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This poor soul was one of the last to leave Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire, today, as the sky behind threatened to unleash hell upon us all!!! And it really was that menacing..this is more or less a straight shot from the camera.... No ND grads whatsoever!!!

OK...changed the title because the other one was horrible. is this one. :-)

ShhHH!!! Its a secret but...

This incendiary tree really burns... and smokes... and the word is that the swings are a great ride.


Rumor is still out who started the fire...but we know it started here:


sunset over the shadows, on meikleholm hill. langholm, dumfriesshire, scotland. view large

DRIFT Apocolypse Outfit (Jacket/Pants/Boots - each item also sold separately)


Hair/Mask: Truth Rogue [NEW @ Uber]

Skin: Glam Affair [NEW @ Uber]

Pose: Le Poppycock

similar to another one taken earlier, this time i wanted to make it look a little more dooms day-ish

View On Black

"Learn to get in touch with silence within yourself, and know that everything in this life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from."


Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


I'd like to dedicate today's shot to my sweet friend and wonderful human being Darin. Thanks for the lovely testimonial... I know you mean everyword my dear friend!


Happy Bokeh Wednesday Hangover people! And of course... if you see a little green on this... Happy Gorgeous Green Thursday to you too!


Bokeh texture Sathoro on Devian Art.


... try it Large On Black, so dreamy... trust me!


EXPLORE#147 Jan 22, 2009


TAG! Props:

Kalopsia - Velvet Tent (RARE) , Broken Chair, Spiritual Chair, Levitation Table, Tarot Cards, Tree of Life Rug

[noctis] Carni standard lamp red, Mesh carni curtains red , clownrack red2, Carni standard lamp red, clown plaque red

RO - The Doll Maker - Bloody Mary Doll

Exposeur -Just Like A Circus - Juggling Pins

{vespertine}-ouija board.


TAG! Items Willow is wearing:

Make-up - [The Skinnery] Some Kind of Circus 2

Lamb miss mables V2 Pastels pack

the skinnery some kind of circus eye 9 R mystery gift

CLEMM 16mmEye /// Mutated Snow RARE

n.i peculiar frills dark common and velvet common

Enfant Terrible Showstar Corset, Red

.Enfant Terrible. Showstar shoulder right green

.ET. Showstar Panties Red

ET show stopper Garter mystery rare

ET Showstar Hat Red RARE


TAG! Items Sabbian is wearing:

.Olive. the Darling Hair {Non-Rigged} RARE

CLEMM 16mmEye /// Mutated Snow RARE

Collar [n.i.] peculiar.frills.ticket.rare

Enfant Terrible Showstar Corset, Green

.Enfant Terrible. Showstar shoulder right green

.ET. Showstar Hat Green RARE A

.ET. Showstar Panties Green

[n.i] peculiar.frills.ticket.rare


Willow and Sabbian are both wearing:

DRD Demonhands

DRDoll hexor skin

[ContraptioN] The Carnivorous Jaw

RO - Last Stand - Boot MOD1 - Rare (Previous Arcade)


TAG! Gacha Starting point

Had to ask to post this from Anais when I saw her amazing image....super badass!!


DRIFT FANTASY Apocolypse Pants & Boots [for We <3 RP ~ opens today @ 3pm SLT]


Photo by Anais Terpellie ❤

We've taken care of everything

The words you read, the songs you sing

The pictures that give pleasure to your eye.


♬ Hear What I See


Plague Dr Mask, Power Loader Arms, Respirator, and Wastelander Boots all by {The Forge}

This star trail image was taken from an overpass on Interstate 505 near Winters, Calif. When I did the shooting for the star trail image with the dead tree, which is near this location, I got the idea of doing this with the car lights streaking. Something different.

A "selfie" taken with a remote control using one strobe with a snoot attached to focus the light to give a "dark"feel to the image

Taken in Stockholm, Sweden, in the Old Town.


Polaroid 180, ID-UV, Hwy 62, CA

I have updated this shot with a slightly improved HDR Technique which resulted in some extra detail in the clouds top right.... I love this shot and I just wanted to re post the updated version....


We were out photographing an old schoolhouse yesterday on an Amish families land and turned out getting a better picture of their friendly horses instead. IR exposure can be longer and horses move quicker and got a little blur on some legs and tails which seem to add to it. Clark County, Missouri. I tried to think of a title about the 4 horsemen of the apocolypse, but couldn't.

Nuclear winter is upon us ....


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What if the world was coming to an end and you had the best view ... say from ... OK, the top of the London Eye? I'd want my camera, wouldn't you?


Hmm ... maybe I've seen the movie 2012 one too many times :O


Texture: Skeletal Mess - Entropy


(This was actually my very first try at handheld HDR. It was shot in Continuous High - 5 frames in a second at 1 stop increments. Photomatix did a great job matching the ever-so-slightly misaligned frames.)


Please don't use my images for any purpose, including on websites or blogs, without my explicit permission.


© Tom Freda ~ All rights reserved


Please, no gigantic, glittery awards, banners and graphics from mandatory award groups. Thanks.

The things you see when in Hong Kong :-)

Mushroom Cloud Over MidWest

After recieving some of those absolutely FANTASTIC legs from EclipseGrafx, I decided to make some Fallout-inspired figures after playing some of New Vegas.


From left to right: Regulator/Lone Traveller, NCR Veteran Ranger, NCR Trooper and Raider.


Please let me know what you think, and also, please vote for your favourite - the figure with the most votes in 24 hours will be inducted into the Cabinet of Legends (A Working Project of mine).




Finally, I got semester holidays, finished all my projects and essays (If you would like to see them, just click on my instagram account) and I had the time to edit a new photo. :) In two weeks, I'll be travelling to the Netherlands with my co-workers, and I can't wait to shoot some new photos there.

Model for this one is the gorgeous Jenny, also one of my co-workers. :)


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over the past few months i've maintained that, were i to ever find myself in another karaoke situation (the most recent being during my undergrad and involving several pitchers of bad beer and a large group of primarily japanese exchange students and a backstreet boys song), manfred mann's "blinded by the light" would be my go-to song.


i know—"but kaija! what about billy joel!" you may cry out in surprise. but hear me out.


most billy joel songs would involve one main singer brave enough (or liquored up enough) and with a relatively passable voice (traditionally, ability often correlates to liquor intake) to lead the pack while the rest of the group contentedly croons from the safety of the back of whatever tiny, sketch stage you're standing on.


"blinded by the light", on the other hand, can safely and naturally employ the efforts of a larger group of people. and the fact that few people will contest the need for a "lead singer" is only supported by the lyrics of the song—which, as many of you may know, are an apocolypse of turns of phrase and word games that nobody understands, be they sober or piss drunk, or possibly manfred mann themselves. and an added bonus is that only .00001% of the world's population actually know what the lyrics really are. this alone encourages said larger group of karaoke participants to ad lib the entire performance, something the audience will either highly condone, not notice at all, or a self-confusing combination of the two.


and finally, the song is really, really catchy.


you're welcome.

This stop motion has a double meaning, it is about dealing with and causing self destruction and also about the 'apocolypse'/predicted impending 2012 disaster. Am i suffering from self destruction or particularly worried about 2012? Nope, it's all truly conceptual. Pain/impending situations/predicted events, what could you associate all of these things with? Time, clocks...

It all fits together, or atleast - in my brain it does. But i AM insane. I hope you understand.

sycamore tree, (acer pseudo platanus) and ash tree, (fraxinus excelsior) taken through a combination of two filters. a red r25a for the sky and light, and an infrared ir72 filter for the foliage and grass. no photoshop, picnik,or pc manipulation-just the way the lens captured it. meikleholm hill, langholm, dumfriesshire, scotland.

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