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"There's too much blood in my caffeine system."

Acrylic on canvas. 14" x 18". Small painting I did a while back.

Zero Image 2000, Fuji Acros 100, 15 mn exposure each

acrílco s/tela 50 x 50 cm

Glitter forte azul Hits + Impala cromo prata + placona SdP I Dashica Beauty



collage on book cover / collaboration with Bill Noir / 2014

acrylic on paper.. shohei hanazaki's web page shohei hanazaki's web page

Los invito a ver el nuevo diseño de mi pagina web, donde encontraran nuevas actualizaciones e imágenes que he estado realizando los últimos meses. Todos sus comentarios son recibidos con mucho aprecio.



This is the link to my website that I have just redesign, there you'll see the the most recent illustrations that I've been working over the last few months.

All your comments are received with much appreciation.

cause every night I fly :broken_heart:

sadness by my side

:copyright: AHMED Mohammed


- Medo 101 -

Inspired by this instructional video

and the artist Yvonne Coomer, whom I didn't hear of until this video.

My grandson with his dog. Color Pencil 16x18inches

100% water-art! Just reflection on the water surface.

acrylic painted on paper.. shohei hanazaki's web page


Drawing heads and more heads and then more heads I took a break yesterday for some studies of hands. I was also spending some time listening to Hiram Bullock who died the other day and this memorial surf lead me to spend some time with Jaco Pastorius and his adventures in sound and insanity. So I was sort of sad, but also in the thrall of some amazing sounds and sweating and scanning till the we hours.

10" x 13"

Arches 140#CP


It's been an exceptionally busy time for me and this whirlwind I am on has another ten days or so before I "think" I can land!


The Art and Food Festival last night was a FABULOUS event!!! The delicious food was served by 15 different area restaurants and caterers, delightful music was provided, and a dazzling display of artwork was shown for show and for sale. While I didn't win any ribbons, I was humbled and delighted to enjoy a bevy of compliments about my artwork, answer questions about my upcoming art classes, and I even made a sale! And more - I've been invited to exhibit at several new venues! A really wonderful day I'm ever grateful for.


But oh how this incredible busyness has left me mighty tired. And so, especially at times like these, I turn to things that comfort and restore me --- and one such 'place' is the marsh. My dear friend, Fran, has graciously allowed me to paint HER marsh and I thank her for her permission as well as the sense of quiet and peace her image inspired! Thank you on all counts, Fran!! Please stop by her flickr stream for YOUR dose of JOY!


I hope to catch up with family and friends for the remainder of this weekend - and thank each of you for your continued support and encouragement!


Have a great Saturday!

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