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This is a special creation that I saw hanging on a wall at the garden centre. Clever person that made it, as well as the rustic frame.


To me, it's all about colour.


Kindly click on image for more detail. Thank you.

Background created with Flame Painter

Thanks to Brenda~Starr for the front swan

Other swan from Public domain

Thanks to Tony Hisgett for the Owl

EXPLORE Worthy, Challenge 88 - COLORFUL Things (Art from 2017)


Spotlight Your Best:

A seasonal and/or themed pool group

Current theme is "City Life"


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All enhanced nature and art


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Pifou Memorial group


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The third and last Image for the Art in Hats Exhibition

with a Hat by Kerryth Tarantal!


let's go back to physical gestures not on the smartphone or the tablet or the computer.... hopeless idea ?

After almost 5 months of abstinence, I am back again

and have finally finished creating an image today


So here it is, and in advance a happy new year to all!

acrylic painted on paper.. shohei hanazaki's web page

Acrylic on canvas. 14" x 18". Small painting I did a while back.

acrílco s/tela 50 x 50 cm

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'' Our life is just focus'd on Graffiti '' << By 3zooz =Pp


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Drown by ; © Klooкч Kiпg


Ps ; BlackBerry Sucks !


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"A successful man can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him."- David Brinkley


NEW BLOG: Interview with Amber Curry Young

"There's too much blood in my caffeine system."



Oh how it feels to be wild and free :)


This image was taken to celebrate creativity and expression. As an artist, it can be extremely challenging to find direction amongst the swift currents in life, yet I'm always filled with an excitement to just create. I wanted to express that explosive passion to spread light, joy and color in the world, and to encourage people to embrace the art of living celebratory lives, always sharing and creating to make the world a better place.


Please give me your honest opinion about this shot, I wasn’t sure about posting it because it didn’t turn out exactly as I was thinking, but I like how its kind of different! Shot this in Detroit with the model and our friend Josh, who I greatly appreciate helping! It was about 20 degrees so mad props to Ashley for braving it! Especially because of all the work that went into this shot I had to post it!




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9" x 12"

Arches 140#CP


Though today is overcast, gray and foggy, the warm weather, blossoming trees, shrubs and flowers are propelling me, albeit reluctantly, toward spring. I have to admit that my body longs for the winter rest it never got, but spring just won't wait.


It's been a wet week and so I've played a bit with a wet into wet approach for this painting. It's done partly from imagination and partly from remembered walks along the Eno River. I've kept it soft and dreamy - as my memory of it ....


It's been a busy week preparing for new garden plots, meetings and greenhouse activities. Somehow the forward momentum of seasons and obligations does not slow .... and the march of the flowers is well underway.


I think I'll linger in the pansies a while longer .... and take a little more time to inhale ...

A comission art of my hamster trio I asked for, made by "Chiikaboom" on youtube.


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