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Suzuki was a leader in the development of 4-wheeled ATVs. It sold the first ATV, the 1982 QuadRunner LT125, which was a recreational machine for beginners.


In 1985 Suzuki introduced to the industry the first high-performance 4-wheel ATV, the Suzuki LT250R QuadRacer. This machine was in production for the 1985-1992 model years. During its production run it underwent three major engineering makeovers. However, the core features were retained. These were: a sophisticated long-travel suspension, a liquid-cooled two-stroke motor and a fully manual 5-speed transmission for 85–86 models and a 6-speed transmission for the 87–92 models. It was a machine exclusively designed for racing by highly skilled riders.


Photographed by me

taken with: Canon 50D

model: S.6

Location: Al Warqaa, Dubai

A near future multi purpose ATV manufactured by Hudson Corp.


The Oshkosh M-ATV is an MRAP vehicle sporting an O-GPK turret with a .50 HMG, a V-shaped hull, and significant armored protection. Despite its weight and size, the MATV manages better offroad capability than its counter-parts and even some lighter armored vehicles due to it's ground clearance and suspension.


Once again, special thanks to Evan Melick for doing all the grunt work and allowing me to work off of his base design.

Photo & concept By Mr.AT

Model : Lilly Luta

Makeup & Hair : Vivian Phạm

Mail :

Phone : 0976380745 ( Mr.AT )

The M-ATV has multiple ECM devices that are used to jam or preemptively detonate IEDs. This includes the Rhino II (black device on the front) and the DUKE antenna (tan device on the rear), as well as the device in front of the passenger side windscreen (the name of it escapes me).

Model : Lilly Luta

Photo by Mr.AT

Phone : 0976.380.745 (Mr.AT)

Mail :

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Sand Dunes Mesaieed, Qatar is one of the best place to play and drive along the dunes, ride camels or take your ATV machine. It's really a cool and amazing place where you can find a huge and beautiful Sand Dunes in the Middle East.


Happy 4th Anniversary Qatar Pinoy Riders or QPR.

BLM Field school August 2013

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