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Bet his tummy is full! did he really eat all of that?

a still life inspired by Paul Cezanne

Apple Feelings


My dear apple! You are like us. The shell that decorates and protects you is smooth and rosy in your green years, but later it becomes wilted like our skin. Underneath you are mostly sweet, but sometimes very sour. Your flesh is perishable, but your soul is still alive, a new tree grows from it. You are like life: Whoever wants to enjoy you must be able to grab and bite. You wake up curiosity and make an appetite: Whoever sees you, will taste you. You are like love: fresh and crisp, then always sweeter. You are also like sin: tempting, to hiss, to bite. You are full, but also greedy for more. You are a bit like our earth: round and spherical, but slightly flat on the poles and never so perfect. Your enjoyment keeps us healthy, your aroma lets thoughts fly, poets guard your muse fragrance in their drawer. Your form and color give us the most beautiful comparisons, starting from apple baking. You are juice, must, wine, mus, cake and cream cake. Apple, you're a force! (Author unknown)


Silverback Viatu

Zoo Frankfurt

or ... to be the Apple of my eye?

Miss Apple & Mr Snail in the rain..

A riot of reds and yellows on an Xmas-themed plate--2014

This looks like an apple with hands.

Apple a day keeps the doctor away !

Esst mehr gesunde Früchte !

Playing with my new Lens...

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”


...on our tree! A bumper crop! Hooray! After I took this shot, I promptly ate this apple. It was delicious! I love it when the apple tree comes through! Our apples are leetle, but delicious!

I can't wait to go back here.

when you can't breath, i will be there . zoom into me

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