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Torre de Cristal, Cuatro Torres Business Area, Madrid

Cuatro Torres Business Area, Madrid

....quando ascoltavamo la MUSICA......e non una fredda sequenza binaria di 1 e di 0 (area)

Along Highway 33 has many interesting sketch areas that I take care not to leave to far from my car. Most of the time I will stay in the car and click thru the window. Transients came out of no where just as I clicked this picture.

L. T. Murray Wildlife Area, Whiskey Dick Unit. I saw 9 of these sparrows while hiking about 2 miles through the sagebrush. They are a migratory shrub step bird that returns to this area in February. A light breeze was ruffling this birds feathers even though wind machines were not turning, which is very unusual for this area. I cleaned my camera sensor so hopefully I will not have spots on my photos in the future like the spot in the right hand corner. IMG_6257


Thank you everyone for the kind comments, invites, awards and faves. Much appreciated. Have a nice weekend.


Arriving from the altiplano in La Paz, one suddenly discovers, at the foot of the majestic Andean peaks whose snow-covered peaks rise to over 6000 meters, the enormous basin sheltering this teeming metropolis of more than one and a half million souls. An Indian city, La Paz is today indisputably the capital of the country: seat of government, assemblies, church and cultural life.


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Our conservation area is always a nice place to go for a walk!

I wish everyone a good week and thanks so much for your visits!

The Annaberg ski area offers everything a skier's heart desires:

Well-prepared slopes for all requirements, six lifts, rustic ski huts, ski school, convenient service at the ski rental - all at family-friendly prices and away from the hustle and bustle.


Paradise for children and experts

This pic was taken in (gasp) 12k resolution!



Belle Epoque – Monica – Pink



K&S – // White angel 1. Backdrop


Blog post & SLURL.

Combine of 3 exposures HDR. Parking area of Cibodas, West Java, Indonesia.


This offshoot of the Bogor Botanical Gardens was founded in 1862 to study mountain flora. The cinchona (a tropical tree belonging to the madder family) was first brought from South America in 1854 and later cultivated here. The collection now showcases 5,000 montane plants acquired from around the world. At an altitude of 1,200 meters, the serene pastures stretch more than 80 hectares and see cool temperatures averaging 18 degrees Celsius. The charming mountainside panorama adds to the tranquility. This is a gateway to the Gede-Pangrango National Park, Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango.

Area 51 - (R-4808N)

Area 51 - (R-4808N) - It was there where I witnessed an enclosure from which they could not escape. A group of aliens being bathed in a glow of plasma light.

Torre de Cristal, Cuatro Torres Business Area, Madrid

Area 51 - (R-4808N)

I don't usually play with Black and White, but like how this scene played out. It was actually a beautiful sunny day.

It created the area of the season, shooting, for a walk, I'm looking forward to visit of you :)


location @ Area of season


tram H1128 hair / HUD-C @ Collabor88


`M.BIRDIE / U-ni look @


My first LFE experience. That is my friend Ben on the lower ridge getting the shot!

Seven Emporium has a new home!

This beautiful sim was designed by Tab and Agust and has gorgeous spots for all you photographers and explorers out there!


Of course you can stop by to shop here too as this is the new main store location for Seven Emporium.


P.S Today there are 2 new fifty linden friday items out!


Location: Seven Emporium

An interesting house scene spotted in the Trinity area last Summer.

←me – my alt→


I recently got the Genus Babyface W002 from Skin Fair, so I’m still messing with the shape.



(on both) EVIE – Whoop Denim Shorts

(on both) EVIE – Whoop Sheer Top


The Liaison Collaborative

Solus. Symphony Music Stand w/ Sheet Music

Serenity Style- Sady Record Player Station RARE

Nicola Piano (PG) CHEZ MOI


Pose Fair

(on me) Diversion – Springtime Sadness – 4 (bento pose)


Blog post & SLURL.

GX7MK3 ƒ/3.2 17.0 mm 1/160 ISO200-1 EV

The avalanche area just past the tea house on the way to the Plain of Six Glaciers.

Have a great Monday!

A bike ride in the middle of the cane and corn plantation.,,,Florinia - SP, Brazil.

Above are the beautifully etched doors leading into the upper floor of the dining area. Our assigned table was in the upper right hand corner of the picture below. By the second night, the sea had calmed considerably and we were able to enjoy the first of two gala dinners, where we got dressed a bit fancier than the rest of the week. Fortunately, we all survived the earlier rough sea day without incident!

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