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Had some challenges with my GigaPan (batteries, and wet spray, and damn cold fingers), so I made a panorama of the Hvita River just above the big falls of Gulfoss.

AutoStitch x Pro HDR x CameraBag

Enjoying Australia Day

multi-image panorama from 5 photos stitched with autostitch

We tried to set up a tide guage on the island... the glaciers up the arm we're too dense with ice so we scratched the project.

Panorama created with Autostitch


Nuévalos, en Aragón (entre Alhama de Aragón y el monasterio de Piedra)

Playing around with Autostitch merging about twenty 50mm shots. Final image at 7097 x3937

When autostitching goes haywire..

This was the view from our back door around 8 a.m. Not much of a snow-fall but it was wet and stuck to everything. North of Watson's Corners, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada. This panorama was constructed from 3 horizontal photos by the free version of Autostitch.

'First 'proper' polar panorama' best viewed large on black


This is my first proper 360 polar panorama - made using 90 (I was being a bit over cautious) seperate shots taken standing in the middle of the room - merged into an equirectangular projection in Autostitch (its default) and then bent round using polar distort filter in photoshop. There are some stitching errors (e.g. the right side of the coffee table) that are probably the result of taking the shots by hand rather than doing it accurately with a fancy tripod. you can see my shadow just to the right of the central point on the carpet. I like it - it looks like a smiley face.


Seb Przd is the flickr master of these things who has inspired me. I thought this was a stereographic projection but Seb has corrected me below. ho hum. im still getting my head round this and may have to get to grips with some fancy maths to do it really really properly.


Quite pleased Ive finally managed to pull this off. The world is now my panoramic oyster.

this is my second attempt at a 360 polar panorama - it consists of approx 40 shots (taken with my little sony cybershot) stitched together with autostitch then polar distorted with photoshop. a spherized grass shot was then added to the hole in the middle and the whole thing tidied up with photoshop's clone tool and spot healing brush. (GIMP can do all this and its free)


'Country manor 360 polar panorama' Best viewed large on black

i like the way autostitch gives the buildings an athletic form.


this one goes to herner

Took this whilst waiting for a ride. It was considered the height of modernist chic about 30 years ago.


35 images (7x5) joined with autostitch - handheld (some stitching errors)


'BBC TV centre stage door' Best viewed large on black


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a photo stitch made using "autostitch" & 24 photos.

autostitch Iphoneography w iphone 3gs


The clearest view of the bridge through the trees from this side was too close for me to get the whole bridge in one shot, so I decided to create another stitched picture. Autostitch actually managed this one perfectly from what I can tell.

Nice, hazy light today and not at all that hot and muggy. Tussi was indoors when I took these photos.

A photostitched panorama of the Grand Canyon from the South Rim. Probably near Bright Angel trailhead.

A 6-shot panoramic of the Philadelphia skyline in the morning, with fog.


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About a 270 degree panorama of my new bedroom. :-) The other 90 degrees is blank wall.


15-20 images at 18mm stitched together.

Taken while driving up the Hume Highway about 5 minutes south of Coolac.


Stitched with Autostitch

One of the places I often work in Austin, The Long Center for the Performing Arts. (looking up laying on the apron while the pit lift was being lowered). The strong dark diagonal is the proscenium opening. Up left auditorium side, down right is stage side.


A rare unobstructed view of the grid and fly-house with only the symphony shells in the air. Taken during a maintenance call and all the goods were down for cleaning.

25 picture autostitch of SUFC standby point... & SUFC to boot..!


I work for Yorkshire Ambulance Service on the RRVs in and around the city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire.

It’s a great job and I feel very honoured to be able to help people at their point of need.

Check out the website for all sorts of info re YAS and the work we do.


View Large On Black

24 photos, kinda impressive for processing on a mobile.


Will definitely have to deploy this from the unusual perspectives I get to work backstage. Not nice enough results to take seriously, but definitely lots of fun!


I would normally crop out the black bits, but its hard with this much distortion. This is slightly more than 360 degrees. It's better bigger

Autostitch photo of St. Jan church in Gouda

made with autostitch and best viewed large


Yeah, I know I could have done better with the ghost trees, but it was *so* hot, and I was wanting to head down the steep steep hil to get home.....

3 stitched images using Autostitch

interesting effect from autostitch with this one, the cups spin in the breeze so the bits moved between shots used in the stitch, which created some interesting ghosting and some disjointed arms which (for a nice change) add to the impact of a stitched imaged rather than make it an instant failure...


at least.. thats what i think.


some more conventional shots of this thing are next in my stream.

iPhone edit. Autostitch + CameraKit.


My first panorama pic.


Don't Click


autostitch chocked on this one

It's early on a Sunday morning, I'm killing time, waiting for my bath to pour...hmm what to do... I wonder what it'll look like if I autostitch my face?

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