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Sunset and storm happening at the same time


Don't just look out of the train and condemn 'em. It just looks like nothing couldent live by looking out of a sleeper window :-)

Will Rogers, 1933


Sedona, Arizona

Antelope Canyon in Arizona USA is a great place for photographers who like exploring. During the summer, sun beams enter the caves from above casting shadows and illuminating the sand.

Coyote Buttes North, Arizona

Monument Valley

Utah and Arizona, USA

December 2015


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Arizona - the long reach at sunset....

Gonna be off for awhile, going elk hunting :) Happy photography to all my Flickr friends! This picture made the cover of the Nov/Dec issue of AAA Highroads magazine Arizona edition published 24 Oct 2014.

As the sun started to creep down, the surrounding desert lit up in flaming reds. This is Saguaro National Park, so-named for the cacti that stand sentinel over this idyllic scene.

Roper Lake State Park in Safford, Arizona. An unusual snow storm covered the mountains in the background providing a different looking setting for the palm trees near the lake

Horseshoe Bend is a horseshoe-shaped incised meander of the Colorado River located near the town of Page, Arizona, United States. It is also referred to as the "east rim of the Grand Canyon." It is likely that the Colorado River will eventually cut through the neck of the bend, producing a natural bridge like those found at Natural Bridges National Monument. The river will then abandon Horseshoe Bend, leaving a cutoff meander resembling The Rincon further north.

An Arizona metalmark butterfly (Calephelis arizonensis) on the grounds of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona.

Named after its first postmaster, John S. Cochran, the small mining camp also served as a stop on the Santa Fe, Prescott and Phoenix Railway. The post office was established on January 3, 1905, and was discontinued on January 15, 1915. At its peak, the town was home to approximately one hundred residents, and housed a general store and a boardinghouse, among other establishments.[1]


Apart from a few building foundations in the town center, and the train tracks that still run by the edge of the now-abandoned town site, Cochran's last and most notable remains are a set of five largely intact beehive coke ovens across the Gila River at Butte, Arizona.


The ovens were used in the early 1900s to make coke, a clean-burning fuel used in blast furnaces to produce iron ore. Coke was made by baking a mixture of different kinds of coal at high temperature without contact with air.


A year and six trips finally made it and it was well worth it! Very scenic 4 whlr trip and very ruff to :) I used my trusty Canon 7d on this trip. There was too much dust, too many rocks and just didn't want to take a chance on ruining my 1D on this trip so the pictures aren't quite as good as they might have been.

Mount Humphreys

Flagstaff, Arizona

Fall 2017

Late day sunset bliss over this amazing red rock country landscape in Marble Canyon.

One from last spring's trip to Arizona and Utah.

Thanks very much for the visit!


Sunset west of Phoenix

Textures Jay Johnson

Birds Distressed Textures

Rock formations against clouds, Arizona.

Arizona farmland, south of Phoenix.

Tom Mix Memorial

Florence, Arizona

Winter 2019

scenes of the Navajo Nation, Arizona

Phon D. Sutton park


Salt River - Arizona

Blooming hedgehog cactus

Weavers Needle at Sunrise. Taken from the Beeline Highway. A little telephoto Lens Compression going on here.

Photograph taken near Wupatki National Monument in Arizona.


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Shot at White Mesa Arch in Arizona.


Some of you my have noticed my absence lately and I feel the need to explain myself for my lack of participation here on Flickr. No I haven't jumped ship and moved to instagram, I barely use any of my other social media outlets. During the month of October I had scheduled to shoot three weddings to make some extra cash for shooting, which lead me too a realization after editing 8000 wedding photos. I thought that I wanted to make a living on the road shooting landscapes full time, but it turns out that I don't really want to give up all of my earthly possessions, I still want to come home and relax on a large comfortable sofa and sleep in a California King size bed and workout in the garage or mow the lawn or most of all, having a solid income to spend while out shooting. Things that I have taken for granted over the last two years. I found that I would rather work a 9-5 job and enjoy a comfortable living and then shoot on the weekends, that way I can focus on the shooting and worry about the business stuff later. I greatly admire those that have followed that path, to sacrifice so much for their passion is commendable but in my opinion the sacrifice is too great. A plan like that requires a single individual and I'm married so that equation will never-ever work as a married man. So I will continue to be a weekend warrior. It's much more enjoyable that way and as a bonus I can keep my wife. Hehe. :-)


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If you do visit check out the panorama at the top, Wayne Pinkston took that shot of me at the Racetrack Playa in Death Valley. Thanks Wayne!!


Thanks for taking the time to take a look at my photos, If you like them please share them with your friends or add it to your gallery, and as always your views, comments, faves, and support are greatly appreciated!!

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