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Processed with Snapseed.

Not as strong as predicted but worth getting up at 1 am lol going to be a long day

Not the best “light” conditions...

Soulis: Aurora Borealis. Computer created abstract.

Northern lighs in Isterfossen , Norway

Iceland , March 2019


After a slight break in the clouds we were fortunate to see and capture it.


I just happened to step out onto the deck, to see if the snow predicted in our Winter Weather Advisory was happening yet, and I saw surprising corona northern lights, before it was truly dark.

I had to darken this photo, purely for aesthetic reasons, so the curtain of corona overhead would be better seen.

Last year in the Rockies, there were a few days that people could observe beautiful aurora borealis, and bow lake is definitely a great place to be.

Archieves. Over the years I've seen lots out the backdoor. This was one of the better northern lights so close to St.Albert Alberta.


Green Mystery of the Firmament

This fall in Yellowknife, me and another 6 photographers observed a truly amazing light, pretty much like a phoenix, flying over the tundra.

First aurora for visibility August the early weeks were all smoke

Taken 01.03.2017 at Alnes lighthouse.

A good reason to drive 400 km in the middle of the night far from any human settlement in the north of Quebec

August 23rd Aurora

In one of my night photography workshops, me and two clients observed something truly beautiful, milky way (even though not quite obvious), light polluted clouds and aurora borealis. I once again sat there to enjoy the scene, good night, lake Minnewanka.

Taken from our back door. Quick collage til I sort the rest of my shots.

I had no luck trying to get a glimpse of the Aurora over the weekend, so I revisited my Iceland shots to get over it!


Thanks for looking :)

It was a tough decision which way to go yesterday to avoid cloud in the Calgary area. West proved to decent.

That magic view when northern lights descend down on us, from directly overhead.

Färnebofjärdens nationalpark, Östa, Sweden

First night seeing northern lights, though there is still quite a bit of daylight on the northern horizon. This is just before 3 a.m.


I had to darken this quite a lot.

I've put a blog together about the capturing of this image. More images of the event in the blog too...


Capturing the the St. Patricks Day Geomagnetic Storm

A quiet night of fairly modest northern lights moving quietly across the starry sky.

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