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A surreal sunset from Jesolo beach and a couple in the right place at the right moment.

Antoine Elie " Toi qui m'écoutes ".


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Le poète voyage toute sa vie sans toucher terre, les mots, c'est son atmosphère.


Josiane Coeijmans

Stanza all'interno del Castello della Manta (Cuneo)


Room inside the castle of Manta (Cuneo)


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I feel in the beginning when we're living

We were tripping, we were so high

When you tell me that you love me were you bluffin?

Was it nothing? Now you're so dry

You can tell me that you're sorry

But I know that you don't mean it, baby don't lie

Don't lie, baby don't lie

And I can't blame myself for getting lost inside the promise of you

And I can't blame you leaving

'Cause what's meant to be will always be true

There isn't enough love in the atmosphere

To keep you here, ah

There isn't enough love in the atmosphere

Don't leave me here

All alone

I ride for my baby

I died for my baby

I'd die for my baby no lie

There isn't enough love in the atmosphere

In the atmosphere


« L'air est plein du frisson des choses qui s'enfuient. » de Charles Baudelaire


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Eiffel Tower and Seine river after sunset in Paris, France.

The atmosphere and reflections blended well in this peaceful and calming, Pitt River scene.

Being a tidal river, I was lucky to catch this still moment.


Pitt Meadows,

British Columbia



The post, on the left side, almost appears to be double in length, due to the stillness of the water..... if you look closely, you may see where it meets the water and becomes a reflection beyond that point.


I appreciate your kind words of support and would like to thank-you all, for taking the time to view and acknowledge my photography.


~Christie (happiest) by the River


**Best experienced in full screen


I love misty photography, it adds real atmosphere to the image especially when converted to black & white. this one was taken at Bosham Harbour not long before lockdown.

Le poète voyage toute sa vie sans toucher terre, les mots, c'est son atmosphère.


Josiane Coeijmans


We are close to sunrise now - the atmosphere gets brighter and the clouds will soon not be seen any more.

I love when you find that place, in RL or SL, that allows your brain to relax and stop thinking about the hustle and bustle of the big bad world. This is one of those places. You have an amazing view of the light dancing atop the water, the promise of a great cup of coffee and, my favourite part, the sound of water trickling around rocks and flowing out to sea.


Location: The Rusty Nail

stanage edge , the end of a long walk the light started to go but gave this nice effect down the hope valley



12" x 8" (30cm x 20cm approx)

Oil on stretched canvas


Companion painting for Atmospheres 1


Sorry for slow comments - will catch up soon.

Lots of work on the easel.

The light of sun and the color of the windows .. fantastic atmosphere 💙

Country back road


Maple Ridge

British Columbia



Canadian West Coast Winter


I truly appreciate your kind words and would like to thank-you all, for your overwhelming support.




*Best experienced in full screen ❤


Original RAW file by Serge Ramelli.

Edited by me in Corel PaintShop Pro

Shot from the 70th floor observatory deck of the 30 Rockefeller Center.You get more of a birdseye view of the other skyscrapers from the building,better than One WTC and the Empire State Building (both,right side with antennas) in my opinion.New Jersey is to the right across the Hudson River.Brooklyn is to the left across the East River.

il vous paraît très grand,

ce qui est bien marrant

car il fait 2 centimètres !

euh ! j'dis ça au pifomètre !!

Shot from the Empire State Building,86th floor.Manhattan (foreground) and Long Island City (across the East River).If you zoom in you can see the signs "LONG ISLAND" at bottom right.The United Nations is the green glass building.

est-ce que j'ai une tête d'atmosphère ?!?

Une très belle lumière du soir sur la campagne de Caudan


Morbihan, Bretagne

Amanecer sucio que permitia mirar al sol.


Rumoured Be Haunted Romantic Atmosphere

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