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Beach protection barrier and warning marker at Sea Palling in Norfolk. The slight pink hues in the sky were the only indication that the sun was setting somewhere behind us.


Long exposure at 300mm. I like to live dangerously...


I welcome praise or constructive critique, but please don't leave banners, links or ascii art - it's impolite

Playing with long exposure on a foggy night.


Definitely my favourite of this bunch of pictures - practically as it came out of the camera (with a few minor tweaks to the RAW settings)


'York Minster in the Fog' On Black


'York Minster in the Fog' in ASCII


modern times, do we know where we are going?

they are amongst us


يحمل شمساً على كتفه، وقدره شمس ملئ الأفق

مسجد خالد ابن الوليد، حمص، سوريا

The Khalid ibn al-Walid Mosque is a mosque in Homs, Syria, located in a

park along Hama Street in ash-Shuhada Square.

ASCII Kolor stitching | 23 pictures | Size: 9012 x 9728 | FOV: 78.98 x

71.37 ~ 21.27 | RMS: 3.10 | Lens: Standard | Projection: Planar | Color:

LDR | Camera NIKON D80 | Focal Length 28mm | Shutter Speed 1/30 sec |

Aperture f/4 | ISO/Film 800 | Taken January 14, 2011 | © Monis Bukhari, all

rights reserved.

Dengeki Daioh and Dengekiya mail order exclusive.

Experimental self portrait made with letters. The used typeface is PFTransport by Parachute Type & Image Corporation, a type foundry that I have the honour to be a member since 2001.

8 Bit Balloons on the Fourth Plinth (One and Other) performance art in Trafalgar Square, London.


8 Bit Balloons is a construction of balloons organised into binary numbers. The letters of a message have been converted from their computer ASCII codes into binary numbers. Each group of 8 balloons in the binary code for a letter.


The balloons also have while LEDs inside them which can be seen in the closer shots.

New for the 6º Republic Event.


7- PAL Computer

2 meshed versions, Personal and Professional.

Screen has been scripted to texture change with ASCII art, 16 different screens, including a blank screen.

4 LI each, mod/copy


Available 4-6-15 at 6º Republic

ASCII art, it's still cool, as are seemingly endless tunnels.

300 to go!


Strobist: Single Vivitar 285HV in an umbrella directly above the camera.


I realized that I've never taken a decent photo of my chest tattoo before, so here it is. I've copied the description from the previous (awful) photo:


Done by Erik Mannhardt of Lucky Lotus Studio in Rochester, NY.


No one managed to guess the meaning of it, so here it is:


The birds represent 1's. The spaces represent 0's.


The arrangement of birds on the wires (with the flying bird) is:


01001101 01001111

01010110 01000101


Which means MOVE in binary (note for nerds: actually it translates to four numbers which represent those letters in the two most common text encodings [ASCII and UTF-8]).


If the flying bird flies away, it changes to:


01001100 01001111

01010110 01000101


Which translates to LOVE.


Photo by me, conversion to colorized ASCII art through

©█████████████ profile □ note ██████████████████>↑


inspired by the streetart posters.


painted in april , lasted 2 month, in may the police moved back and worked behind this window


The 3 flickr pics together in the slideshow view!!!!$$$!!!!(-_-)----police-_-loves...


You REALLY need to put this on full size to see how it's done. Note to others: NEVER let me get a shot of you!

Sony Cyber-shot Dsc H2


The term binary code can mean several different things:


* In mathematics, a binary code can refer to a linear code over the finite field F2 = Z/2Z.

* In computing and telecommunication, it is used for any of a variety of methods of coding data, such as sequences of characters, into sequences of groups of bits, including fixed-width words or bytes, and variable-length codes such as Huffman code and arithmetic coding.


In a fixed-width binary code, each letter, digit, or other character, is represented by a sequence of bits of the same length, usually indicated in code tables by the octal, decimal or hexadecimal notation for the value of that sequence of bits interpreted as a binary number.


For representing texts in the Latin alphabet often a fixed width 8-bit code is used. The ISO 8859-1 character code uses 8 bits for each bits for each character e.g. "R" is "01010010" and "b" is "01100010"; the block of 8 bits is called a byte; it extended the earlier ASCII code, based on the version of the Latin alphabet used for English, which uses 7 bits to represent 128 characters (0–127).


The Unicode standard defines several variable-width encodings and the fixed-with 32-bit (4-byte) UTF-32 code, potentially having room for billions of characters, but using barely more than one million combinations as definable code points.

A great little find at an antique shop in Giddings Texas. Added small musical notes using the ascii inputs for each.

EOS 60D+Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM


* If you have requests or comments, please describe these in photo comment space.


The strongest of all forces are a innocent heart!


A mais forte de todas as forças é um coração inocente!


Author: Vitor Hugo


Have a great weekend!


For my friends!!!


Elvis Presley - Burning Love


Lord Almighty,

I feel my temperature rising

Higher higher

It's burning through to my soul


Girl, girl, girl, girl

You gonna set me on fire

My brain is flaming

I don't know which way to go


Your kisses lift me higher

Like the sweet song of a choir

You light my morning sky

With burning love


Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,

I feel my temperature rising

Help me, I'm flaming

I must be a hundred and nine

Burning, burning, burning

And nothing can cool me

I just might turn into smoke

But I feel fine


Cause your kisses lift me higher

Like a sweet song of a choir

And you light my morning sky

With burning love


It's coming closer

The flames are now licking my body

Won't you help me

I feel like I'm slipping away

It's hard to breathe

And my chest is a-heaving

Lord have Mercy

I'm burning a hole where I lay


Your kisses lift me higher

Like the sweet song of a choir

You light my morning sky

With burning love

With burning love


Ah, ah, burning love

I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning love

Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love

Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love

Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love

Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love

Just a hunk, a hunk of burning love

Character Development - Mirai Suenaga


Back in 2007, I created a character who I named Mirai Suenaga [末永みらい] - the meaning is "Eternal Future."

Back then she was created with the purpose to prettify the website but she ended up turning to be more than a website mascot. Mirai went on to collaborate with various anime and game companies such as Square Enix, Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, Ascii Media Works, King Records and Nitroplus.


In 2013, Mirai became an official mascot for Japan Tourism and in 2014 she became an official mascot for Malaysia Tourism.


Learn more about Mirai >


View more at

EOS 60D+TAMRON SP AF90mm F/2.8 Di MACRO 1:1


* If you have requests or comments, please describe these in photo comment space.


EOS 60D+Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM


* If you have requests or comments, please describe these in photo comment space.


59, the 17th prime number that couples with the 18th prime 61.


There are 59 stellations of an icosahedron.


59 is the number corresponding to the last minute in a given hour, and the last second in a given minute.


In the UK, the bingo call for 59 is "The Brighton Line", after the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway.


59 in ASCII code will output the character ",".


I picked up this 59 by sheer chance while walking through a craft shop.

EOS 60D+Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM


* If you have requests or comments, please describe these in photo comment space.


ASCii-KIT*KAT^by^NUMBER$-by-ROOTCAT/HUYGENZ © 2013 copyart control

ASCii-KIT*KAT^by^NUMBER$-by-ROOTCAT/HUYGENZ © 2013 copyart control

a) I feel super cute with my fluffy hair and my pretty eyes (group prezzie, thank you!) so I had to take a shameless vanity shot.

b) My family and friends are making fun of my new zen attitude towards flickr and my lack of catty bitchy snark so I’m proving them there’s still some Bitchworks blood flowing in the fluffy bunny veines.

c) As the two yakuza have already covered all pet peeves concerning awards and other obnoxious flickr crap, I can focus on something that’s been pissing me off for a while now.


1) If your name is made up of some weird upside down and back-to-forth ASCII code, it's meant to be read by a machine. I'm not a machine. If I can't read it, I don’t want it on my contact list.


2) Frequent updates in your flickr name are not needed. Who cares if you can't catch up, are waiting for your new computer, take clients or have closed your client list? AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT would be awesome though. Or maybe updates by the minute: ‘need to pee’, ‘went to pee but forgot to wash my hands’, ‘washed my hands’, ‘need new soap’, ‘went to buy soap’, etc. would leave me well-entertained for days.


3) ‘Photographer’ in your flickr name makes me stabbity. You’re not a photographer in SL. You take screenshots. Read up under ‘photography’ on the Wiki if you need some help.


4) Adding someone as a contact without faving something or commenting on their streams is rude. Why would you add me if you don’t like my stuff? Ahhhh, you need a little fav cumslut who passes by once a week, leaves an award and smacks the pink star button. Not me, darling, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT.


5) Whining cause you got blocked. I’m pretty itchy on the block button – award spammers, numbnuts posting artwork ripped off from dA, reposters, copybotters… I got a super long block list and I’m happy with it. Sending me an IM in world asking ‘WHY U SO MEAN’ makes me hit the mute button.

Matrix Autoportrait

Example of Zeitung Mono, the monospaced companion to the Zeitung family, a sans serif which works well in small sizes on screen.


This monowidth font family increases the functionality of the Zeitung font family, resulting in happy programmers, smiling ASCII-kids, razor-sharp journalists and finally: worldpeace.


Zeitung Mono is everything a contemporary monospaced font needs to be. A good monospaced font has a fancy italic for unmistakable distinction & lots of weights which supply a broad typographic palette. So you may guess once what Zeitung Mono has. Right, exactly that.

EOS 60D+TAMRON SP AF90mm F/2.8 Di MACRO 1:1


Product Page


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Eisa dancers, food, and fireworks on the beach, all to celebrate the hotel's 10th birthday. And this picture I thought was cool cause the fireworks were dancing on the water. Something that I have for years coined as Firewaterworks® or waterworks™ burningwater® or some other phrase that I've just made up and am pretending that I've used for years™-


Info note: 0153 is ascii for ™, and 0174 is ascii for ®

EOS 60D+TAMRON SP AF90mm F/2.8 Di MACRO 1:1


Product Page


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