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Tuser wkt AMCK.

Some facts about the African wild ass:


The donkey or ass (Equus asinus) is a member of the Horse family. Wild donkeys are only found in Northern Africa and the Arabian peninsula and can become 25 to 30 years of age. Predators of the donkey are lions and wolves. Donkeys have great sense of self-preservation, hence they will not do anything which will put themselves in any danger. This behavior has resulted in donkeys being called stubborn, although this is the result of the misinterpretation of their behavior.


Some facts about Tits:


The tits are a widespread family of birds, occurring over most of Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. The genus Poecile occurs from Europe through Asia into North America, as far south as southern Mexico. American species in this genus are known as chickadees. Some species in this genus have quite large natural distributions, one, the Siberian Tit, is distributed from Scandinavia to Alaska and Canada.


P.S.: If you came here for something else: you are on a wild duck chase and need to take particular note of the sign.


Bibble was keeping an eye on the swimmers and I was keeping an eye on Bibble. (Posted with permission of course)


Model: Bιbbℓє ȘugαrtΘΘth


12th century byzantine fortress, protecting a mountain pass, near assenograd, Bulgaria. Sony A6500 and Sigma E30/2.8.

ابي يوصل خبر عني لحدوه

قصدي متعني نسيت وجرح قلبي طاب

واصبح لي سواه احباب

ويوم انهم طرولي اسمه ضحكت ههههههه

وقلت من منهم هذاك الخاين الكذاب

حمدت الله هلا لو غاب

ابيه يدري اني صرت اقوى

وعلى نفسي قدرت اقوى

تعديته سطر في كتاب

هذاك الخاين الكذاب

طردته خارج ضلوعي

حشا ما هلت دموعي

ولا حرك بي الاهداب

هذاك الخاين الكذاب


edited by : moi


taken by : a7la "7al bal dnia s3eed


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2_ اسفه اذا في ناس اعتبروا الصورة مبالغ فيها بس تراها لعبه يعني فلا تحطون في خاطركم

Look at our asses. Yes, I used to wear velvet leopard print pants. What of it.


Coming September for The Arcade

Blessington graveyard

Tyra speaks for millions of women and tells the media to kiss her fat ass!


I found this statue in one of the small towns that the Trans-Siberian Express stops at on the way from Moscow to Mongolia. I think it represents a kind of Russian version of the Biscuit Game.

Enough of the scenery pics. This is me drinking a Big Ass Beer. And, no, I didn't name it. That is what it is called! It took up half my face haha! :-D

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