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Acrylic on canvas. 14" x 18". Small painting I did a while back.




no... this isn't mine:) We passed by a place called Kidz Art, in Westgate mall, with a great display of original art on a big sign out front

one of those, didn't want to waste paint after the end of the day so I threw what was left on the pallette onto a canvas and this is what happened kind of paintings...

Floor art with bangles, banana, and mehndi cones

Oh how it feels to be wild and free :)


This image was taken to celebrate creativity and expression. As an artist, it can be extremely challenging to find direction amongst the swift currents in life, yet I'm always filled with an excitement to just create. I wanted to express that explosive passion to spread light, joy and color in the world, and to encourage people to embrace the art of living celebratory lives, always sharing and creating to make the world a better place.


Please give me your honest opinion about this shot, I wasn’t sure about posting it because it didn’t turn out exactly as I was thinking, but I like how its kind of different! Shot this in Detroit with the model and our friend Josh, who I greatly appreciate helping! It was about 20 degrees so mad props to Ashley for braving it! Especially because of all the work that went into this shot I had to post it!




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Mom & I had art day here despite all the construction/repair that was going on! Yay! Here is my work, next to the inspiration piece by Tom Brown. :)

Inspired by this instructional video

and the artist Yvonne Coomer, whom I didn't hear of until this video.


I was impressed with so much art in Cuba. One of the few things Americans are allowed to take home right now is art -- and educational material.

Hello my dear Friends and respected Visitors,

Many Thanks for your Attention !!!

All my photos:


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glass in window displays


Just a fun photo of Art Colours to brighten your day!

Have a lovely weekend!


(Better view in light box/black, press L)

(abstract; A5=15x20cm 60g white paper; 2 watercolor complements, gouache white, little touches of other colors)


Quelles sont les “couples gris” de la palette, les couleurs dont le mélange va vers le neutre ? Il n’y a pas de théorie simple, il faut expérimenter [1].


What are the “gray couples” of the palette, the neutral color mix? No simple theory, experiments

is necessary [1]




A Core is enough to plant a whole Tree

from which then a whole Forest may arise

but sometimes the Tree dies and loses its Leaves

because People haven't paid Attention to our Environment

It is the Growth or Decay of our Actions

because We reap what We sow


Another Image i shot at the new Megiddo Sim, created by Good Cross!


Texture by Shadowhouse Creations

Photo from the archives

Fractal art designed in JWildfire 1.6 (Andreas Maschke) - The Owl


Many thanks for the faves, invites, awards, visits and kind comments!!

holodelic | evolutionary fine art

Digital Art


Jui Jah Fari -


#juijahfari #art #artworkers #digital

The third and last Image for the Art in Hats Exhibition

with a Hat by Kerryth Tarantal!


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