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Appendicula reflexa in Melekeok, Palau

Appendicula reflexa Blume 1825. Common name: The Back-Bent Appendicula


A small to medium sized orchid with miniature flowers which do not open well. The tiny flowers are just 3 mm each, flowering in a close set. They are flound at elevations of 100 to 1,100 metres above sea-level.

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Appendicula reflexa in Melekeok, Palau

Appendicula reflexa in Melekeok, Palau

Identifier: theodorikerckrin00kerc

Title: Theodori Kerckringii, Doctoris medici Opera omnia anatomica : continentia Specilegium anatomicum, Osteogeniam foetuum, nec non Anthropogeniae ichnographiam : accuratissimis figuris aeri incisis illustrata

Year: 1717 (1710s)

Authors: Kerckring, Theodor, 1640-1693

Subjects: Human anatomy Abnormalities, Human Embryology, Human Anatomy Congenital Abnormalities Embryology

Publisher: Lugduni Batavorum : apud Vid. & Fil. Corn Boutesteyn

Contributing Library: Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine

Digitizing Sponsor: Open Knowledge Commons and Harvard Medical School


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Text Appearing Before Image:

idem de valvulis vena-rum , quando vafa inflata & exfiecata funt, fer-ri poflet judicium; fi hoc eflet judicare, & nonerrare propter minus accuratam reicontcmpla-tionem. Tabula 88 TH. KERCKRINGII Tabula xiv. ad Obfervationem xxxix.valvulas conniventes oiiendit. F i g u R a I. Pars inteftini jejuni valvulas conniventesexhibensu A. Pars htteftini jejuni. B. Interior facies inteftini. C. Pars quadam reflexa, ut facies mterior appa~ rer-e poffit.a. a. a. &c. Valvula conmventes.b.b. &c. Vefligia valvularum conmventinm exte~ rius apparentia. F I G U R A II. .- Pars inteftini jejunialiter delineata?utclarius val*vularum conniventium figura confpici poflk. A. Exterior jejuni facies. B. Interior facies jejuni. C.C. C. &c. Valvula conniventes. FlGURA III. Valvulam coli duplici pellicula conftan- tem, & valvulas conniventes cum eellulis proponens. A. A. A. Superficies coii exterior. Bi B. B, B. Partes coli replicata y ut interiusinfpi- ci pojfit. C C OBSERV. ANATOMIC^, g^


Text Appearing After Image:

96 TH. KERCKRINGII C. C. Peliicuta bina, quibus valvula coli cvn/tat ? nonnihil a fe invicem diftrafta : ut iiei cavi-tas in medio videri poftit: quamquam hacavTv^cL in exficcatis melius oftendat , quamars chalcographica exprimere potuerit. D. D. D. &c. Vatvula conniventes. E.E.E. Spatia inter valvulas conniventes aperta. F. F. F.&c. Cettuta , quas externum Ugamentmn ejformat, eoque abfciffo collabuntur. G. Inteftinum cacum , id efi ,. appendicula inftar vermis oblonga.H. Antiquorum inteftinum caciwhI. Inteftinum ileum^ O B S E R V A T I O XL. Matres pnerosfuos nimis alendo fape necant* Citur &ridetur ab omnibus illa fimiae., anima-lis alias fagacis, ftoliditas, qua? catulos fuosprse nimio affe&u tam ar&epedtorifuoapprimit,ut exprimat animam : haud multb fapientioresplero^que matres , qua? filios fuosnutriendo, ne-cant y & ladando , mactant, Anatome illas, fi fa-pere vellent, doceret, quam fa£to in uno, dumpia? volunt effe, fcelerata^ exiftant. OblatienimmiHi


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