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Winequarter - Lower Austria... - in a very dry summer... !

sunflowers are called sunflowers not because they look like the sun, but because they turn with sun as it moves across the sky, hence their name in French: tournesol.

Near Auersthal, Winequarter, Lower Austria

this tree stands all alone on the top of a hill where vines grow, about 30 km northeast of Vienna. You can see it from all directions a long way off, yet it's so small. It looks frail and vulnerable, yet withstands winter after winter.

ok, ok, I finally gave in to temptation and took one of those camera-in-the-mirror shots. To the comedians in the audience: no clever remarks on my very stylish riding breeches thank you!

a rainbow over the vineyards of eastern Austria.

This young lady was a Christmas guest with us while her owners went to France for their holiday.


The cabin in the background is a hunters' lookout, typical of Eastern Austria.

Christmas day hoarfrost in the vineyards east of VIenna

isn't it amazing how a different colour background can influence the colour, or the perception of the colour, of the main subject. here's a photo of the same horse with a yellow background.

This cross stands on the side of a barely-used road in the Marchfeld plain east of Vienna, about 10 km from the Slovak border.

Am 27.08.2017 wurde auf den Strecken rund um Groß Schweinbarth (bekannt als "Schweinbarther-Kreuz") ein stilechter Fotosonderzug in Verkehr gesetzt. Dabei kam die 2062 053 mit 2 Spantenwagen zum Einsatz. Dieses Fotomotiv befindet sich zwischen Raggendorf und Auersthal.

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