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Under these waters we can find amphoras, dreams, shells … we can find voices, too, we can find words and aquatic flowers; we can find stars,we can find angels, we can find little boats and harps… are you listening? Are you paying attention?Can you see?


Enjoy 2 day tours & overnight in Cairo hotel, so you have plenty of time to see more. Get chance to visit the great pyramid and all other surrounding pyramids in Giza & Sphinx, then move south to see even more pyramids in Sakkara. Enjoy Cairo city day trip to Egyptian museum, Coptic & Islamic Cairo, Cairo Excursion.

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Street Art - Urban Archeology #3

There is something about sidewalks in Vegas that I never saw back east. I don't know what causes it. Maybe it's the hard water, strong sun, sand, or all of these. Whatever it is, the effect/pattern markings on the concrete sideways are interesting and artistic. No two are alike. Each is unique. This group I discovered on in front of a fountain @ the Red Rock casino

Taken during a U3A National Travel Group tour of Bulgaria.

RPX400 in RPXD

Lith on Brovira BH111 in Se5 (+D + E)


Compare with the toned version

This is a set of stairs that has been buried for at least 80 years, perhaps longer. Not sure when they were built. Certainly in the 1800's, maybe in the 1700's. I know that it is my job to know these things, but we have not yet excavated enough on this particular foundation to know for sure.

Shok-1 Mural for L.I.S.A. Project

By Robyn Backen. This art installation is in Woolloomooloo Bay. Shot using the X100S’s fun miniature filter.

Approaching the site at Channerwick, Shetland, from the Moull, just to the south.


It is not difficult to see why Delphi is world famous. This shot is of Apollo's Temple, Delphi.



Jason, Daniel, & Benjamin

Restorer of Archaeology (archaeological relics).

We stopped in the Nashville Store of Antique Archeology in the Marathon Building.

EFESO_Anfiteatro di età ellenistica rimaneggiato in epoca romana tra il I° e il II sec. D.C.

A page fell out of my old dictionary so I played with it (only digitally)

Meigle Museum, Strathmore, Scotland.

Elmo e spada vichinghi,da Vendel (Upland,Svezia VII sec.d.C. Stocolma,Museo Storico di Stato

A bit of fun for todays two postings. Starting with this image I took at Abermawr in North Pembrokeshire a while back. You're studying archaeology, you're on a windy beach and you want to relax and read your journal. Need a windbreak? So build one, which is exactly what this young couple did. She laid back to enjoy the read while I spent an hour watching her young consort walking the length of the beach several times gathering suitable stones to make his own mini Cromlech (burial chamber) in the form of Pentre Ifan, a full size example that can be found a few miles away near Newport.


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Dresden, 20050303. Detail of an Assyrian orthostat from the Palace of Assunasirpal II in Nimrud (884-860 BC), seen in the New Masters Gallery in Dresden of all places.


In this hand the good genius carries water or some other good stuff in a bucket. In the other hand he carries a pine cone to sprinkle it onto the world.

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