataka, India..This was stitched from 20 shots, 4 rows, 5 shots in each row..

autostitch Iphoneography w iphone 3gs


Apps: Autostitch, Snapseed

this is my second attempt at a 360 polar panorama - it consists of approx 40 shots (taken with my little sony cybershot) stitched together with autostitch then polar distorted with photoshop. a spherized grass shot was then added to the hole in the middle and the whole thing tidied up with photoshop's clone tool and spot healing brush. (GIMP can do all this and its free)


'Country manor 360 polar panorama' Best viewed large on black

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Rasidel Slika /

Had some challenges with my GigaPan (batteries, and wet spray, and damn cold fingers), so I made a panorama of the Hvita River just above the big falls of Gulfoss.

Took this whilst waiting for a ride. It was considered the height of modernist chic about 30 years ago.


35 images (7x5) joined with autostitch - handheld (some stitching errors)


'BBC TV centre stage door' Best viewed large on black


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24 photos, kinda impressive for processing on a mobile.


Will definitely have to deploy this from the unusual perspectives I get to work backstage. Not nice enough results to take seriously, but definitely lots of fun!

take 5 seconds to see it Large On Black

recipe: tripod, autostitch, gimp, giovanni. :)

i like the way autostitch gives the buildings an athletic form.


this one goes to herner


App:AutoStitch + DynamicLight

taken on an iPhone 4 and stitched with AutoStitch

Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

taken on an iPhone 4 and stitched with AutoStitch

some people wanted to see the original frames for a recent panoramic I did, here they are

AutoStitch x CameraBag

Near the Dutch -German Border. Used a little orton here.


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The clearest view of the bridge through the trees from this side was too close for me to get the whole bridge in one shot, so I decided to create another stitched picture. Autostitch actually managed this one perfectly from what I can tell.

A photostitched panorama of the Grand Canyon from the South Rim. Probably near Bright Angel trailhead.

A walk around Douglas Coupland's sculpture Digital Orca, combined with the AutoStitch iPhone app.

taken on an iPhone 4 and stitched with AutoStitch

This is the treehouse on ko chang, basic accomodation (bamboo huts with shared squat toilets and mandis instead of showers) but by fuck the food was excellent so we stayed further up the beach and came here for dinner

taken on an iPhone 4 and stitched with AutoStitch

A 6-shot panoramic of the Philadelphia skyline in the morning, with fog.


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a photo stitch made using "autostitch" & 24 photos.

Sunset on top of Fiddler's Hill, south of Watson's Corners, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada. This panorama was constructed from 9 horizontal photos by the free version of Autostitch.

taken on an iPhone 4 and stitched with AutoStitch

My favourite place to go fishing, this was taken using an iPhone 3gs and the Autostitch app to merge 3 shots into one panorama. Photo taken November 2010

panorama of St George's Field.

taken on an iPhone 4 and stitched with AutoStitch

taken on an iPhone 4 and stitched with AutoStitch

About a 270 degree panorama of my new bedroom. :-) The other 90 degrees is blank wall.


15-20 images at 18mm stitched together.

This pic is a result of stitching 3 single photos together.I used "photostitch" by Canon and post processed it with photoshop.

You can see the north-eastern view over "The Lake" in Central Park, NYC.

created with Autostitch

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