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Clouds filled the sky but with some nice light along the horizon, very moody with sprinkles of rain every so often in the air.


Set the exposure here for 30 seconds to smooth out the ocean, but still keeping some nice cloud definition there over the ocean.


Ocean City, Maryland

We live in a world of black and white ... really grays ... until the sun breaks through and brightens (colors) our world ;)

Morning sunlight sneaks in on the Atlantic Ocean along the Maryland coast.

Rising moon and waves captured at higher ISO to keep the shutter shorter.

Long exposure of the Atlantic Ocean along the Maryland coast.

Acadia coastline makes waves :)

Pousada do Toque | São Miguel dos Milagres | Alagoas

Atlantic Ocean all lit up from the sunrise light there along Schoodic Point in Acadia National Park.

The ocean was really smoothed out in this 3 minute exposure. the tide was such that low waves rolled in over the rocks ... extending the long shutter really smoothed out that action and 'mistyfied' it ;))

Pre-dawn in York, Maine out near the Nubble Lighthouse. Liked the mix of lighting from the parking area on the rocks and boat.

... Late evening light and contrasts across the moody ocean and rocks in this long exposure.

Early morning in York, Maine adjacent to the Nubble Lighthouse.

Long exposure on a moody cloudy morning in Ocean City, Maryland.

Taken at pretty York, Maine, the Atlantic Ocean is coming in over the beach and rocks in wave after wave :)

Sunrise along the pretty Atlantic Ocean and the Maine coastline.

Here comes the tide ...


York, Maine

Along Schooner Head, this section of the rocky shoreline in Maine is amazing.

Moonlight over the beach and rocks along Maryland's coastline.

The rocks at Pemaquid Point, Maine are amazing, and in the early morning light between the waves and shapes of the rocks, there are so many photographic comps. This one was nice down near the ocean's edge, and timed this with the wave in the air in that dreamy light.

Moonlight sneaks into the scene along the Atlantic Ocean in Maryland.

Early morning very long exposure taken looking at the iconic lighthouse and island there in Maine.

Playing around with the shutter speed and timing with the waves around these rocks at the beach was a lot of fun. The patterns captured were pretty cool.

Morning along the Atlantic Ocean in Maryland.

Here is the long exposure, several minutes, taken in Maine along the Atlantic Ocean rocky coast. This is in contrast to the golden long exposure taken the previous Summer in Oregon at the Pacific Ocean, posted just prior to this capture in my photo-stream.

Corey Hart comes to mind (at least his song) when I took this capture at night along the beach with the rising moon. The light on the beach is from the boardwalk and hotels that line Ocean City in Maryland.


This was my first capture taken that evening down on the beach after the moon was up. Composed the moon off to the side of the rocks, and this aligned well with getting about 2/3 of the beach in the light from the hotels.


ISO 1600 at 4 seconds (f/8) worked pretty well as a start. I then played around with aperture on the moon, and then ISO and shutter speed from 2 seconds to 30 seconds to get variations on wave patterns, etc. Quite a lot fun there for 20 minutes ;))

Mix of moonlight here and light from the hotels along the beach make this an interesting view with the wave action captured at the higher ISO.

Captured at sunset looking east along the Atlantic Ocean. Catching that nice last of the day pink glow that you get on a clear night.

Ogunquit Maine, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.


* Lobsters*Blueberry Pie


* Quartz Beach....on an icy ocean, made to freeze your ankles.


* The Marginal Way, a favorite place for walking on the edge.......OR.......climbing down the rocks to peer into tide pools with Sea Urchins, or Star Fish.


Once upon a tune my guy went out early in the beach, with an interest in collecting BARNACLES to embed in a collage.......


Along came an elderly women who stopped, to comment, " How nice that you are cleaning the rocks! "

Rocks? Boulders ;-)

Morning capture with the flowing waves around the Ocean City Fishing Pier in Maryland.

In among the slippery rocks of York, Maine under some blue hour light.

Vertical composition taken from down on cobblestone beach in Acadia National Park.

Moody sky over the Atlantic Ocean on this morning in Ocean City.

Dark blue hour takes over the beach and peninsula that is part of York, Maine.

Early morning before sunrise along the Maryland Beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

Pretty rocks all over the stony beach of Schoodic Point in Acadia National Park. If you visit ANP, make sure you make the effort to visit this separate area north of the main island that is part of the Park.

Long exposure taken along the beach in Maryland.

... crashing against the Maine coastline.

Sunrise long exposure (nearly 6 minutes) there on the beach at Ocean City. This is around 15th Street.

Getting down on the wet and slippery rocks of Pemaquid, Maine :))


(HTWMAMFF) Happy This Wave Made A Momentary Fence Friday ;)

Sunrise lighting on the cobble stone beach in Acadia National Park.

Sun and sun star as it rises over the Atlantic Ocean.

From summer, when it was a lot warmer.


Acadia National Park

This capture was taken at the end of the point where the Nubble Lighthouse is located in York, Maine. Here it was a pretty view looking away from the iconic lighthouse and at other pretty views at this location. Liked the lighting and the colors of the rocks, and then those great looking clouds over the ocean. Smoothed this out just enough with the shutter speed to give it some moody character to the ocean water, but yet keep the clouds relatively motionless.

Only extended the shutter speed to 1/2 second here to get some wave action with the swells hitting against the rocks. The clouds over the ocean were very pretty there in the morning.


York, Maine

They have treated our roads with so much salt and chemicals that my car looks like it was sitting down here along the Atlantic Ocean ...


Pemaquid Point, Maine

Long exposure of the pretty sunrise clouds zooming by as I stood there taking in this summer morning in Maine along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean.


This certainly made me happy knowing it was worth while getting up at 3 in the morning and leaving Bar Harbor to get to this spot before sunrise.


I did take a nap midday once we reached Lubec, Maine later on this day.

Wet rocks shine with the pre-sunrise lighting along the Atlantic Ocean in Acadia, Maine.

Colorful sky shines on the wet beach in Ocean City, Maryland.

Before sunrise along the Atlantic Ocean in Maryland.

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