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The historical village of Piódão is reminiscent of a crib because of the harmonious way in which its houses are arranged in the form of an amphitheatre. At night, when the village´s lights are turned on, this picture is particularly magnificent.

The entire village of Piodão is made of almost entirely of schist, including the roads and paths between houses.


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Coja é uma linda aldeia do Centro do País, pertencente ao concelho de Arganil, e banhada pelo rio Alva.

É uma povoação com vestígios de ocupações Romanas e Muçulmanas.


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Bom fim de semana.

I find these tiny flowers of the linden tree, called Tilia by the Portuguese, fascinating. The trees are grown in great numbers in Portugal for their dense foliage that provides welcome shade from the burning sun in summer..and they do not require a lot of water to survive..they line the streets of Arganil, near where I live.

Piódão - Arganil, Portugal

Piodão is a parish in the Arganil municipality, Portugal

As known as the crib of Portugal

To make this image, we have no more than 2 to 3 minutes due to light conditions.

Only in this period of time we can get the details in the shadows.

Piódão, Arganil, Coimbra. Unha das aldeas máis bonitas de Portugal.

Episódio 6 - Uma chave para cada fechadura


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Piódão - Arganil, Portugal


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Coja is a lovely small village located in the Central region of Portugal, nearby Arganil, on the bank of the river Alva, in a place blessed by nature and the fresh air of this lovely river.


This is a settlement with quite remote origins, with vestiges of Roman and Moorish occupancy, that were attracted to this place by the fertility of the soils and by the mineral exploration.


It is known that a Castle was erected here, even before the formation of the Portuguese Nationality (12th century), situated in between the Alva river and the Mata river, that was destructed during the Christian re-conquest of the territory.


Coja has an interesting Heritage, worth to be visited, like the Mother Church of São Miguel, the 18th century Santo António Chapel, the Senhor do Sepulcro, the Nossa Senhora da Ribeira and the Casa do Prior Costa Chapels, the Manueline Pillory or even the Manor House “Casa da Praça” from the 18th century.


Nevertheless, the village’s great heritage is its natural landscape, with several beautiful bucolic sceneries, filled with peace of mind and tradition, and with wonderful Fluvial Beaches like the Caneiro da Moenda and the Caneiro do Moinho d’Alva.

Desenho a caneta BIC e aguarela em caderno quadrado da TIGER

Souvenir d'une soirée d'été à Arganil , petit village pittoresque dans le district de Coimbra au centre du Portugal !

Il aurait été fondé par des romains ! Au Moyen-Age , il était bien là ! Si je le poste aujourd'hui , c'est qu'il me fait penser à un village miniature et dans le contexte de Noël , je trouve qu'il a sa place !

A kind of visual battle between impressionism and cubism (thank you Hendrik)... around the house near the river... a good place to relax and write a book


Enjoy the weekend, my friends


See large:

Fraga da Pena - Arganil

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Povoação portuguesa do concelho de Arganil | Portuguese village in the municipality of Arganil | Village portugais du comté d'Arganil | Villaggio portoghese nel comune di Arganil | Localidad portuguesa del condado de Arganil

Fraga da Pena is a waterfall located on Serra de Açor near Pardieiros, Arganil towns on Coimbra's District in Portugal.

This waterfall has its origins on a geological accident and it is the main element on this protected landscape of Serra de Açor.

The waters goes across a very tight valley on the mountain and creates a new sudden microlandscape surrounded by heavy vegetation covering the schist.

Its about 20 meters height.


This is Vila Cova de Alva, a small village in central Portugal - a kind of «Sintra» in the mountains


See large:

Piodão - the so-called "Nativity Village of Portugal"


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Fraga da Pena - Arganil - Portugal

Piódão - Arganil, Portugal

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Piodão - Arganil - Portugal

A Aldeia de Piódão é considerada uma das mais bonitas do País, classificada como “Aldeia Histórica de Portugal“.

Situada no Centro do País, pertencente ao concelho de Arganil, na encosta da bonita Serra do Açor.


More pictures about this place on my blog, click here.

A Aldeia de Piódão é considerada uma das mais bonitas do País, classificada como “Aldeia Histórica de Portugal“.

Situada no Centro do País, pertencente ao concelho de Arganil, na encosta da bonita Serra do Açor.

Piódão village, Arganil, Portugal

Portugal - Coimbra - Arganil - Fraga da Pena *********************************

(veja na caixa de luz, sff - better seen in the lightbox, please)



A Fraga da Pena é um penhasco vertical com 70 metros situado na Mata da Maragaça, entre Benfeita e Pardieiros, junto do qual desce uma queda de água que no último lance tem cerca de 20 metros e com condições de humidade que dão origem a uma vegetação luxuriante e à quase cobertura da rocha. Local com equipamentos para dar apoio aos visitantes é muito procurado pelas populações das redondezas para passeio e piqueniques de fim de semana.

Na fotto, dado o pouco espaço para permitir o enquadramento, optou-se por incluir os elementos que caracterizam o local mas dando mais salientando também o elemento humano, que chega a parecer como se estivesse a desenvolver os passos de uma estranha coreografia.



Fraga da Pena is a vertical 70 meters cliff , located in the Protected Park of Maragaça's Forest, between the villages of Benfeita and Pardieiros, aside from which descends a waterfall whose last step is about 20 meters and with humidity conditions that give rise to a luxuriant vegetation that almost covers the rock wall. The site is equipped to support the visitors and is much sought after by nearby people for leasure and weekend picnics.

Given the limited space to allow a wider framing, there was an attempt to include in the picture some of the elements that characterize the site but giving also a particular focus to the human element and to this group that seem as if they were performing the footsteps of a strange choreography.

A Aldeia de Piódão é considerada uma das mais bonitas do País, classificada como “Aldeia Histórica de Portugal“.

Situada no Centro do País, pertencente ao concelho de Arganil, na encosta da bonita Serra do Açor.

Piódão - Arganil - Portugal

Portugal - Coimbra - Serra do Açor - Arganil - Monte Frio - Fonte Raiz

(Veja na "Caixa de Luz", sff - Better seen in the Lightbox, if you please)


Esta imagem foi captada junto a Fonte Raiz, nome do local (Turismo rural), perto de Monte Frio, que foi base para um excelente fim de semana de caminhadas na Serra do Açor.



This photo was shot just close to Monte Raiz, the name of a cottage inn used as a base for a very nice weekend of hiking in the Serra do Açor (Goshawk's Sierra).

Taken at Maladão - Arganil (Portugal)

That's my day. So proud of our kids: Joana, Martim, Clara, Matilde and Madalena

Fraga da Pena, Arganil, Portugal

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