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The mouth of the Columbia River and Astoria Oregon after sunset from the top of the Astoria Column

The Astoria Column, completed in 1926, serves as a beacon on the Pacific Northwest Coast. It sits on Coxcomb Hill, Oregon’s highest point. The column depicts scenes commemorating the history of Astoria. Print size 8x10 inches.

We climbed 164 steps up to the top of the 125 foot tall Astoria Column and went out on the small deck.

Astoria, Oregon


Hasselblad 500C/M

Carl Zeiss Planar CF 80mm f/2.8 T*

Kodak Ektar 100 120


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On the way to Cannon Beach we stopped at the 125 foot tall Astor Column which was dedicated in 1926. It features a hand painted spiral frieze that would stretch more than 500 hundred feet if unwound.

After climbing the 164 steps to the top of the Astoria Column and looking up at the glass dome on the top I felt a bit dizzy.

Like many of you, I'll be happy to see 2008 evaporate. May the coming year bring us peace and a more hopeful outlook.

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Woke up to yet another blanket of snow this morning! View On Black

Astoria, OR

Diana F+, Kodak Ektachrome E100VS, cross-processed

The Astoria Column seen from below.


I spotted this tower thingy as we drove across the bridge and proclaimed "That's where I want to go" and after many wrong turns which resulted in discovering more treasure we finally found this, which of course, I never knew existed :)

Looking out toward the mouth of the Columbia River and Cape Disappointment. City of Astoria in the foreground.

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Explore - Highest Position #47


As seen from the top of Astoria Column on the 4th of July.


I drove up to the column that evening after I'd talked to a couple locals about where to get a good view of the fireworks. Unfortunately the fireworks couldn't be seen from this vantage point so as soon as they started going off I made a mad dash down the hill looking for a good view. I ended up on the river bank in front of a Safeway where I had a good view of the show. I don't really like how the fireworks photos came out though so I doubt I'll bother posting them here.


HDR, handheld (balanced on the column's rails), 3 exposure blend in Photomatix then edited in CS2 (saturation boost, sharpening and cropping mostly).

The view of Astoria, the Astoria-Megler and Warrenton Bridges from just south of Chinook.

Mrs. L & C waves victory after running up the 164 stairs to the top in record time. The Astoria Column was built in 1926 on 600 foot high Coxcomb Hill in Astoria, Oregon. It is 125 feet tall and listed as #74001681 on the NRHP. It offers an exceptional view of the mouth of the Columbia River out to Cape Disappointment and all the surrounding bays, waterways and countryside. The park service offers wood gliders for a small fee to visiters to throw off when they reach the top, a thrill for kids and adults alike.

The longest truss bridge in the United States, the Astoria-Megler Bridge spans 4.1 miles across the mouth of the Columbia River, connecting Oregon and Washington states. View from Coxcomb Hill in Astoria, Oregon, looking out from the observation deck of the historic Astoria Column.

This is a large upload, but I wanted to post a representative collection of what I shot on our trip to Astoria, OR this weekend.


As viewed from the Astoria Column, the city of Astoria, Oregon hugs the south bank of the Columbia River just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Top of the Astoria Column. Built at a cost of $27,133.96 ($361,463.11 in 2014 dollars), the tower has 164 steps to the top, where there is a replica of the State Seal of Oregon.[4] — in Astoria, OR.


Explore - Highest Position #330


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The Astoria Column was something I didn't know about prior to visiting Astoria but was one of my favorite locations to visit while I was there. According to Wikipedia, this 125 foot column was built in 1926 and stands atop Coxcomb Hill, overlooking the mouth of the Columbia River.


I didn't know this at the time, but in 2007 the staircase in the column was closed to the public for safety reasons. Wikipedia says the column was supposed to open by August 2009, so I guess I'm lucky they opened early! The view from the parking lot alone is incredible, but at the top it's breathtaking.


I visited the tower twice while I was there. The first time I walked up the 164 stairs to the top of the tower I just about died of exhaustion. It's a deceptively long climb, and I thought I would breeze right through it. Wrong! But the view more than made up for it and I enjoyed taking in the scenery and even leaning over the rail with my camera to shoot some ground shots directly below me.


The second time was another story. The stairs were a bit easier (only because I knew to pace myself), but once I actually started thinking about stepping out onto that small deck atop this column built in the 20's my attitude changed. Now I was clinging to the interior column, grasping on for dear life, imagining an earthquake and plummeting to my death over a hundred feet below. Needless to say, I didn't stay up there very long this time. The view, however, was even more incredible because the sun was setting so I had to control my fear long enough to snap a few photos.


HDR, 3 exposures, tonemapped with Photomatix and then edited in CS2 (crop, levels, dust removal, color balance, saturation etc).


Do you see the ghosts?


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The Astoria Column sits 600 feet above sea level overlooking the mouth of the Columbia River. The artwork that wraps around it depicts scenes from Lewis and Clark's Westward Expedition.


I had shot sunset from the vista...and blue hour shots of the column itself. But I really wanted fog....Later, as we shot down at the riverfront, we looked up and the column was shrouded in fog. We raced back only to find a sign that stated the road was closed from 10pm - 6am. Decided to push the was only slightly after 10.... and go up to the top anyway. Shot this one picture before the park ranger showed up! It was worth it....tho I didn't have the opportunity to adjust settings or anything.


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OR, Astoria OR. Astoria Column.

The view from the Astoria column. Often shot, often duplicated. Pretty hard to get creative when you only have a 10 foot platform on which to stand. :)

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