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Dress: May's Soul - Arcana dress leather lila (mesh);

Hair: [MUSE] & NSP - Jessica Long & Wavy Hair - Fantasy;

Headpiece: UNA - Corona princess {gift - free};

Skin: Style by Kira - Willow Skin Fantasy;

Mesh body: Slink Physique;


Taken at:

Magical Mystery sim,


details blogged here




Arcana Gatcha items and Chair can be found at the Fantasy Room until Feb 25th

Sahibi olduğunuz Xbox One oyun konsolunda gizemli, macera dolu ve eğlenceli bir oyun oynamak istiyorsanız Dark Arcana: The Carnival sizin için biçilmiş kaftan olabilir. Dünyanın en başarılı oyun stüdyoları arasında gösterilen Artifex Mundi tarafından geliştirilen bu yapım, diğer nesne bulma...

Through The Arcanum I am acquiring new skills to composite photos. I shot this, or rather these three, photos only a month after I got my first full frame DSLR, and started on my journey as a photographer. I never got around to publish this one, because the sky was too boring. But when I learned how to composite photos, I took two other cloud scapes from the same day, only an hour or two later, and replaced the flat grey mist with these two. One on the left and one on the right hand side. Then I added some divine light :-)

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Sunrise from Kauai, Hawaii

This is made as part of a series of the Major Arcana (Tarot). There are 22 of them and each artist picked two. Originally I picked the devil and the hanged man, but considering the devil is a rather easy piece to do(for me) as the devil can be anything I switched to the Moon and the Sun as that makes a pair and people could pick the devil.

This image is more or less a bit inspired by a cover for the dutch translation of the Tales of the flat earth series by Tanith Lee.


The Forge is proud to introduce the new 'Arcana Armour' for Guys & Girls coming very soon to <3 RP, I hope you like them.

The Arcanum's photo walk at Crissy Field in San Francisco was a lot of fun. I've been to "city by the bay" quite a few times, but I'd never been to Crissy Field before and really enjoyed watching the kite-surfers. 

Sich wohlfühlen ist der erste Schritt zu mehr Gesundheit. Herzlich willkommen im arcanum Gesundheitszentrum.



Avatar – Nomine Arcana Hermit Avatar NEW!

This is one of the amazing Limited Edition Avatars just released from Nomine this week! I fell in love with this one and just had to have it! Here is the information Munchflower sent out regarding the collection:


The Tarot Arcana Avatars are finally finished! All of the avatars come with huge packages of clothing, skins, eyes, and accessories. The avatars will all run 5k a piece and are here until the end of October ( unless they sell out! ) They are out NOW.


They are a limited set of 12 a piece, unless one sells out. If an avatar sells out, I will replenish it to eight, for a grand total of no more than 20 each. When they are gone, they are gone forever. I do not nor have I ever re-released one of my limited editions.


The sets will NOT be sold separately. I will not sell parts of any avatar, only the complete package. These are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Last year the female ones sold out by the second day, so hurry! I will take reservations if you want one and do not have the money right this moment. Payment arrangements must be made in advance, and I will only hold one for one week, after which it will be returned to the shelf.


Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Orion FEM Mesh Hair – Storm


Blogged at:

Ensconced In Velvet

Arcanums of beauty and other spells from modern Salem



Photographer : William Lacalmontie

Typography : Maks Loriot

Make up : Elodie Piacentino

Post-production : William Lacalmontie and Flora Lécluse

Special thanks : Céline Sorin and Gahodi

I was deeply honoured to be asked by brancolina to curate an exhibitiion at her amazing group Shadé . The exhibition, entitled "Ars Arcana", runs from December 14th-24th. Please check it out and support some great photographers! While your at it, post some great shady beauties in her group for all of us to admire and check out her multi-talented work :-) Thanks brancolina! This pic is dedicated to you!

A Photoshop rif on an image I shot in 2005 in the village of Ditchling, Sussex, UK


See my "Arcanum Locus" collection at


as far as Lightroom could push it


Final result after Lightroom and final p

rocessing in Photoshop using Luminosity masks

You were born with potential

You were born with goodness and trust

You were born with ideals and dreams

You were born with greatness

You were born with wings

You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.

You have wings

Learn to use them and fly.



Mysterious Sunset --- Pentax K5+Pentax AKsmc 210mm/4 ---

The Arcanum spreads magic and artistry across the land. Find your magic @

(soundtrack: Pink Floyd, "A pillow of winds")



This is no 9 in the major arcana but is my second shot for my tarot inspired set. Really nice on black BTW!


OMG... i got bitten like you wouldn't belive! the bugs were out in full force today and from the second i found the right backdrop, they started their attack. i could actually see the little buggers on my dress when i zoomed into the shots and from shot to shot, could see new bite marks appearing! i am now savloned from head to toe! it was worth it tho and i couldn't have done it without the help from my wonderful hubby and daughter x


textures are my own and les brumes.


strobist info- 430ex @ 1/16 in lantern, 430ex @ full through softbox camera left, 580ex @ 1/16 through white reflective camera right. triggerd by rf-603's


ODC- whimsical and mark

the teledioscope- mythology


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to view on black:

'arcana' On Black


overexposed negative (circa 1940's)

postscript error printout (circa two weeks ago)

Kurnell | NSW | A u s t r a l i a

press L


“Potrei ucciderti per questo."

"Mi ucciderai un’altra volta, ora vieni a berti un bicchiere."

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