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A shot of the interestingly shaped breakwater at the harbour in Arbroath.


I shot the breakwater at the other end a few weeks ago but at the time I didn’t realise how far a walk it was to the other viewpoint so there was no chance of shooting both at the same high tide. I decided to make a return trip and timed it for a high tide at sunrise. I was hoping to get a little movement in the water and some nice strong light from the left. Well I got the high tide but as you can see the light is about as flat as you could imagine. I’m not too upset because I think this view still works. I’ll probably use this image as a monochrome in the future but I also liked this colour view so that’s what is being posted today. I hope you like.


Hi Ho - Hi Ho - Its Of To Work We Go

Arbroath harbour, Scotland

A cracking morning sunrise at Arbroath Harbour.

The harbour has been about since the 1400's and was built up to its present state with the outer walls during 1839 at a cost of £50,000 pounds.

Signal Tower Arbroath, built in 1813 it was used to signal to the Keepers on the Bell Rock Light House. It sits at the entrance of Arbroath harbour and was looking good this morning.

Another revisit for today’s post and this time it’s to the Arbroath Breakwater. The shape of the structure is unusual but provides a really nicely curved shape against the solid flat background of the North Sea horizon.

Lots of fuzzy seagulls but that can’t really be helped with a long exposure of the seaside and I’m not that good with the clone tool.

ScotRail HST set formed of powercars 43169 and 43033 calls at Arbroath station with 15.28 Edinburgh to Aberdeen service as Class 170 Turbostar 170431 arrives with the 16.02 service from Aberdeen to Edinburgh.

The Red Lion Caravan Park

The 12.39 Glasgow Queen Street to Aberdeen service (1A63) passes through Arbroath with 43143 up front (43139 on the rear). A difficult shot through the pallisade fencing! Wednesday, 5.6.19.

A southeast view from Arbroath, I used a polarizing filter on this shot.

Today’s shot is from a scouting trip that went a little better than expected.


I saw a photograph of the Arbroath Breakwater a few weeks ago and I couldn’t believe it because I’d never seen it before. I was so surprised because I’ve been there many times before, probably more than a hundred times in my lifetime. I’ve even been a regular visitor to the harbour, although I must admit I was there to visit the local fish and chip shop and not looking out for interesting water features. It just goes to show that you need to keep your eyes open for new and interesting opportunities because there could be hidden gems right under your nose that you have overlooked or just dismissed due to familiarity.


This shot was taken on a bright and sunny afternoon and was only planned to be a scouting session to verify location and check out angles and viewpoints. There was a fair going on behind me with amusements, rides and loud music blaring away which kind of impacted the mood and atmosphere at the location but I still saw that there was a shot to be had using this unusual shaped feature.


I think this subject could be used as both a sunrise and sunset type of shot. The sunrise would be out over the horizon which would plunge the blocks into shadow but with reflected light from the sky there should be enough illumination to brighten and colour the water. This could also be a good sunset shot where the light of the setting sun could pull out all of the texture in the concrete and draw the warm colour tones from the sandy coloured render. Either way I think this will be a return location, depending upon the tides and weather as to when but well worth another trip.


Arbroath is an ancient port on the east coast of Scotland with origins dating back to Pictish times. With a population of 25,000, Arbroath is the largest Angus town, and home of the famous Abbey, which was founded in 1178. It was at the Abbey in 1320 that the famous Declaration of Scottish Independence was signed, outlining the desire of the Scottish people for self-determination.

The old new order at Arbroath in the form of former GWR HST's now short sets with Scot Rail and working Glasgow / Edinburgh Aberdeen services through this location.


Fortunately the box and semaphores at Arbroath remain too, we spent a couple of hours here, very worthwhile. 43012 heads north towards the camera, whilst 43129 trails the southbound set. Wednesday 5.6.19.


Sony A7ii & Olympus OM-System H.Zuiko Auto-W 24mm f/2.8

Arbroath Abbey, in the Scottish town of Arbroath, was founded in 1178 by King William the Lion for a group of Tironensian Benedictine monks from Kelso Abbey. It was consecrated in 1197 with a dedication to the deceased Saint Thomas Becket, whom the king had met at the English court. It was William's only personal foundation — he was buried before the high altar of the church in 1214.


The last Abbot was Cardinal David Beaton, who in 1522 succeeded his uncle James to become Archbishop of St Andrews. The Abbey is cared for by Historic Scotland and is open to the public throughout the year (entrance charge). The distinctive red sandstone ruins stand at the top of the High Street in Arbroath.

Un bordo ricamato dalla natura abbellisce la scogliera..


An edge embroidered by nature beautifies the cliff..

Fishing town on the North East coast of Scotland.

I will often come back with my mind to the images of those wide spaces of grasslands, to those highlights of wild flowers, to those cloudy skies and will often recall those precious silences of nature..


Soon, my hours will be filled with voices, too many. Voices coming from the world of work and duties. Voices asking, planning, discussing.. Voices of the youth, animated, shouting, to listen to, to calm down.

And sounds..Sounds of the time, sounds of the bell.

And some voices will be nothing but noise.. voices of the uselessness...


I took this through the railings at the end of the pier and have used a blur and filter effect.

Blurred sky ,to make the building stand out.

Slightly damages windows remain

This was carved out of wood.

Zero Image 2000 6x6 pinhole camera, Kodak Ektar 100.

Home developed with a Tetenal Colortek C-41 kit, scanned with my Epson V800.


The cliffs at Arbroath, Scotland

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