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O Sol é o mesmo de todo.



A few weeks ago I was having the conversation with a photographer and one idea discussed was "you never shot your last shot". The concept being that even after the lens cap goes back on, the gear packed away, something might jump out that you need to capture. On this evening, the gear was packed, we were all saying our goodbyes, but the stillness of Tomorrowland warranted just one more shot.

It kinda says "Astro-rocks", I dunno... just playing around,


Graffiti can be fun!

Lens: Samyang 12mm 2.0 Mft

One single foto, no stacks. On the next try, I should probably try working with different exposures and stack them together, as the foreground has a significant amount of noise.

Los angeles 2013

Yep! Another selfie, but hey, i guess i´m not that ugly for you to see me a little more.


It´s quite difficult to stay still in the middle of a cold winter night, so i look a little blurry. Well! who cares, i just wanted to share this nice moment with you =)


I enjoy astrophotos so much!

( Please view on L)


Playa de Xagó.

Samyang 14mm 2.8

O sol nasce e começa a se esconder nas fortes nuvens de chuva.

Fisek ( Chile )



Disneyland; Anaheim, California


After being chided by Disney security for using a tripod, I was forced to perch my camera on top of a garbage can for this photo.

Not all dark ride shots are inside. LOL!!


I hadn't ridden this ride since I was a kid so on this trip I wanted to share this fun ride with my own son. He LOVED it!!! Though a chance of this at night for him still couldn't win out over Buzz. So I got to ride this by myself and have all the fun of shooting. I controlled the rocket with my foot. HA!

astro ODV CBS

photo : morac & kanos

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