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Bekassine (Gallinago gallinago)

(c) Jürgen Podgorski

Bekassine (Gallinago gallinago)

(c) Tanja Weise

alternate title: Through a cheap-ass lens

dalla mostra collettiva ecCesso, organizzato da RinasSense


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Bekassine (Gallinago gallinago)

(c) Detlef Metzer

ابي يوصل خبر عني لحدوه

قصدي متعني نسيت وجرح قلبي طاب

واصبح لي سواه احباب

ويوم انهم طرولي اسمه ضحكت ههههههه

وقلت من منهم هذاك الخاين الكذاب

حمدت الله هلا لو غاب

ابيه يدري اني صرت اقوى

وعلى نفسي قدرت اقوى

تعديته سطر في كتاب

هذاك الخاين الكذاب

طردته خارج ضلوعي

حشا ما هلت دموعي

ولا حرك بي الاهداب

هذاك الخاين الكذاب


edited by : moi


taken by : a7la "7al bal dnia s3eed


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2_ اسفه اذا في ناس اعتبروا الصورة مبالغ فيها بس تراها لعبه يعني فلا تحطون في خاطركم

Bekassine (Gallinago gallinago)

(c) Jürgen Podgorski

Bekassine (Gallinago gallinago)

(c) Olaf von Zimmermann

i don't know how to pose for photos.

My friend's ass being a model :)

That's what I have read on his drumstick :-)))

Enough of the scenery pics. This is me drinking a Big Ass Beer. And, no, I didn't name it. That is what it is called! It took up half my face haha! :-D

Sorry for the blurriness.

These stunted looking mules were spotted on a farm not far from my home. This farm raises exotic style animals and have posted some water buffalo from it before. I call it the "freak ranch".


These mules\asses have a strange thick coat and are fun to watch as they muddle around their pen in unison.

i didnt even know she was taking this till she took it

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