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December 28, 2019 10 pm.







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Legal professionals were also instrumental in Hitler realizing his ambitions. And so they continue to aid Trump’s grotesque reign, consider the following:


“DOJ Frees Federal Prosecutors to Take Steps That Could Interfere With Elections, Weakening Long-standing Policy

In an internal announcement, the Justice Department created an exception to a decades long policy meant to prevent prosecutors from taking overt investigative steps that might affect the outcome of the vote.”


Quote: “…taking public steps — such as an arrest or a raid — before a vote is finalized…”

“…if a U.S. attorney’s office suspects election fraud that involves postal workers or military employees, federal investigators will be allowed to take public investigative steps before the polls close, even if those actions risk affecting the outcome of the election.”

“…citing postal workers and military employees is noteworthy, former DOJ officials said. But the exception is written so broadly that it could cover other types of investigations as well”

It is unclear this means a sanctuary City’s Clerk office would be raided in its counting absentee ballots.


“Reader comment:

This is very dangerous and flat out wrong! This means that Barr's operatives now have the power to manipulate and interfere with voting. We are seeing more and more actions that look like an authoritarian dictator is running our nation. into the ground and destroying the Democracy on which it was founded. Barr should be in prison.”




Remember Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s book about America published in 2019 after Trump got elected? It’s titled:

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

'It’s almost like Gorsuch knew the democratic country of the United States of America was at risk of being ripped away and torn down. Huh, I wonder if he has ESP?

More likely, his $10 million commission for being appointed to the Supreme Court was given to him in view of roles he would play in such endeavors




“Report Details New Justice Brett Kavanaugh Sexual Misconduct Claims”




“Texas AG, 'Lawyers for Trump' leader faces corruption allegations

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was already under indictment. Now, the Lawyers for Trump leader is facing corruption allegations from his own team.”




“The Trump campaign are attempting to recruit 50,000 "Trump Election Poll Watchers" to deploy in key battleground precincts around the country to conduct “ballot security” operations.”




Both parties are minority ruled. And likely by the same minority.

We did not get to this point, at the threshold of fascism, overnight or by the acts of Republicans alone.

Any empathy feigned by Democrats for our losing voice in our government is hollow. Read Sirota’s reporting on the help they gave McConnell with Amy Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

Whatever happens with the upcoming election it will be because BOTH parties have knowingly let it happen…despite the theatre they will surely put on.

The People are on their own regardless of who wins the White House.




March 2020: “Justice Department says intentionally spreading coronavirus could violate anti-terrorism laws”

“A friend wrote -

This was in March - and right now, here is Barr, REFUSING to quarantine after being pictured in close conversation, maskless, with multiple people who have just tested positive for Covid.

"Washington — The Justice Department gave federal law enforcement officers across the country the green light to use U.S. anti-terrorism laws to investigate and prosecute people who attempt or threaten to intentionally infect others with the coronavirus.

In a memo to the nation's 93 U.S. attorneys and the heads of federal law enforcement agencies on Tuesday, Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen detailed the tools available to crack down on intentional spreading of the virus, as well as a slew of other crimes related to the pandemic."”




“Americans need to consider that Washington weaponized COVID to not only engage in social engineering but also scare voters from the polls. An uptick in rates of infection to coincide with the November Election may have been by design.


For example, consider Wisconsin, a swing State, where COVID has been exacerbated by University attendance policy, and invariably, multiple recent visits by White House royalty sponsoring campaigning rallies with crowds not wearing masks. (the Republican State legislature is currently missing in action by the way).


It appears the threats to normal operations that COVID represents is being “kept alive” to kill:

“America Is Trapped in a Pandemic Spiral

As the U.S. heads toward the winter, the country is going round in circles, making the same conceptual errors that have plagued it since spring”




“A newly released report from the Department of Homeland Security, which a whistleblower alleges was delayed for months in an effort to benefit President Trump ahead of the election, reveals that white supremacists remain “the most persistent and lethal threat” in the country.”

“Homeland Security report released after months-long delay lists white supremacists as 'lethal' threat”




“Renegeron is made using fetal stem cells. This is a drug given to Trump so where’s the outrage from the righteous pro-lifers?




“Leaked internal documents from ExxonMobil reveal the oil giant plans to increase annual carbon dioxide emissions by 17% by 2025. Bloomberg reports Exxon’s plans could add the annual carbon emissions of a country like Greece to the atmosphere, or the equivalent of 26 coal-fired power plants.”

“Leaked ExxonMobil Documents Reveal Oil Giant Plans to Increase Annual CO2 Emissions by 17%”




As is the Trump administrations policy for other countries, here in America Trump and Pompeo appear to be pushing America “to the breaking point”:

“NEW POLL: 60% of families are facing serious financial issues.

36% of families are struggling to pay for their child’s educational needs.

34% lack the internet access they need for educating and working from home.

18% can’t afford childcare while they work.

These are the challenges faced by parents who have already paid taxes to access our public education system.

Instead of sending more money to shuttered school buildings, we need to fund families and empower them directly to meet their kids’ educational needs! #FundEveryKid”


“Poll: 61% of U.S. households with children report facing serious financial problems during the coronavirus outbreak”




“Millions of Americans risk losing power and water as massive, unpaid utility bills pile up

More than 179 million people may be at risk for shut-offs as many state protections end.”




(Please prepare now for serious disruption on or before Nov 3:)

“Shortly after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell warned Congress that the U.S. economy faces potentially tragic consequences if more COVID relief funds aren't appropriated soon, President Trump announced he was stopping all negotiations with Democrats and won't be delivering any more relief until after Election Day.”


“Jerome Powell Is Putting Out the Call to Congress: More Money Now”




Democrats have proven crucial to Trump & Republicans efforts to appoint AMY CONEY BARRETT to the Supreme Court:


“"The Daily Poster reported on Mitch McConnell’s plan to adjourn the Senate for the next two weeks in order to prevent Democrats from trying to take over the Senate and throw a wrench into the GOP’s effort to confirm Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Amy Barrett. That GOP plan was put in motion on Monday, when Senate Democrats agreed to let the Republican adjournment motion pass. " David Sirota”




“Dems Have A SCOTUS Opportunity Tomorrow — Will They Use It?

McConnell desperately wants unanimous consent to pass a measure keeping Trump’s Supreme Court nomination on track. Democrats could potentially stop it. Will they use their power?”

[No Democrats did NOT use it, on the contrary, they clearly aided the appointment of Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court]




Made possible because Senate Democrats voted to pass the motion thereby decuring Amy Barrett's appointment to the supreme court

“Senate leaves town for two weeks amid coronavirus outbreak”




“Watch what they do, not what they say. Controlling the judiciary is their goal. If they succeed in creating chaos on Election Night and ask the Court to settle the matter (shades of 2000 Bush v Gore). The fix is in – and Amy Coney Barrett is the fix”




“Why Big Money Wants Barrett On The Supreme Court

The really huge money is lined up behind Barrett because she has reliably ruled for corporate interests and against workers.”




“In judicial appointments, a person’s religion shouldn’t matter. In fact, the Constitution’s Article VI prohibits any religious test for federal public office. But, in this case, Judge Barrett’s Catholic religion is relevant because she, herself, has made it an issue.”


“To Sit or Not to Sit? Can Amy Coney Barrett Fairly Judge an Abortion Case?”




David Jewell via Nina Turner for President 2024:

“A legal career is but a means to an end. And that end is building the kingdom of God.” - Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Terrified yet?”




“Pentagon leaders are quarantining after being exposed to the virus.”




Trumps Doctors:

“Quote: "...Republican political operatives are recruiting “extremely pro-Trump” doctors to go on television to prescribe reviving the U.S. economy as quickly as possible,"”

“GOP fronts ‘pro-Trump’ doctors to prescribe rapid reopening”


Crossing the Mississippi River... Swollen waters are filling the whole 'flood plain' as it seems.

THIS could certainly be related to the pictured here flood!

Within four days, local art groups participated, different in their traditional dress and richness, reflecting their local nature and singing in Amazigh. Including «Rokba», «AHIDOUS» and the «LOUZ IMGRANE» group. In addition to this, there is also the participation of local associations dealing with people with disabilities and difficult situations, women and children.


a picture from my documentary " ROSES FESTIVAL "


Instagram | Behance

On the road to ROSES FESTIVAL


When I visited the South arriving to the village of Boutaghrar, I travelled from Tangier to Kalaat Magouna to cover the famous ROSES FESTIVAL. The Damascene citadel of Damascus roses on the banks of Dades and Magouna rivers. We paused in Marrakech to relax and have a light breakfast. After stocking up with enough water to help us on the way, we took a 10 am bus, arriving to the castle at 5 pm the same day (6hours to Ouarzazate + 1hour to Kalaat Magouna). The journey has begun when the small muddy red villages Started appearing along the road. Spectacular view on the famous Tishka peak and the diverse landscape has opened to our eye as we continued. As the road was getting bumpy from time to time and the sharp turns have made even the most experience travelers uncomfortable, our driver has stopped to let everyone rest. In a little while, we have continued the road until we reached California state, I mean the Moroccan Hollywood “Ouarzazate”. Then I took another ride out of here to reach finally our destination.


A small landscape in the road to Kalaat Mgouna where you could see plants in a saharaoui landform.


a picture from my documentary " ROSES FESTIVAL "


Instagram | Behance

In Kalaat Magouna located in the south-east of Morocco, Previously It has held a small celebration for the joy of the Damascus rose, after that, the party was transformed into a season. In 2012, it became a local festival with an international.


A view of a field from an old traditional window in a forgotten Kasbah.


a picture from my documentary " ROSES FESTIVAL "


Instagram | Behance

"Ahidous Tzwet" has been found since the 1960s in Kalaat Mgouna, This dance called " the BEE" because it resembles to the bee dances. It's performed by men and women in various forms.

The band's maestro uses different signals that enable him to control the group, those signs and movements are the key to organize the form of dance and the rhythm of singing, where dancers interact with these movements.


a picture from my documentary " ROSES FESTIVAL "


Instagram | Behance

The spring season in Kalaat Magouna coincides with the time of rose blossoms picking. Since ancient times, people of the citadel have been keen on honoring this famous flower Rosa Damascena for its unique fragrance.


a picture from my documentary " ROSES FESTIVAL "


Instagram | Behance



Charles Koch desperately wants to bankrupt states:

Scott Walker is heading up grift on a rewrite of our US Constitution via a bogus Constitutional Convention that could do just that via a balance budget requirement in a new constitution:


“Budget hawks hatch plan to force constitutional convention”


My guess it will ultimately take the form of the old “fake it until you make it” con (dosed heavily with the “trying tell sell something you don’t own” con) that could go something like this:


Make lots of noise in the form of contesting election results throughout the country focusing on possible states still required to meet the minimum number of states to conduct a Constitutional Convention. If fact, though with the new norm of flagrant election fraud being practiced by both parties some of the noise may come from Democrats who were flat out cheated.

At the height of the ensuing fray the GOP will claim they've met requirements of a Constitutional Convention and before you know it they will produce a new, fully rewritten U.S. Constitution allegedly passed (probably not according to procedural law) by the required number of States with the few remaining States to meet the requirement assembled as via election fraud or allegations of election fraud.

Then they will commence conducting business as though the new U.S. Constitution is in full legal force and effect while litigation ensues over the elections. They will frustrate any and all attempts to prove that this all is the new reality. They will silently cram-down$$$ the party's New Constitution onto any State so acquired and those existing GOP State members that may dissent. At this point the true power of money will decimate opposition to this reality and by default and a corrupt judiciary ruling or two be made official. Koch’s legal budget will stifle any and all attempts to prove election fraud and their checkbook will likewise ply the complicity of any necessary Republicans and Democrats to seal the deal.

You can bet the new language will facilitate frustrate any attempts to prove the whole Constitutional Convention was a grift from the get-go and will probably be, initially, a skeletal framework allowing for further revisions and additions by Republicans after things quiet down.



One way to stop Trump and DeJoy from using the postal service to commit election fraud would be to make sure a minimum of 2 persons (1 being a member of the Military sworn to uphold the existing US Constitution) with the ballots at ALL times from the point of first picking the ballot up from the voter to the point of turning the ballot over to election officials. 2 People at each point in the chain of custody and at all times that the ballot is in the possession of the postal service.

“New Postmaster General Is Trump Swamp Creature”


Trump may be intimating that he has plan for the election:


“Trump shifts, encourages vote by mail — in Florida”




“We cannot be a nation where billionaires break records for the greatest wealth increases in a single day while millions of children go hungry. If ever there was a time for Congress to stand with the working class, with children, the elderly and those in need, now is that time.”

“Almost 30 Million in U.S. Didn’t Have Enough to Eat Last Week”




“Scientists say it will take a massive amount of collective action to reverse deforestation and save society from collapse, according to the author.

“Physicists: 90% Chance of Human Society Collapsing Within Decades”




“Treating vaccine research like a national security secret endangers us all.”




“While we aren’t allowed to visit national parks and forests, the government is selling our public land off to oil and gas companies for as little as $2 an acre.”


“Government “Gives Away” 200,000 Acres of Public Land While Americans Shelter in Place”




“P.E.I. butterfly gardens sit empty as monarch population plummets”




“Opinion: The stock market is cheating us all—and here’s by how much”

“We should be getting as much as 30% more, study suggests”




“Donald Trump’s Cult of Personality Did This

The autocratic political culture that has propped up the Trump administration has left the nation entirely unprepared for an economic and public-health calamity.”




Jan 2019: “The International Crisis of Donald Trump”




Desperate Americans, hoping for economic relief, once again had their hopes dashed by Congress. People's Party - an idea whose time has come.

#PeoplesStimulus or #Evict Congress




“Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner earned at least $36 million in outside income last year, new disclosures show”








If you’re in bed with Charles Koch, you’re breaking the law – period:

“(S) The office of the district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., made the disclosure in a new court filing arguing Mr. Trump should turn over his tax returns.”

“D.A. Is Investigating Trump and His Company Over Fraud, Filing Suggests”




“Attorneys for Manhattan DA suggested that the president's company was under investigation for alleged insurance and bank fraud, as they argued Monday that President Trump should be forced to comply with a subpoena for his tax documents”

“Trump Organization under investigation for 'insurance and bank fraud,' filing suggests

The disclosure came in a federal court filing arguing that Trump should be forced to comply with a subpoena for his tax documents.”




“Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. is seeking eight years of Trump’s personal and corporate tax records.”

“Manhattan DA Is Investigating Trump And His Company Over Reports Of Fraud

District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. urged a federal judge to reject President Trump’s attempts to block a subpoena for his tax returns.”




If you’re in bed with Charles Koch, you’re breaking the law – period:

“House Democrats have just subpoenaed four top aides to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in a sign they are pressing forward with their joint investigation into the firing of former State Department watchdog Steve Linick.”

“Democrats subpoena top aides to Pompeo”




America is a 2 Party Kleptocracy:


“It would be tempting to describe last week’s nuclear scandals — in three states — as something out of the Wild West. But Al Capone’s Chicago would be a more accurate analogy.


While no actual shots were fired, some pretty powerful metaphorical ones were, warnings that engaging in criminal racketeering and fraud to fleece ratepayers over failing nuclear plants would not go unpunished.


Over the course of just a single week, politicians, lobbyists and nuclear industry executives in Illinois, Ohio and South Carolina were reeled in and, in some cases, charged with high crimes for covering up illegal schemes that bought power, votes, legislation and huge bailouts for foundering nuclear power plants while squeezing ratepayers for the bill.”


“The Resistible Rise of Nuclear Gangsters…and Their Downfall”




“Mail-in ballots are a secure form of voting that the American military has been using since the Civil War.


The president's push to delay the election appears to be a politically motivated attempt to preemptively call the election results into question.”


“President’s Call to Delay the Election is Dangerous”









“Double, Double, Trump’s Toil, Our Trouble

Demon sperm meets alien D.N.A., as President Trump teeters.”




Trump’s Master Race on Full Display:




Probably wouldn’t hurt if Washington smoked some reality with regard to China:




Something America would never do:

“Coronavirus: China positions itself for ‘vaccine diplomacy’ push to fight Covid-19”

“Beijing is offering loans and priority access to developing countries for vaccinations as they move to large-scale trials”

As richer nations scramble for early doses manufacturing constraints likely to cause shortages for years”




“Western Media Lies about China”




“Western Media Brainwashing”




“You Will Never Comprehend the Scale of China”




“Debate with Simon Yu - China vs The West”




“Immunogenicity and safety of a recombinant adenovirus type-5-vectored COVID-19 vaccine in healthy adults aged 18 years or older: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 2 trial”




“Safety and immunogenicity of the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine against SARS-CoV-2: a preliminary report of a phase 1/2, single-blind, randomised controlled trial”





“So long as these people and their unmitigated greed continue to be able to operate under a system that by definition incentivizes their greed, there is no such thing as a just and equal society.

“Elon Musk’s Latest Antics Are Enough to Radicalize.” by Lauren Martinchek”


“Elon Musk’s Latest Antics Are Enough to Radicalize.

His tweets serve as a pretty clear indication of the failures of the American system, and the sort of person he is.”




“"The documents include Mariposa county sheriff’s office (MCSO) application for the second MRAP from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The application in September 2017, about a month after Trump reversed a 2015 Obama executive order which prohibited the transfer of equipment like armored vehicles, grenade launchers and high-caliber weapons to civilian agencies.


With one-line or one-paragraph answers to 15 questions, the rural county sheriff was able to add the vehicle to its already extant Mamba MRAP, acquired in 2014.


Since 1997, the 1033 program has handed $7.4bn worth of surplus equipment from the Department of Defense (DoD) to more than 8,000 law enforcement agencies across America.


The program has been pinpointed as a major contributor to the militarization of domestic police forces, who since the program commenced in 1997 were able to obtain military-grade weapons and tactical equipment free of charge from the DoD, with their contribution limited to the transportation of equipment and ongoing maintenance."”


“How a rural US sheriff’s department was able to obtain a military-grade vehicle

Trump’s 2017 reversal of Obama’s order allowed county sheriff to acquire vehicle by answering questionnaire, documents show”




“Border Patrol launched a raid against the faith-based humanitarian group No More Deaths within days of the group releasing embarrassing information about the agency.”



For the second time in two years, Border Patrol launched a raid against No More Deaths within days of the group releasing embarrassing information about the agency.”




“Deutsche Bank has launched an internal investigation into the longtime personal banker for President Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, a bank spokesman confirmed to The Hill.”


“Deutsche Bank launches investigation into longtime banker of Trump, Kushner”




Gifts to corporations included?! DEMOCRATS will pass it:


"The GOP proposal would erect almost insurmountable obstacles to lawsuits by workers who become infected with the coronavirus at their workplaces.


It would absolve employers of responsibility for taking any but the most minimal steps to make their workplaces safe. It would preempt tough state workplace safety laws (not that there are very many of them).


And while shutting the courthouse door to workers, it would allow employers to sue workers for demanding safer conditions.


This is the provision that McConnell has described as his "red line" in negotiations over the next coronavirus relief bill, meaning that he intends to demand that it be incorporated in anything passed on Capitol Hill and sent to President Trump for his signature. The provision would be retroactive to Dec. 1, 2019, and remain in effect at least until Oct. 1, 2024."”


“Column: In GOP plan, you can't sue your employers for giving you COVID — but they can sue you”




In my area it is not uncommon to have natural areas gifted to a level of government to be used as a park. In one instance, a county park received land as a gift with the stipulation that the existing agricultural areas would remain available to be used as agriculture by farmers in the area. This gift was made in 1855.


Fast forward to today. Bluntly put, the planet is losing the ability to support life like a rocket sled on rails. Even organized society is expected to fail in the next 10 years with 90% probability. Climate, Extinction, yadda, yadda, you get the point and if you don’t suffice it to say we are in big trouble.


There is an area some 30 acres that is a field that is cut for hay to feed to livestock. Here is thing – the field supports a lot of life. I’m not kidding. There are wildflowers in it, including some milkweed, as well as some clover, assorted grasses, sedges, you name it. Tons of pollinators and many other insects infest the place. Bobolinks – a rare bird in my area – like to nest in it. And the best description I can think of is short to medium height dry grasslands. Well, every year the farmer shows up and chops it for feed. He leaves behind backed dirt and “razor stubble.” If the Bobolinks babies haven’t fledged, their mulched. Any insects that don’t get out of the way are mulched. If Monarchs, assorted Pieridae, you name have egged in the area their reproduction is lost. Bumblebees loose, and even the 8 point buck I saw running across the field has to go someplace else to munch.


It’s hard to imagine the social benefit of leaving the place natural at this juncture in history is less than the lone farmer who comes to get what is honestly kind of poor grade hay. It is also hard to imagine that the original owners of the land who gifted the property back in 1855 for the enjoyment and benefit of society would empathize with now leaving the land to the pollinators (and on up the food chain) by taking it out of agricultural use. And that is agricultural use of growing food to feed our food. Livestock agriculture is not environmentally what we need right now.


Question: Should some way of removing the deed restriction (or whatever) be found and the 30 acres left to buoy badly needed and rapidly disappearing pollinators? What if the farmer is selling the free hay on to someone else for a few bucks?




“Quantifying the Effect of Anthropogenic Climate Change on Calcifying Plankton”




“We join our affiliate, the Tennessee Wildlife Federation in advocating for increased federal funds to stop Asian carp, and invasive species, from entering the Great Lakes.

Asian carp, when introduced to an ecosystem, reproduce rapidly and monopolize resources, crowding out native species.”




“Pollination: Air pollution renders flower odors unattractive to moths”


“"We were surprised, even shocked, that the innate attraction to the odor of tobacco flowers was completely lost in the presence of increased ozone levels," said Knaden, describing what was observed during the experiments.

Tobacco hawkmoths are able to learn

The question remained whether ozone in the air would spoil the appetite of hungry and foraging tobacco hawkmoths, or whether it would prevent insects from finding their food source. Would insects be able to figure out that even polluted flower odors can offer rewards? To answer this question, researchers tested whether tobacco hawkmoths could learn to accept an initially unattractive scent as a food cue if they smelled it while simultaneously being offered a sugar solution reward. The researchers assessed several different ways in which the moth could learn to recognize flowers based on the ozone-altered floral scent. This was critical to relating these experiments to real-world learning. In the real world, a floral scent only becomes ozone-altered as it moves downwind of the flower and mixes with ozone. To see if moths could learn ozone-altered floral scents even when they are decoupled from the sugar reward at the flower, the researchers developed an experiment where the moth had to follow the ozone-altered odor to the flower, but were presented with the original scent at the flower containing the sugar reward.

"While we anticipated that Manduca sexta could learn new floral scents and hoped that they would be able to learn the polluted floral scent of their host flower, we were amazed to see that Manduca sexta could learn the polluted floral blend in a number of different ways, including learning a polluted scent that was decoupled from a sugar reward. This type of learning, which we were surprised to find in Manduca sexta, could be very important in insects' ability to use learning to cope with their rapidly changing environments," says first author Brynn Cook from the University of Virginia. What is especially noteworthy and pertinent about this kind of responsiveness to a changing environment is that it occurs in real time and not over evolutionary timescales.

Learning ability of Manduca sexta is not an all-clear

Although the study shows that tobacco hawkmoths can learn to rely on ozone-altered and initially unattractive plumes to recognize their flowers, air pollution still poses a serious risk to pollination and pollinators. "Learning may be key to insects recognizing their host plants in polluted environments, but one of the major questions remaining from our study is whether pollinators will be able to find their flowers in the first place. Without initially recognizing smells, will pollinators only have visual cues to help them locate host flowers in order to learn the pollution-altered floral scent? Another important aspect to consider is that other pollinators may not have the same facility to learn new smells that Manduca sexta has. Specialist pollinators, for instance, may not have that flexibility in learning. Our study is just a starting point. Field studies are going to be critical to understanding which flowers and insects are most affected by which pollutants, and likely why," says Cook.

Air pollution and climate change have far-reaching consequences for our ecosystem; by no means have all of these been studied and understood. For example, we still know little about the impact of atmospheric changes on the chemical communication between plants and insects. Not only are plant odors altered, but also the sex pheromone female insects use to attract males. Atmospheric changes have the potential to cause alterations in pheromones that could lead to mating failure. Insect mortality has risen dramatically in recent years, and researchers worldwide are searching for the causes. “




Comparison of Trump and Biden on key issues shows they are identical:




The Real Racist s a Democrat – Joe Biden:




“If you support Joe Biden, repeat after me.

“I support Fracking.

I support Big Pharma.

I support TPP

I support illegal drone strikes.

I support the Iraq war.

I support NAFTA.

I support repeal of Glass-Steagal.

I support business as usual.




The making of an already toothless Congress:

“Congress May Be on Its Own”




8/29/2020 Joe Biden: “I promise you this. A Biden-Harris Administration will always listen to scientists.”

8/31/2020 Joe Biden: “I am not banning fracking.”

“Top Climate Scientists Call for Fracking Ban”




“This week is showing us more than ever - the planet will not wait for us. Nancy Pelosi has had 30 years to act on climate, with little to show for it. It's time for a change”




“Perennial Vegetables Are a Solution in the Fight Against Hunger and Climate Change

A new study shows the nutrition and environmental benefits of more than 600 perennial species—from artichokes to chaya—which address climate mitigation, biodiversity, and nutrition.”




“‘At the Forefront of Climate Change,’ Hoboken, New Jersey, Seeks Damages From ExxonMobil”




Destruction of State Governments is in full swing:

“States plan for cuts as Congress deadlocks on more virus aid”




Ramping up the ensuing election chaos is in full swing:

“Warning by the fascists tools to defend an impending fascist regime.”

“Oath Keepers”

“The first shot has been fired brother. Civil war is here, right now. We’ll give Trump one last chance to declare this is a Marxist insurrection & suppress it as his duty demands. If he fails to do his duty, we will do ours. “Against all enemies, forgeitn and domestic” Stewart”




“Nearly all Black Lives Matter protests are peaceful despite Trump narrative, report finds

In stark contrast to rightwing claims, 93% of demonstrations have involved no serious harm to people or property”




“it’s no accident that:…

…Racism is perpetuated by people who refuse to learn or acknowledge this reality.”




Thousands of Scientists Endorse Study Proclaiming Trump's Border Wall a Disaster for Wildlife


Trump’s Border Wall is the ‘Biggest Threat’ to Southwest Wildlife, Government Emails Reveal




Give it a rest already! The following is abject bologna!:

“… Mitch McConnell is powerless to bury the House’s bills in his legislative graveryard….

If Democrats fought as Republicans fought for the rich, legislation would not sit idle on McConnell's desk. Don’t believe me? Ask any disgusted political observer in Wisconsin how Republicans got things done to bring the state to its knees. They should be able to give you plenty of ideas.


This excuse for Democrats' lack of progress is as hollow as China being responsible for COVID-19 deaths in America.




In service of the Billionaires:

“Trump made our troops stand down and watch our Kurish allies slaughtered and the Russians take our bases. Never forget that.”




Michael Moore:

“The Bide campaign, in an effort to convince Flint voters to stay home on Nov 3 and lose Michigan again, happily announced & embraced the endorsement of former Gov. Rick Synder – the man who poisoned Flint’s water. 10,000 children w/permanent brain damage. Countless dead. Shame!”




“People worry that 'moderate' Democrats like Joe Biden are the same as Republicans. Our study suggests they may be right”

“Men who refer to themselves as 'moderate' or 'centrist' score basically the same on values and opinions as people who identify themselves as 'conservative'”




“David Harvey on why Karl Marx's Capital is still the defining guide to understanding — and overcoming — the horrors of capitalism.


“Why Marx’s Capital Still Matters”




“Scathing Letter By George Washington University Law School Faculty Condemns Attorney General William Barr”




“If you’re voting for the Blue Rapist to thwart the Red Rapist congrats. Your cowardly preemptive surrender has ensured our extinction.”




“If you’re dressed up like a soldier and you’re tear-gassing a mom wearing a bicycle helmet to protect her from your batons, you are not an American soldier or a Patriot. You are the kind of person American soldiers killed to protect us from. Stop it now.”




“Trump attacked 17-year old Greta Thunberg for fighting to save our burning planet, but defended Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year old charged with murdering Black Lives Matters protesters. Tells you all you need to know.” Robert Reich




“The choice is not between Biden and Trump. The choice is between opposing the racist, warmongering two-party system and surrendering to it.”




“Without better climate education in our schools the climate crisis will continue to be a runaway train.”




“To Save a Way of Life, Native Defenders Push to Protect the Arctic Refuge”




Democrats know what it takes to secure a sure win against Trump but refuse to act on it out of deference for the Rich that finance their lifestyles:

“How New York City’s Democratic Socialists Swept the Competition”




Biden or Trump will usher in our climate nightmare scenario:

“Climate Accountability Largely Missing from Senate Democrats’ New Climate Report”




Democrats are actively thwarting the will of the People along with Republicans:

“First we told them we would include them in the debate if they polled at 15%, then we didn’t include them in the polls”




“Journalism’s New Propaganda Tool: Using “Confirmed” to Mean its Opposite”





America is headed to severely debilitating chaos, imposed by Repub-lick-cans and the rich, with the coming 2020 elections.

They are going to make a move for the whole thing. It could be their best and last chance to do so. It's going to be violent and messy. Worst of all it is going to be brought to your front door and perhaps for some inside your very home. Conceivably, “they” could come for you.

Have a plan if you are not white or Christian. Protect yourself. This is not a joke. This is not exaggeration.

These are sick people and you may be attacked. Good luck come November.


“What Will You Do if Trump Doesn’t Leave?”

“Playing out the nightmare scenario.”


“Covid-19 and an atmosphere of distrust pose grave risks to America’s election

New burdens mean the country may not see the sort of clean election result it has come to expect on election night”


“Perspective | The election will likely spark violence – and a constitutional crisis:


“We need to start preparing for the November election – now”


“Here’s how to prepare for Trump rejecting the election results in November”




“EDITORIAL: Start preparing now for election issues”


“Six Ways for Election Officials to Prepare for High Voter Turnout in 2020



“Chaos scenarios drive gatekeepers' election prep”


“Where the System May Break

A war-game exercise simulating the 2020 election unmasked some key vulnerabilities.”


Book: “When they come for you” by Author David Kirby




“Leaders to UN: If virus doesn’t kill us, climate change will”




“Democrats Need to Wake Up: The Trump Movement Is Shot Through With Fascism”




“The Secretary of State is likely violating ethical law to appear at a meet-and-greet for an anti-LGBTQ, hate-group associated organization in a swing state. Tickets are up to $10,000.”


“Mike Pompeo is speaking at a Christian hate group-linked fundraiser right before the election”




“DeJoy says mail sorting machines were striped for parts and can’t be reinstalled.” – HuffPo


I think DeJoy needs to be stripped of office and not be reinstalled.”




“Revealed: pro-Trump activists plotted violence ahead of Portland rallies

Patriots Coalition members suggested political assassinations and said ‘laws will be broken, people will get hurt’, leaked chats show”




“How America Ends”




Congratulations my Fellow Americans!


You’re living on a dying planet in a failed state that is about to get much worse.


If this doesn’t sound like something you wish to experience, then providence has conscripted you without your consent. And if you are a civilized member of a global community you’re recruitment is mandatory or you will be met with an onslaught of governmental moves that will bear but one overwhelming message – you are welcome to die.


Organize now. It doesn’t matter if Trump can assemble an alleged “legitimate” claim to being re-elected. If you consent to be ruled by him you will lose dearly and suffer greatly. Worse still, history will look upon you harshly. Get a plan to get yourself and at least 1 friend to a peaceful protest now. Bear in mind, the internet service will be one of the first things to go.


It is likely the transition of power will be highly disruptive to organized society. U.S. Currency may become devalued. Prepare your household to survive for a period of time without your usual periodic sustaining purchases.


Be peaceful.


“A cartoon from a British newspaper. This is how the world sees us.”


“It’s the height of privilege to win a primary rigged by your elite cronies, then act entitled to the votes of people you cheated.”




John J. Ruiz:

“Forbes reports the Commander in Chief has made 1.9 Billion DOLLARS in the first 3 years in office.”




“During the pandemic Billionaires have become $692 billion richer while 55 million Americans became unemployed.”




“Jared and Ivanka made up to $135 million in a single year while “working” at the White House. Oh, and in 2018, Kushner’s real estate company was magically gifted a billion-dollar lease by an investment firm linked to the Qatari government, just as if his 666 Fifth Avenue building was going bankrupt…and then Trump magically decided to end the Saudi blockade against Qatar, which he earlier supported”




“The pandemic pushes hundreds of millions of people toward starvation and poverty”




The Environment represents the wealth and health of the masses and government continues to have its residual value liquidated in to the Private hands of only a few:


“‘Everything's for sale’: the shocking film on the privatization of American public lands


Public Trust highlights the 640m acres owned by the country’s citizenry, lands that some in the Republican party want to sell off”




“Trumps Supreme Court nominee has only been a judge for 3 years. She is NOT a MASTER at her craft she is an Apprentice.”




“Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Has A Problem With The Constitution”




“In August, Trump nominee Amy Coney Barrett delivered a key ruling blocking many gig workers from suing in court when tech companies deny them overtime pay. It's just one in a long history of decisions that favored corporate interests.”


“Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Is an Enemy of Workers”




“Likely Trump SCOTUS Pick Worked To Overturn 2000 Election


Trump says he expects the high court to decide the 2020 election — and if Barrett is appointed, the court will have 3 justices who worked directly on Bush v. Gore”




“"Here is Judge Amy Coney Barrett explaining why it’s wrong to fill a SCOTUS vacancy during a presidential election year."


-California Gov. Gavin Newsom”




“Durbin: Democrats 'can't stop the outcome' on SCOTUS fight”




“Pelosi and Mnuchin reach agreement to keep government funded until December 11”




“Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has been tracking conflicts of interest since Day One of the Trump administration. The numbers are truly staggering.

In a new report released this week, it finds that President Trump has racked up 3,403 conflicts of interest.


"Unlike any other modern president," the report authors write, "Trump has forced the American people to ask if the decisions and policies his administration is implementing are because they’re the best policies for the nation, or because they personally benefit him — either by helping his businesses directly or the special interests spending money there."”








“The billionaires will stop at nothing, no amount of death and destruction, in order to increase their wealth and power.


"The White House has made a pair of controversial appointments to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), positioning within the climate science agency two individuals who consistently misrepresent and disagree with the scientific consensus on various issues concerning climate change and who have notable ties with conservative think tanks that disseminate climate science denial."


“Trump Appoints Pair of Climate Science Deniers to NOAA While Climate-Fueled Fires and Storms Rage”




“As a friend wrote -

Georgia... you have the wrong governor.


“Of the more than 300,000 names that were purged from the rolls, the study discovered that 198,351 Georgia voters were wrongly purged, a 63.3% error rate.”


Brian Kemp beat Stacy Abrams by about 55,000 votes...



“Shocking Study Released of Georgia State Republicans’ Years-Long Voter Disenfranchisement Scheme”




“Clap for that you stupid bastards..” Joe Biden address the men and women of our military, Sept 2020


“Extremely infuriating at 6:00 min “Clap for that you stupid bastards. Come on man ... Man you’re a dumb bunch...You must be slow...”

— the disrespect Biden has for our servicemen—-“

“Joe Biden's Speech At UAE In 2016: 'Clap For That, You Stupid Bastards'”



“Joe Biden - Misreads the teleprompter I got to the Senate 180 years ago & MORE”




Ryan Knight:

The @DNC has only elected 2 presidents in the last 40 years and only controlled the House for 6 of the last 24 years. Yet they continue to employ the same losing strategy: Take progressive voters for granted and pander to Republican voters who *checks notes* vote for Republicans.”


“The DNC does not care about progressive voters, they’d rather watch a Republican win, then have anything to do with socialism. They’re corporate masters are not okay with Free Health Care, a Green New Deal, Free Education, tax the rich, etc....They make money off of these things...Plain and Simple”




“All of our food comes from soil. When we begin to destroy the biology of the soil, we destroy the food networks that give us life.” Paul Stamets, mycologist, author of “Mycelium Running”




Earth Fast

Quote: "One of the studies, published in New Phytologist, showed that ectomycorrhizal fungi—a type that lodgepole pine trees rely on to survive—decline after disturbances like wildfire, clear-cut logging and salvage logging. At the same time, other types of fungi can increase and potentially alter the forest's nutrient cycle.

That's particularly troubling as disturbances, fuelled more frequently by climate change, can overlap in the same forest areas, Rodriguez Ramos noted.

"Drought, wildfire and logging can overwhelm the environment with increased stress, and if it passes a certain threshold, it's possible the forest ecosystem will never go back to how it was before; that resiliency is compromised."

Earth Fast -XR, #earthfast, #extinctionrebellion, #actnow

“Wildfires, logging affect fungi pine forests depend on for survival, studies show”




“To constrain global warming, we must strongly curtail greenhouse gas emissions and capture excess atmospheric carbon dioxide1,2. Regrowing natural forests is a prominent strategy for capturing additional carbon3, but accurate assessments of its potential are limited by uncertainty and variability in carbon accumulation rates2,3. To assess why and where rates differ, here we compile 13,112 georeferenced measurements of carbon accumulation.

Climatic factors explain variation in rates better than land-use history, so we combine the field measurements with 66 environmental covariate layers to create a global, one-kilometre-resolution map of potential aboveground carbon accumulation rates for the first 30 years of natural forest regrowth.

This map shows over 100-fold variation in rates across the globe, and indicates that default rates from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)4,5 may underestimate aboveground carbon accumulation rates by 32 per cent on average and do not capture eight-fold variation within ecozones.

Conversely, we conclude that maximum climate mitigation potential from natural forest regrowth is 11 per cent lower than previously reported3 owing to the use of overly high rates for the location of potential new forest. Although our data compilation includes more studies and sites than previous efforts, our results depend on data availability, which is concentrated in ten countries, and data quality, which varies across studies. However, the plots cover most of the environmental conditions across the areas for which we predicted carbon accumulation rates (except for northern Africa and northeast Asia). We therefore provide a robust and globally consistent tool for assessing natural forest regrowth as a climate mitigation strategy.

(only abstract available)

“Mapping carbon accumulation potential from global natural forest regrowth”




“Planting trees alone won't be enough

Plant trees or just let areas re-grow naturally?

It’s a complicated question and this article is missing a lot.

Ideally, letting areas regrow is the best because it’s cheaper and facilitates biodiversity.

The problem with this is threefold. One: invasive species take over quickly without management, two: you cannot get a harvest to fund the project, and three: it takes a long time (on a human life scale) to go from disturbance to forest.

Therefore, these naturally regenerating areas require close monitoring and invasive species management for success.

Plantations when done right, can quickly create the initial shade conditions required for native undergrowth species and provide harvests (often a Christmas tree harvest when young, then a selective logging harvest over time).

Plantations require much more human management, but provide a monetization method in their early years (and potentially latter years if the objective is to keep a working forests at the cost of a restored forest), and grow quickly in comparison to relying on ecological succession.

Personally, I think both work when the objective is ecological restoration. The objective is a driving factor that is often over looked.

Forests that are created for purely economics or purely carbon sequestration are overlooking ecological considerations, which causes many of them to fail.

Ecological restoration must once again become priority, as it can provide the economics and carbon sequestration we seek within a sustainable framework.

The main factor for success is having competent managers who understand ecology.

The massive tree planting campaigns are only dangerous to grasslands and the creation of monocultures when the managers of the projects either do not have the technical competence or authority to shape the project.

Therefore, the funds must not only invest in trees, but should extent to the environmental professionals who are re-shaping our world.”


“Plant trees or let forests regrow? New studies probe two ways to fight climate change”




“The Pantanal Is in Flames — We Mapped the Damage

Thousands of fires in the world’s largest tropical wetlands have put the region’s Indigenous communities and Brazil’s unique wildlife at risk.”




“Bill Gates

Health is about life and living systems—and the "philanthroempirilaism” peddled by Bill Gates is a threat to both. The billionaire's attempts to push his “solutions” on the world serve only to increase his own wealth and power. #OrganicBytes”

“‘War on Life’”




“"In the first week of September, sea ice extent decreased by an average of 79,800 square kilometers per day. The researchers at the Snow & Ice Data Center have never seen a greater loss rate any other year for the same week in the sea ice record for the northern Barents, Kara and Laptev seas.


... temperatures in northernmost Siberia were about 8°C above normal for the season. The summer of 2020 was the warmest since measurements started in Arctic Russia in 1881.


The Norwegian Meteorological Institute confirms the dramatic developments in September in the European Arctic waters. The mean sea-ice extent in July this year was record-low, followed by a second-lowest extent for August. September has also got very close to the all-time record-low sea-ice conditions from 2012."


Via Meteorologist Nick Humphrey on FB”


“Edge of Arctic sea-ice never seen this far north

This season's sea-ice extent is soon reaching minimum, with a specially sharp decline north of Svalbard and Russia's Arctic archipelagos.”




“Here is my vote for the two-party system!”


Our 2-party filth will make sure there never comes a time in our minds when we conclude now is a good time to break free of their trap and in the meantime, it will only get worse for us if we do. That is the definition of being in a relationship where you are exploited by an abuser.




“Armed men arrested after traveling from Missouri to Kenosha to 'see for themselves,' FBI says”

“Heavily armed Trump "Militia" gets stopped on way to Kenosha, admits they were going there to loot and "pick people off".

We need to be ready to believe the unbelievable can happen at election time. These guys look forward to firing on Americans.”




“Key Model Projects 410,000 Dead in U.S. from COVID-19 by January 1”




““Death Is on the Ballot”: Lessons for the US, 50 Years After Allende’s Socialist Revolution in Chile”




“Trump's U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service refuses to protect the less than 10% of habitat that the rusty patched bumblebee has left.

This species has plummeted 90% in the past few couple of decades. This dangerous move puts these bees at a greater risk of extinction from pesticides.

Yet again, Trump's administration protects chemical companies over wildlife.”


“Agency denies critical habitat for endangered bumblebee”




“Why biomass burning isn't a climate solution. As climate change rapidly escalates with worsening impacts, and with standing forests vital to achieving global warming solutions, the forest biomass industry is booming. #auspol #politas #noforestfurnaces”


“Why biomass burning isn't a climate solution”




“"We have the president not only pretty much refusing to condemn [right-wing groups], but throwing fuel on the fire, creating opportunities for more recruitment through his rhetoric,” former Homeland Security counterterrorism expert Elizabeth Neumann said before also warning that if President Trump gets a second term there are “no officials” with “the experience and gravitas” to challenge his proposals that could “lead us to war.””

“Former DHS official says Trump 'throwing fuel on the fire' of far-right extremism”




“Given what we knew or had cause to suspect about Trump’s compromising behavior ... it also seemed conceivable, if unlikely, that Moscow had indeed pulled off the most stunning intelligence achievement in human history: secretly controlling the president of the United States — a Manchurian candidate elected.”


“FBI pondered whether Trump was ‘a Manchurian candidate elected,’ former agent alleges in new book”




“The Second Great Depression

At least four major factors are terrifying economists and weighing on the recovery.”




Nick Hanauer:

“rich people didn't get rich because they're smarter or better people than you. We benefitted from a rigged economic system. My new podcast spills the trickle-down secrets that keep wages low and profits high.”




Excerpt From : Chris Hedges “Unspeakable.”


““Let’s talk about the Obama legacy. Do you share your friend Cornel West’s view of him—that he was an Uncle Tom who sold out to Wall Street and the other centers of American power?


Yes. The facts support Cornel’s statement.


How do you back that up?


A $7.7 trillion bank bailout and nothing for people who lost their homes—I mean, how is that disputable? Obama did what he was paid to do. He delivered credulous voters into the hands of Wall Street. [Ed. Note: According to a Bloomberg Markets analysis, during Obama’s first year in office, the Federal Reserve committed a staggering $7.77 trillion to rescuing the financial system, or “more than half the value of everything produced in the US that year.”]


He’s worse than Bush. Bush was witless. He was a tool of Cheney and the neocons. But Obama is very intelligent and very cynical. And Obama has not only expanded these wars, especially with drone strikes that include assassinating US citizens, but his assault on civil liberties has been worse than under Bush.”


“But when you’re facing a real fascist threat, with the emergence of someone like Donald Trump, as you have acknowledged, is it responsible to throw your support to a fringe candidate who has no hope of stopping this train wreck?


Voting for Clinton and supporting the Democratic Party will not curb the rise of American fascism. Trump did not create the phenomena. He responded to it.


The Democrats, and in particular Hillary and Bill Clinton, are responsible, along with the rest of the Democratic elites, for our being sacrificed on the altar of corporate profit. They engendered this rage. They told the same lies as the Republicans. They fed the same white racism. They exploded our prison population. They destroyed our welfare system—and 70 percent of the original recipients were children. They enabled the corporate coup. They unleashed the predators on Wall Street and in the fossil fuel industry. They colluded to strip us of our civil liberties. They backed endless war and fed the obscene profits of the arms industry and swelled agencies such as Homeland Security. Obama and the Democrats have authorized the assassination of US citizens. They signed into law legislation that permits the military to act as a domestic police force and detain US citizens indefinitely without due process. Obama and the Democratic Party establishment, working with the Republicans, turned us into the most watched, photographed and monitored population in human history. And they are attempting to ram new trade agreements down our throats.


It pays to sell out the citizenry. The Clintons have made more than $153 million for paid speeches alone since 2001. The Democratic Party is awash in corporate cash. And the Obamas will soon, like the Clintons, be multimillionaires.”


Excerpt From: Chris Hedges. “Unspeakable.””





“SOS: BlackRock is profiting from deforestation while the Amazon burns.

We need forests standing in the Amazon and all over the world in order to have a safe climate and help prevent future pandemics. Demand that BlackRock divest from deforestation and honor Indigenous Peoples’ rights!”




Ana M. Polgar:

“May I recommend you the book Lo-TEK(Traditional Ecological Knowledge) by Julia Watson. In an age where "smart city" has become a buzzword, with both utopian high tech and unprecedented climate extremes, we sometimes to forget the value of simple "common sense" solutions and indigenous knowledge. This book explores examples of indigenous architecture from all over the world that generates sustainable, climate resilient infrastructures. It has beautiful illustrations and photographs and I think it is an inspiring and fascinating read for planners, architects and environmental professionals!”

“Lo-TEK Design by Radical Indigenism”




“America is a failed state.”

“one in eight Americans is going hungry at least some of the time. ONE in EIGHT.\interactive\20…




“Losing their homes because of the growing needs of humans

Habitat loss is probably the greatest threat to the variety of life on this planet today.”




“Habitat Loss, Fragmentation, and Destruction”












“The new head of our USPS moved up the Republican party food chain with some fishy acts.”

“Louis DeJoy’s rise as GOP fundraiser was powered by contributions from company workers who were later reimbursed, former employees say”




“DeJoy's former employees were reimbursed by company for GOP political donations: WaPo”




“Some of the spending bankrolled his fight against a California law requiring him to release his tax returns before he could run again, according to The New York Times.”

“Trump Reportedly Spent $58 Million In Campaign Funds On Legal Fees And Compliance”




“Here’s how to prepare for Trump rejecting the election results in November”




““The time has come for us to shelve outdated and unsupported ideas about animal sentience and to factor sentience into our treatment of other animals.”

What You Can Do to Help Improve Animal Welfare”




“Here’s what the science says about animal sentience”




“Maybe It’s Time to Take Animal Feelings Seriously”




“The Brains of the Animal Kingdom

New research shows that we have grossly underestimated both the scope and the scale of animal intelligence. Primatologist Frans de Waal on memory-champ chimps, tool-using elephants and rats capable of empathy.”




“Whales and Dolphins Might Be The Smartest Animals”




Christopher Hudson:

“Y’all better wake up real quick”

“Obedience is not a virtue.”

“When I studied the Holocaust in school I remember thinking to myself; “How did Hitler get over 6 million people to follow along and not fight back?” Then I realized I’m watching my fellow Americans take the same path.”

The unimpeachable authority of service to god, like that found with Barr, is critical to holocausts being carried.




“Trump Moves to Cut Billions in Federal Aid to Cities, Citing “Anarchist Jurisdictions”





“Trump Campaign Aide Justifies Vigilante’s Killing of Black Lives Matter Protesters”




We have minority rule in America and it is worsening with Biden\Trump:

“Should any political party attempt to abolish social security unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tine splinter group of course that believe you can do these things. Among them are a few other Texas oil millionaires and an occasional political or businessman from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid.” Dwight D Eisenhower




“The brilliance of Bill Clinton was that he transformed the Democratic Party in the Republican Party, and he pushed the Republican Party so far to the right it became insane.” Chris Hedges



“As it turns out, there really was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia”




“ACLU, citing Palast investigations, stops Crosscheck in Indiana”




If you don’t see pattern here, you’re part of the problem”




“A “Christian” site raised over $275,000 for accused-killer Kyle Rittenhouse, when GoFundMe refused. What kind of Christians support people who kill others?”




“President Donald Trump visits Kenosha, hails police, condemns protesters, is criticized as campaign stunt; Protesters in Portland call for mayors resignation”




It would appear that the estimate of 1 billion deaths may be understated:


“Global temperatures could exceed crucial 1.5 C target in the next five years”




Now we know Roger Stone qualified for a Presidential pardon – see photo:


“Here’s Roger Stone with the white supremacy group Proud Boys. This is who Trump protects. Y’all know that is a “white power” symbol, right?”


How the hell can Pence be a pastor and white supremacist at the same time?!


“Proud Boys at the VP Pence appearance at Philly Police FOP Lodge 7/9/20” – see photo:


“Army probing how 'MAGA' was listed as 'covert white supremacy' in handout”




May 3, 2020:

Washington lies. If COVID-19 was released from a lab in 2019 why did some Americans already have the antibodies in 2018?


April 10, 2020:

PNAS: Univ Cambridge and Univ Medical Hamburg CONFIRM COVID-19 came from USA NOT NOT NOT Wuhan

3 strains COVID-19:

A Original USA & AUST

B (from A) in China

C (from B) in Europe


BBC resides in Great Britain that is a member of the international network of corrupt, conservative authoritarian, anti-people leaders. They don’t even follow the finds of their own University of Cambridge, much less Hamburg Medical, that found that COVID-19 originated in the USA, not China. Other evidence continues to be found that support that China was NOT the origin of COVIDUSA-19:

“Coronavirus: How the discovery of traces of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater from 4 countries (before the outbreak in China) increases the mystery of its origin”




“Coronavirus was already in Italy by December, waste water study finds”




Consider: COVID-19 (aka COVIDUSA-19) had been circulating around the globe months after originating in the US no later than 2018. For in depth research on COVID-19 originating read the work of Cambridge and Hamburg Medical - it's ABC.

It has been found that COVID had killed Americans in 2018 (as well as ,no doubt, we'll find out other countries) and the virus truly hit the fan at a military base in Maryland where the inept CDC issued a level 3 lockdown. COVID came into existence in the USA and was being passed around. THE VIRUS WAS BUBBLING UP, PROBABLY EVOLVING AND MUTATING AS IT WAS BEING DISTRIBUTED. IT BUSTED LOOSE IN MARYLAND.

Wuhan is a city that has a tight collection of residential skyscrapers that achieves New York, Tokyo, etc style human density of people. Bingo. COVIDUSA-19 MADE THE NEWS. Let's repeat that, it made the news – period. That doesn't mean it originated there, it doesn't mean it started there. And it does NOT mean that if a large scale break out of it hadn't happened in Wuhan it wouldn't have been a global problem or a US problem. If not Wuhan, then it would have simply found another location or multiple locations to explode like the Maryland military base. Maybe that location could have been London, Singapore, or Rio de Janerio or any one of countless other cities. That’s the way this pandemic ramped up and started killing.

The question you should be worried about is what other deadly pandemic worthy virus is ramping up right now? Well, in the South Western United States they are seeing something they are calling “bunny Ebola.” These viruses are coming from the destruction of our environment. COVIDUSA-19 was preceded by viruses that were “mysteriously” killing select animal species. Maybe this is a precursor.

Democrats and Republicans handling of the pandemic has been disgusting. Why are they spending their energy trying to assign blame when the virus rages out of control in America for lack of an appropriate response. They are putting political considerations before the health and lives of working Americans, especially American citizens of color.


“The coronavirus may not have originated in China, says Oxford professor”

“Dr Tom Jefferson called for investigation into the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in sewage, as traces have been found that pre-date China's first COVID-19 case.”




“NPR Source Says Trump Blocked Coronavirus Test in January to Aid His Relection Chance By Keeping US Infection Figures Low. NOTE: Please RETWEET this – America needs to know what this monster did. Thousands of future deaths will rightly be laid at his feet.”


Don’t spend your energy trying to blame the WHO but rather fixing the mess America is in:

“GOP lawmakers raise questions about WHO's coronavirus timeline”





“National Debt Has Increased $5.2 Trillion During Trump's 3 Years as President”


The rich have chosen to simply not pay any tax. Regardless of whether they own any or not:

This is not consistent with the administration's numerous efforts to establish the country as a theocracy.

“As the social safety net is shredded, new data show that billionaires and corporations are refusing to pay hundreds of billions of dollars of owed taxes every single year.”

"The data in those analyses tell the story of conservative politicians letting billionaires and corporations brazenly evade laws and effectively loot hundreds of billions of dollars from the public treasury — all while those same politicians plead poverty to justify cutting the social safety net during a lethal pandemic," writes David Sirota.

“The One Percent Are Cheating Us Out of a Quarter-Trillion Dollars in Taxes Every Year”




Biden is already racking up policy failures:


Biden’s embrace of Bernie’esque “progressive” agenda is a deadly fake meant to dupe the People:

“Bernie/Biden Task Force Ends In Extreme Failure”


“Biden, Sanders unity task forces release policy recommendations

The proposals ahead of the Democratic National Convention don’t include the kind of systemic upheaval that won Sanders so many followers.”


Biden will only provide a brief respite to America’s drift to extreme carcinogenic capitalism:

Yes Betsy DeVos should go but again, this is not enough to undo the drift to the right the 2 parties have achieved for the Rich.

Try outlawing for profit voucher\charter school scams and undoing the diversion of public school money to same as well as religious schools. Taxpayers should be reimbursed for having to pay for schools participating in the scam twice. Furthermore, Biden needs to reassert the Johnson Amendment to separating church from state. What’s more the catholic and evangelical churches need to repay the billions in COVIDUSA-19 bailout funds they received or face taxation including retroactively for decades plus interest and penalties.

Biden’s incremental approach must be opposed! He is a defunct relic like Trump and the People can not sustain a presidency by either man given where their respective parties have brought us.

And why is Jill Biden speaking for her husband? Is this what we can expect as Biden’s dementia gets worse?

“Jill Biden promises if Biden's elected 'no more Betsy DeVos'”


“Email your Representative and Senators to Block U.S. War on Venezuela”


“What’s Missing From the Biden-Bernie Task Force Plan? Medicare for All.”


Biden is a Neo-liberal. He's just going to create the Chinese operating climate for business here in America - cheap wages, fob off costs on to the environment. Alternatively he'd just put everyone to work thru a green new deal. And the new technology he mentions? He's talking about fracking

Biden is pledging to invest $300 billion in research and development over four years that would be spread across the U.S.

“Biden vows to create 5M manufacturing jobs, 'Buy American'”


“Biden’s vision for Venezuela is virtually indistinguishable from Trump’s”

“When it comes to waging medieval economic war on Venezuela, killing Venezuelan civilians, and trying to overthrow their government, there are no real differences between Trump and Biden.

They both want to crush Venezuela.”


“Public Sector’s Right to Strike Is Left Behind in Biden-Bernie Task Force”


“Biden's marijuana plan is out of step with public opinion”


“The People Who Will Draft the Democratic Platform Have a Conflict of Interest Problem”




“The Fed and The Big Bank Wealth Heist. Why We Need Public Banking- Ellen Brown”


“The system is complete when corporate capital does not need corrupt politicians to bail them out with public funds. Blackrock now controls the public funds.”

“How BlackRock exploited the COVID-19 pandemic”




“We are living today with a pandemic that could have been prevented through international cooperation and competent political leadership. There has been enough suffering. Let’s not allow a generation of children to pay for a great reversal in development we can still prevent.”

“Can we avoid a lost decade of development?”




“The symbolism of Betsy DeVos having a bookshelf with no books on it”


“Betsy DeVos:

No education degree

No teaching experience

No experience working in a school environment

Never attended a public school or state university

Never put her own children in public school

Excuse me if I don’t give a f**k what her thoughts are on opening public schools”


“The Trump administration, with Mike Pence and Betsy DeVos at the helm, are now marching your children off to get infected with COVID-19, which may or may not kill them, while they expose the virus to others who are more at risk. It’s time to say no f-ing way, people.”


“Today Betsy Devos said ONLY .02% of kids are likely to DIE when they go back to school. That’s 14,740 CHILDREN !!!”




“A Major Food Chain Shift Appears to Be Happening in The Arctic Right Now”




Bravo Counterpounch.on the following sentence:

“Racism is ingrained in the predatory capitalism that the US worships with its emphasis on ugly materialism over human development, selfish individualism over collective welfare, desperate profit-seeking over social responsibility, immoral inequalities over a sharing culture, patriarchal dominance over an inclusive democracy, mindless consumerism over ecological concern, and a phenomenally successful cunning strategy of keeping people, particularly the working class, divided and loathing each other.”

“Racism in America: Police Choke-Holds Are Not the Issue”




Using the resources of the Government to combat those opposed to racism:

“The company, Dataminr, which has received funding from the CIA, reportedly surveilled dozens of protests by tracking social media posts and then converting the information into police intelligence packages.”

“Report: Dataminr Firm Used Twitter Data to Help Police Monitor BLM Protests”




William Barr, his dad was involved with Epstein now son does this?! After children in dog cages? And the Catholic Church is in bed with Trump?!? WOW. Another institution bites the dust:

“We just bailed out the Catholic Church because they allowed their priests to rape kids – who needs pizza gage when you’ve got this out in the open?

“After intense lobbying, the Catholic church won $1.4 billion in federal coronavirus aid – largely due to the financial stress that resulted form settingly countless child sex abuse lawsuits. Apnews/dab8261c68c93f…”


Dec 2019: “Bill Barr Thinks America Is Going to Hell”

“And he’s on a mission to use the “authority” of the executive branch to stop it.”


“The Pope should be ashamed. If he doesn't return the money I hope he burns in hell

U.S. Catholic churches gained at least $1.4B in federal coronavirus aid, including some that paid settlements or went bankrupt after sex abuse scandals.

The Catholic church is among the biggest winners in U.S. pandemic relief efforts, and usually not eligible for SBA money.”

“Catholic churches cash in on $1.4 billion in federal pandemic relief”

It has been said that the local Catholic Charities has $11 million squirreled away.


“Virus loans helped entities tied to Trump evangelical allies”


Using Govt resources to buy votes:

“I got $1,200. You got $1,200 (maybe). Evangelical churches got $7.3 billion.

I pay taxes. You pay taxes.

Churches pay no taxes.”


American’s are dying and this is what Washington allows to happen?:

“Televangelists, megachurches tied to Trump approved for millions in pandemic aid”


“Churches and Religious Non-Profits Received $6-10 Billion In COVID Relief Funds

Well-known evangelical groups receive funds – including Ligonier Ministries, Willow Creek, Harvest Bible Chapel, and David C. Cook”




Our forests are being wiped out:


“While the world’s forests can play an important role in absorbing carbon dioxide and slowing climate change, new research indicates that elevated CO2 concentrations do not necessarily boost forests and that higher temperatures could cause changes in trees that reduce their ability grow.”


“Will Climate Change Upend Projections of Future Forest Growth?”




“The Climate Emergency Won’t Wait for the Press to Play Catch-Up”




“Obama did not sign a law allowing propaganda in the U.S.”




“"Among Democrats, 30 percent said in this new poll that they approve of Trump's handling of the crisis, up from 14 percent last week, while 92 percent of Republicans approve, an increase of 6 percentage points."

He is converting Dems to his side in droves.”

“Approval of Trump's coronavirus response climbs 12 points in a week”




“Despite what Trump tweeted on Friday about his approval ratings for handling this crisis, these poll numbers say otherwise.”





“Why Trump’s Approval Rating Keeps Growing

Why Trump’s Approval Rating Keeps Growing. God is absolutely using him! See what Senator Gazelka has to say on Truth and Liberty!

To watch the full episode, click here:”




“Could Fox 'News' Be Liable For Downplaying Coronavirus Risks?

Gabriel Sherman tells Joy Ann Reid that there are real concerns at FOX News that they may be in serious trouble.”




“In pretty much every single state, Republican disapproval of Trump’s response is at around 10% or less.”

“The new Civiqs 50-state daily COVID-19 tracker shows just how dangerous Republicans and Fox News really are”




They kill – period

“Fox News, Still a Danger to Public Health”




“Trump takes center stage in "The Daily Show" montage of conservatives who for weeks dismissed the threat of coronavirus.”

“Scathing Supercut Hails The Fox News Hosts, Republicans Who Are ‘Heroes Of The Pandumbic’”




“Fox News Moguls Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch Stockpile Attorneys Against Coronavirus Lawsuits”




“Can you tell the difference between North Korean and Fox News Propaganda?”




Trump's approval via FOX reflects propaganda used to deadly effect while he empties the treasury, and all we can do is watch:

“Live: Senate votes on $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill”




“This is informative... had heard a couple of GOP of the senate wandered off to do FOX interviews... and I guess that is ok under the less than strict "rules" - no phones, but Apple watches are "OK" ... but the propriety of that?? those would be Opinions while you are under OATH to be impartial!?!? hmmmm, well, GOP installed judges are claiming to "have no expertise" and so korruption rolls out... maybe y'all should resign??!? bottom line help the non DINO Dems ahead so we can rectify all this...”

“The Wandering Senators: Are Lawmakers Allowed To Roam About During Trial?”




“Fox News is pushing conspiracy theories which claim that hospital workers around the country are 'faking' the coronavirus crisis. Full-time Fox News anchors and contributors are spreading the viral toxic videos across the Internet, causing a frenzy among Trumpsters who are denouncing the frontline workers sacrificing their lives as 'crisis actors'. Many of them want 'revenge'.


This is sick. Fox News should have its license revoked for broadcasting lies that put our nation in mortal danger”

“Coronavirus deniers take aim at hospitals as pandemic grows”




“Fox's Kilmeade Praises Trump's Racist Tweet: 'Nice Shot Right At The Chinese Who've Been Taking Shots At Us'

After weeks of denial and lying to their viewers about the dangers of COVID-19, Fox needs a new boogeyman to blame for the pandemic, and you can rest assured it will be anyone and everyone other than Dear Leader Trump.”




“Fox News’ Brit Hume: It’s ‘Entirely Reasonable’ the Elderly Would Want to Die to Save Economy”




“Fox News has an all-out frontal assault on Bernie Sanders’ purported “socialism.” It is a sad statement on the level of ignorance in this country that anyone could take seriously the charge that Sanders is a socialist. What Sanders is advocating is something approaching the social-welfare systems of other economically developed countries and that’s a far cry from the socialism Fox News is using as a boogeyman to frighten conservatives.”

“The Myth of Sanders’ “Socialism””




“Dan Patrick, the Republican lieutenant governor of Texas, told Fox News’ disproportionately older audience Monday night that he and other American seniors would be willing to risk dying from the coronavirus in order to ensure that the economy doesn’t slide into a serious recession.”

“Texas Lt. Governor Says Seniors Should Risk Dying of COVID-19 to Protect Economy”


“Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Fox News: Elderly will “take a chance on their survival” for economy”




“Even dumpster fire Fox News isn't wrong on this one...”

Greatest Threat To World Peace: German Survey ranks world leaders:

41% President Trump

17% Kim Jong Un

8% Ali Khamenei

8% Vladimir Putin

07% Xi Jinping




“Franklin Graham suggested to Fox News on Sunday that "hatred for Trump" and "a lot of people in the media" are responsible for a mass stabbing at a Hanukkah party in New York over the weekend.”

“Franklin Graham Blames 'People In The Media' And 'Hatred For Trump' After Hanukkah Party Stabbing”




“Fox anchor who dismissed coronavirus fears as plot to impeach Trump is removed from her prime-time slot

Trish Regan show taken off air after she accuses Democrats of trying to engineer a market sell-off”




““Secret Service agents expressed their anger and frustration to colleagues and friends Friday, saying that the president’s actions have repeatedly put them at risk. “He’s never cared about us,” one agent told a confidant.””

“Trump seemed to defy the laws of science and disease. Then, the coronavirus caught up with him.”




“Politics is about conflict. Assuming otherwise only empowers our political enemies.”

Reader comment: "No, they get it. They're working with Republicans against the people."


“The Dems Don’t Get It”




All personal wealth accumulated by politicians over and above that reasonably attributable to solely there pay check needs to be seized by the People and used to offset the damage they have been doing in violation of the spirit and intent of their having been elected.

“Nobody praises, emboldens, and capitulates to the Republican Party more than @SpeakerPelosi. She needs to be voted out and replaced in November by @ShahidForChange.”




“Schools in England told not to use material from anti-capitalist groups

Idea categorised as ‘extreme political stance’ equivalent to endorsing illegal activity”




“Chris Christie has tested positive for COVID-19, making him the latest official who in President Trump's orbit to contract the virus. The former New Jersey governor helped President Trump prepare for his debate this week against Joe Biden and said no one in the prep room was wearing a mask.”


“Christie tests positive for COVID-19 after helping Trump with debate preparation”




They all caught COVID celebrating f**ing the People over with their latest psycho for the Supreme Court – Battett. Put that through your Bible processing filter why don’t cha:

“Trump hospitalized following Covid diagnosis as ex-aide Kellyanne Conway tests positive – as it happened”




“7 confirmed, so far. Seats were not socially distanced and most people did not wear masks. Sen. Thom Tillis contracted it and was wearing a mask. Reconsider your outdoor social events, people.

"Speculation is growing that the event, which took place on 25 September, could have been the source of Trump’s infection and possibly a super-spreader event, as confirmed cases rise."”


“Scrutiny on Rose Garden event after Kellyanne Conway and other guests test positive for Covid

At least seven people who attended event for Trump’s supreme court nominee have confirmed they have coronavirus”




“Donald Trump ensures first presidential debate is national humiliation”




“President Trump is 74, has elevated blood pressure and is over the threshold for obesity — three factors linked to higher morbidity and mortality among COVID-19 patients.”


“Trump, 74, Faces Greater COVID-19 Morbidity Risk Due to High Blood Pressure and Obesity”




“Russia will take over Trump's campaign while he goes for the sympathy vote

"If President Trump can’t be out there on the campaign trail for the next two weeks, then he is going to rely on his surrogates and, unfortunately, one of his surrogates is Vladimir Putin," Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy said.”


“Murphy: Russia will become more of a threat to US election while Trump is in quarantine”




The title of this article is Bologna!

Let’s all agree to keep our eyes wide open from here on out. Be emotionally honest with yourselves. We got into this mess with delusions. Extending sympathy to trump when he has COVID belittles the evil inherent in his humanitarian, civil rights, and other offenses of common decency.

To take relief in the setback experienced by a manifestation of evil – evil of a historic proportion - is natural and healthy. It does NOT make as bad as Trump. Trump took delight in all that was evil, to celebrate his difficulties is to repudiate evil. Democrats call for sympathy merely illustrates their oneness with Republicans. If you have well wishes or sympathy to extend to a man who aspired to mimic Hitler and all that is bad, don’t say anything at all. Go busy yourself replacing the flowers on Hitler’s grave. I think more than one dog has been returning his favor to mankind.


“Trumpworld delighted in cruelty. Now that Trump has COVID, it demands empathy.”




“If you’re feeling like you’re crazy because you can’t figure out if this news [Trump contracting COVID] is real or a ploy, it’s because we’ve been gaslit by this administration for 4 years. There’s nothing wrong with your judgement and reasoning skills. This is a result of abuse.”




“In 2016, did @realDonaldTrump suspend his campaign when @HillaryClinton had pneumonia?

No. He did not.

In fact he attacked her over it.

In 2016, when @hillaryclinton had pneumonia, were there calls to suspend the election?

No. There were not.

You’r welcome.”




“How will President Trump’s revelation that he tested positive for COVID-19 affect the presidential race? Acclaimed journalist, author and activist Naomi Klein warns that the Trump campaign is likely to exploit the news. “We need to be prepared for the president using the fact that he’s having to cancel campaign events for two weeks to try to further delegitimize elections,” she says.”


“Naomi Klein: I Fear Trump Will Exploit His COVID Infection to Further Destabilize the Election”




“Three journalists, including New York Times correspondent Michael D. Shear, tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday, as did a White House staffer who works with the press. The new infections prompted another round of anxiety and cautionary notes among those who cover the president.”


“Three White House journalists test positive for coronavirus after closely covering Trump”




“Republican Operatives Jacob Wohl And Jack Burkman Charged With Felonies In Voter Suppression Scheme”


“Riot police in Louisville [Kentucky, home to Republican Mitch McConnell] are arresting unarmed protestors by the dozen right now. A couple blocks away militia men are roaming the streets with semi-automatic weapons and the police don’t seem to have any interest them at all. America.”

The difference being Protestors will NOT vote for Trump, the gun totting crazies WILL vote for Trump




“Louisville Police now say, “We’re going to arrest every single person who is here right now.” There are thousands of people protesting. They just ripped up a huge banner of Breonna Taylor before shooting munitions at those holding it. This is what fascism looks like.”

“Of course that doesn’t apply to the right wing militia members walking around with assault rifles on full tac gear. Just the unarmed Breonna Taylor protesters. Again, this is what fascism looks like.”




“Donald Trump isn’t alone. The richest 1% of Americans is responsible for 70% of all UNPAID TAXES.”




“Undocumented people paid upwards of $20,000,000,000 [billion] in Federal taxes in 2015.

Donald Trump paid $0.”




“How much do essential workers pay in personal federal income tax? Sample:

Truck Driver: $9,235

Rancher: $8,575

ER Nurse: $7,781

Sanitation Worker: $3,209

Army Sergeant: $2,380

Grocery Store Cashier: $1,337


Trump $750”




“279 rounds of golf. Cost to taxpayers: $141,000,000, Paid taxes 2016-17: $750”




“The five countries with the highest Audit rates are predominately African American, rural, and in the Deep South. Instead of focusing resources on billionaires who evade taxes, the IRS goes after the most vulnerable and least protected who rely on EITC”




“Michael Dell: A 70% tax rate? “Name a country where that worked. Ever.”

The United States, from 1936 to 1980. Dumbass.


“Tax rates rose to 79% in 1936, rose up to 94% during WWII, fell to 82% in 1949, hovered at 91% from ’51 to ’63 and then stayed at 70% or above until 1980. These rates drove us out of the depression and into powerhouse economies. It was not until Reagan crashed the rates into the 30% range that we started accumulating massive debt and income inequality”




“The Supreme Court announced on Friday that it will hear two consolidated cases that could eviscerate the right to be free from racial discrimination in voting. And the Court agreed to hear these cases just weeks before the Senate is likely to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court, giving a Republican Party that is often hostile to voting rights a 6-3 majority on the nation’s highest court.

The two cases concern Arizona laws that make it harder to vote.”


“The Supreme Court will hear a case that could destroy what remains of the Voting Rights Act

And Republicans are about to gain a 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court.”




“In big states, tiny counties, Trump attacking voting rules”




The Supreme Court is poised to strike down the remnants of the Voting Rights Act that eliminated considerations of race in voting eligibility:

“In 2016, Donald Trump Won Pennsylvania by only 44,292 votes,

There are over 156,000 eligible South Asian American voters in Pennsylvania.

And in Michigan, he won by only 10,704 votes.

Where there are over 125,000 eligible South Asian voters.”




“Billionaire Ken Griffin has now spent more than $46.7 million fighting the proposed amendment on ballots this fall that would allow for a graduated-rate income tax in Illinois.”


“Billionaire Ken Griffin drops extra $26.7M against Pritzker’s graduated-rate income tax amendment proposal. His total stands at more than $46.7M”




“Julian Assange is the modern equivalent of a severed head on a pike displayed at the city gates”




“Lindsey Graham photographed with leader of white nationalist group Proud Boys

The South Carolina senator recently called Proud Boys a 'racist organization,' however, a photo shows him smiling with a known leader of the white nationalist group.”




How does this man keep his Medical License?

“Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul Says Goal of Black Lives Matter Is “Terrorism””




“Rick Santorum says asking Trump to condemn right-wing extremists is unfair because they're his base”




“Conservative hoaxers and conspiracy theorists Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman face four felony charges over robocalls targeting Black voters in Detroit and other cities.”


“Far-Right Activists Charged over Robocalls Targeting Black Voters in Michigan”




Makes me think of term limits:

BOOK: “There’s no normal for to return to. We aren’t going back to anything. We’re only going forwards towards the dark. Barren future of a crumbling empire that has been rotting from within and is desperately seeking to reassert itself once more lest it complete the fall apart.”


Last year I decided that I was going to start reading more and I read 255 books. This year, I wanted to up my game a little bit and do more like a reading marathon and ended up the year reading 365 books, a book for every day. Even though I am a pretty athletic person, I can't run because it hurts my knees. I am not as graceful and elegant as I would need to be for professional dance and sports has never interested me. But reading is the one thing I can do and I like to do at the gym, on planes, in bed, and in the bathtub primarily. So, I made an effort to read for a minimum of 2 1/2 hours per day and sometimes ended up reading for more like 4 hours a day on weekends and when I had other days off from work. I didn't read to show off but to escape the reality of our current country's political situation and to learn more about the lives and perspectives of others unlike me. Reading a mixture of novels, nonfiction essays and immigrant stories, collections of poetry and short stories, I read less than 10% of these books by white people and of those 10%, most were by women. I can say that I really enjoyed the vast majority of the books I've read and don't have any significant regrets for this reading marathon.


I should also note that, although some of these books did come out in 2019, many did not. The following are my favorite books of this year that I read this year (regardless of their original publication date). I know I am also probably forgetting some and I feel remiss in that too, but I spent hours writing the following (even longer than that reading these) and I hope some of you get some good recommendations of books you might also like to read or can connect with me on a book you have read. Feel free to share your favorites as well! I am highly interested in having conversations about books and finding out about literature I may have had less exposure to living in America.


1. Tell Me Who You Are by Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi


This book is an astounding work that covers so many different states and personal backgrounds to reflect on race in America. If you like Humans of New York, this is a little like that in the sense that it explores what makes us human but it's a great more complex and thorough than that-maybe a Humans of America. The fact that Guo and Vulchi were able to travel all across the US to gain an understanding of so many people and how their race has affected their lives is a daring and meaningful venture in and of itself but it's also clear that they make a concerted effort to explore the things these people like and enjoy so that there's a fuller sense to some things they have in common with others. In addition, the photographs of these people really add to a sense of them. if you do not fall in love with these humans along with this work as a whole, that is a loss for you. We must change in our country. We must develop more empathy and patience. We must be able to listen to others who we think we share nothing in common with and find the things we do share whilst respecting individual differences. This is the only way we will be able to heal and move forward.


This book is a masterpiece and should be celebrated in every household across America.


2. Lost Children Archive by Valeria Luiselli


This book is so relevant to what is happening at the border with the unfair treatment of families from Mexico right now in all of our names but it also manages a personal touch with an extended road trip and the link between the mother/protagonist and her own family and how she handles her own children being separated from her. This is a harrowing read, especially because there is truth in the weight of our names as Americans being tied to the deep sins of mistreating other humans. This is also, however a very poetic read, haunting in its lyrical quality and in the way that Luiselli is able to adeptly convey the range of emotions she feels, desperate and distraught but also so very insightful. You will read these pages wit your heart in your throat, worry that if you are not careful, you may actually end of swallowing it.


3. Frontier by Can Xue


2019 was the year I discovered Can Xue, the experimental fiction author from China who, at first, everyone thought was male as her pen name isn't especially gender specific. Can Xue is not understood fully by probably most people and I myself had to read several sentences over again a few times, especially this work, the most esoteric of what I've read (three novels and one short story collection this year). The imagery is especially potent here and you don't really know exactly what is happening in the way the human form can transform. You really don't know quite what could be actually happening....and what could be a dream or a hallucination. This would be a book I would read at the end of the world cuddled under a blanket and remembering the most imaginative humans could be then hoping there were some creatives still left out in the tundra of the world.


4. Though the Arc of the Rainforest by Karen Tei Yamashita


Another new author I discovered was Karen Tei Yamashita and, though I also enjoyed reading a collection of her plays entitled Anime Wong, I even more so enjoyed reading this novel. Yamashita is Japanese American but you get more of that specific perspective from her plays. Set between Japan and Brazil, this novel features a very vivid cast of interesting characters not to mention the protagonist that is the rotating ball in front of the Japanese train conductor's head. This is one of the most unique books I have ever read in my life and it's no surprise that the forward is from one of the most highly intelligent authors in the world, Percival Everett. This novel is a real treat and is a riveting surreal adventure.


5. Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick


I've spent many years not knowing very much at all about the lives of those who live in North Korea, much as the citizens of North Korea have spent their lives knowing not too much about others outside of their country. This non fiction work follows the lives of North Koreans who escape into China and South Korea and manage to be granted refugee status and follows them up until the early 2000s. It's another book that disarms you in its brutality. Demick records the stories of their lives, how they bought into propaganda, and how they started to gather inklings of the truth while they were in their home country. The depth of the poverty and brainwashing is immense from the time that these people are schoolchildren. Even if they were starving, if someone came by and saw that their picture of Kim Jong-il then Kim Jong-un weren't immaculate, they could be taken and forced into a labor camp. If they didn't weep loud enough at the death of Kim Jong-il, they were also suspect and no one could trust their neighbors, who could also very likely be government informants. The only media that they had access to was North Korean and Russian propaganda films and even their literature was greatly restricted. In addition, even having a bowl of rice a day was seen as a great luxury. Many starved to death and were happy to have less mouths to feed in their family. The clothing women could wear was also severely limited. This was (and possibly still in many ways is) a super suppressed society (from the point of view of an American especially.) I'd be curious if anything has changed and what but really what honestly struck me is how the government deliberately misled their citizens into thinking that they were producing things they weren't and that the rest of the world was under the same amount of hardship. This is a government who would rather see their people starve than to stoop to accepting aid from abroad. It's eye opening and terrifying for me to think of the people who have suffered and died under these regimes.


6. The Pretty One by Keah Brown


There has been a real paucity in literature of valuable and unique human perspectives and this work of nonfiction is an incredibly valuable addition to the canon of literature as a whole and adds to our collective human empathy and understanding of the range of experiences one can have while being alive. Keah Brown is a woman like none other-honest about the world and her own growth as a human, friend, and twin sister, insightful about the racism and ableism in our current present world and humorous in her observations of pop culture. Keah Brown has a different ability level and many might say she has a disability. I say she has an ability that most other people do not possess and may not ever possess. That doesn’t mean that our physical environment does not need to become more accommodating (it does) and that people don’t need to develop more empathy (they do). But, it does mean that we would all be wise to learn from her perspective.


7. Your House Will Pay by Steph Cha


One of the most astounding books of fiction I read this year was a book that feels incredibly brave and is loosely based on actual incidents that happened in the Rodney King riots of LA. Steph Cha is Korean American but it became widely clear from this novel that she is very invested in promoting healing between the Korean and African American communities. The novel goes back and forth between 1991 and 2019 and explores racism with a deep and personal delving that made me literally at times gasp out loud. There’s a question of human accountability, retribution, and these are treated with care and contentiousness. This is the kind of wholly relevant novel we can all learn something from even despite it being technically fiction. There are still lots of truths to be found here.


8. When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir by Asha Bandele and Patrisse Khan-Cullors


If you live in America and are even remotely aware of the racist systems and acts of violence that are committed against those in the African and African American communities, you should be appalled. I can tell you just reading even what is considered to be “liberal” news outlets I am appalled by how quickly and often they show any mug shot of a person of color but (I always call this correctly), when it’s a white terrorist who has committed a hate crime, we don’t see his face for several days or longer. The fact of the matter is, most of the time these acts are not even classified as terrorism and yet they are just as damaging and politically motivated. This book explores the heartache and mobilization of the Black Lives Matter movement as well as the police brutality and death and the systems in place that keep white people especially profiting. One day, I hope to live in a world where all are treated equally but we have a long ways to go and, as a human of privilege in this current world, I believe the only way we’re going to get there is if all people, including white people, advocate for an end to these racist systems and a place of acceptance, love, and respect for everyone in this world. I’m never going to claim I know the fear and the danger and the distrust that one must feel being Black in America but I do feel extreme sadness when I see cops having no accountability for murder, for profit prisons capitalizing on modern day slavery, and a whole range of racism happening in terms of regentrification, lack of funding for public schools in neighborhoods where there are more people of color, food deserts, and other appalling neglectful practices by our own government. It is shameful. There should be reparations. And, even more so, I do believe that the police in this country are currently doing more harm than good and that we should abolish at least 90% of our prisons. (I’d say abolish all but I want there to still be a place for Trump and all his friends.) This is a must read for all humans who want to come to a better understanding of what it takes to make a movement and the real human damage to what has occurred in several cities across America where the blood on our hands cannot ever be washed off.


9. Women Talking by Miriam Toews


I’ve read several novels by Miriam Toews and, though I have enjoyed all of them, this is one of her stand alone masterpieces. Miriam Toews comes from a Mennonite perspective and often her stories focus on Mennonite life with some personal anecdotes seemingly inserted here and there. This novel feels much different and offers an important aspect of feminism in terms of exploration of the human female mind after the real life events taking place in Bolivia in 2005-2009 when these women were raped consistently by men in their Mennonite community and were basically told by these men that these abuses were not happening and that these women were psychologically unsound. Most books of this nature explore the deep wounds of being a victim. This book offers a different sort of perspective. While still putting a human face to the damage done by men, it focuses more on the action of these women in discussions and meetings to decide how they will solve this problem going forward. Will they kick out the men? Will they leave completely? If they leave, will they take the children including the male children? At what age does a male stay behind? These are complex and very real questions and all choices are intellectually explored with great discussion. It made me feel the strength and empowerment of women vs. another book that would have focused more on these humans as victims instead. Well worth the read!


10. Ducks, Newburyport by Lucy Ellmann


This is a daunting read. When I say daunting, I should clarify that while I have read a few 1000+ page novels before, they are usually separated into separate sentences. Ellmann clearly was going for a marathon level of stream of consciousness when she wrote this one. Most of the novel (I’d say 900+ pages of it) are The fact of___ the fact of______ the fact of____ the fact of___ and Ellmann reveals what haunts her the most-Trump and corporations valuing profit over people, gun toting MAGA white terrorists on the loose, poorly built bridges, cops shooting unarmed African Americans, and sort of what I can only say I would consider the collective disease process of being American in this present day. But, there is also the overarching story line of being a mother, a daughter whose mother has passed away of Cancer, remarrying after divorce, and oddly enough being a pie baker. She goes through several harrowing real life incidents in the book where she and her family are put in danger but that doesn’t give us a break from her very loud internal monologue that will suddenly just start listing off facts of films, every city she can think of, and random products. The reader’s only reprieve from this great feat of literature is when we see the perspective of a lioness running from hunters and trying to protect her progeny. I do think this book is worth reading, especially if you can get in the groove and feel the pulse of the first person female protagonist but you do need to obviously put in a huge time and emotional commitment. In order to help things flow more smoothly for you if you decide to take up this challenge as a reader, I suggest reading about 100 pages for 11 days straight or 50 pages a day for 21 days straight. If you do this, you manage to get into a certain groove by page 300 or so. Slowly but surely, all the tangential word salad starts making a weird sort of sense and you begin to really feel for the sense of this woman’s personal story and what she’s going through. Maybe it says something about me that I found her relatable even though I haven’t lost my mom to Cancer, haven’t gone through a divorce, do not have kids, and don’t have a clue how to bake a pie. But, I understand being caught in a state of almost helplessness about what my country has become and what I witness in terms of how people act towards each other. Anyway, a lot of people have abandoned this but it might be the perfect book to add to the next time capsule. Hopefully, things will get better in the new year.


11. In the Country We Love: My Family Divided by Diane Guerrero


I still haven’t watched the show Orange is the New Black, which stars Diane Guerrero, but I fell in love with her as Jane the Virgin’s good friend/sidekick Lina early on. (You can’t NOT watch Jane the Virgin if you live in Chicago. So many of my co-workers went to high school with Gina Rodriguez and always talk about how nice she was to everyone which is literally the opposite of what most people say about you in high school). That being said, I usually don’t read books just because they are by celebrities but I enjoyed this one as well as America Ferrera’s American Like Me: Reflections of Life Between Cultures and Tiffany Haddish’s The Last Black Unicorn. All three nonfiction autobiographies are worth reading and pondering over but Guerrero’s personal struggle against adversity when she literally came home as a teenager and found herself completely alone after her parents had been deported to Colombia struck a real sense in me of how, first it’s gotten even worse with ICE raids, and second, these children are such victims and we’re not even considering all the collateral human damage of what we do as a country when this happens. I found this autobiography brave, brutally honest, and even at times a little funny but mostly I found this to me about the power of perseverance and not giving up no matter what, not just in the struggle for survival, which was very real for Guerrero, but also in the struggle to do what you love and follow your dreams and actually make it. Guerrero is talented, that is for sure, but she is also a sort of superhero as well in what she has overcome and she has given us all a real gift of letting us glimpse the power of her human spirit.


12. A Particular Type of Black Man by Tope Folarin


This is a complex portrait of a Nigerian family who immigrates to Utah of all places and it seems like some of this story must be based on Folarin’s own life experience in that he did have a family who immigrated here from Nigeria and spent some time growing up in Utah and other areas that are also mentioned in this book. What makes this book more unique than many immigrant fiction or pseudofiction is the exploration of the human mind and exploration of mental health and illness within the protagonist as well as this family unit. What also makes it worth reading is the sense of a celebration in Nigerian culture vs. complete desertion. There were insights and information in this book that really astounded me, even having lived in this country all my life (though, to be fair I have never been to Utah). Well worth the read!


13. The Memory Police by Yoko Agawa


This is the second full length novel I’ve read by Yoko Agawa (I’ve also read and liked The Housekeeper and the Professor as well as her short story collection entitled Revenge). I enjoyed all three of these works but I liked The Memory Police by far the best…the concept that you slowly lose the memory of everything around you and hold dear and the including literally parts of yourself-limbs, for instance, and that anyone who still has the ability to remember is not safe but is taken and separated from society at the very least is a really intriguing concept but where the book really succeeds is in its exploration of memories in the sense that they make us human and are truly a part of us. It’s also a book within a book as we experience this cruel postmodern society from the protagonist while, at the same time, experience her own protagonist of the horror typewriter story she’s been authoring. I really enjoyed the strong sense of mood and contemplation on the nature of existence.


14. Revolution Sunday by Wendy Guerra


This is a mixed sort of book between prose and poetry with some aspects of experimental fiction as well. One cannot help but fall in love a little bit with Guerra as she travels to Mexico, falls in love with an actor, tries to escape persecution from the Cuban government who are constantly monitoring every move she makes, and above all keeps writing as she attempts to discover the truth of the death of her parents as well as gain a sense of her place in the world as a woman, a poet, a human. Some of these lines of poetry are completely haunting and there’s some real themes in this novel about deconstruction and reconstruction.


15. The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri


Lefteri is British but has worked with immigrants in Athens, which is where this story takes place at least in part. This is a really harrowing fictional account of a Syrian husband and wife who have lost their child and are each coping with it in their own ways (the mother soon after goes blind and the father suffers from delusions and hallucinations). This is also a story about the struggle for survival after witnessing the tragedy-the destruction of your home and everything you love, and the process of immigration to a safer space and country and the real life troubles to be found in these places as well. Oddly enough, I also learned a great deal about bees from this book but I still feel it is more focused on the desperation that people in Syria must feel and trying to get over incidents that have devastated them and should have never happened in the first place. On a personal level, I don’t believe in borders and I’d rather have more Syrians in my own country than horrible rich white men. No thanks!


16. Those Who Wander: America's Lost Street Kids by Vivian Ho


America is a country of great wealth but, unfortunately, until our tax structure changes, it is a wealth owned by the very few whose greed is overpowering (I mean, everyone needs a 100th house while the homeless are dying on the streets, right). In California, especially the Bay Area, where this nonfiction work concentrates on, this is even more vividly so. The book explores the reasons behind actual murders that took place but also the desperate conditions that drive people to become homeless, the psychologies behind being homeless, and the resources that are available and kind people who have tried to help. This book is a really difficult read because of the subject matter but it is important that none of us look away and turn our backs on those who struggle. No one should have to live in poverty just so the most affluent people can become more powerful. But, of course, these uber rich are miserable too, you know. They too won’t be free until every other human is free.


18. So You Want to Talk about Race by Ijeoma Oluo


Oluo is incredible candid and honest not just about racism within our structures such as our for profit prison industrial system but within our daily interactions. She answers some questions white people might be too scared to answer and illuminates other things white people might be oblivious about in terms of their/our own sense of privilege. And she does all of this, I’m guess, with the hope that speaking truth to power will lead us all to be better people regardless of our race and also because communities have suffered because in 2019 (now 2020), white privilege is still very much a thing and is going strong.


19. Logic in an Illogical World by Eugenia Cheng


I wouldn’t call myself a Mathematician by any standards. I can do basic algebra without a calculator and I see the artistic nature of geometry and can read and extrapolate from a variety of graphs but, most of the time, I still prefer art, literature, and music to Mathematics. Still, the one time I became really and truly excited about Math happened when I leared about Mathematical/Logical proofs and Cheng explores the art of proofs within the context of several political arguments relevant to this period of time in our shared human history. She touches on the less controversial to the extreme controversial and offers insights into personality and how she herself has changed when she has thought of an argument or a collection of facts in a different context. This book will help you see multiple points of view and have richer discussions about everything from mandatory voting practices to abortion.


20. Making Comics by Lynda Barry


Many of the books I have written about have touched me and I have learned a great deal from them but this is one of those books that gave me very concrete ideas about activities to do with children at Chicago Public Schools. Not all of these activities are written to be done with children but many can be adapted and I have found that giving kids a 4-5 minute free draw at the end of my Occupational Therapy sessions not only motivates them to complete other challenges but also addresses a visual motor need they might have. I have really enjoyed tremendously seeing kids draw their favorite monster and also as themselves as an animal in particular. I think drawing can definitely be like dreams….you never truly know exactly what you are thinking and feeling until you let your mind and your hands go across the paper. This book also inspired me in a different way, which is to look at my own drawings not as technically good or bad but as a product of my own mind and spirit and, in that sense, it’s less damaging to me and less frustrating when I can’t draw something exactly how it looks in real life, for example. I loved all the exercises and visual examples in this book! It really can change your life if you let it!


21. Blue Boy by Rakesh Satyal


I have to admit, I fell in love with the protagonist of this story, Kiran Sharma, who identifies with the deity of Krishna and is trying to find how own way in the world as both a boy who is discovering his own sexuality and the fact that he is gay, as well as a young man coming to terms with his identity as an Indian American boy living in middle America (Cincinnati, Ohio). Kiran is dramatic and perfect and Satyal really succeeds in painting a vivid portrait of growing up with obstacles but still being yourself despite these challenges. There were scenes in this book that made me laugh until I cried but also made me cry until I laughed. Wonderfully written with a true celebration of the human spirit and of the joy in being able to be yourself and learn to love everything that makes you: you!


22. On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous By Ocean Vuong


First and foremost, Ocean Vuong is a poet and even in prose this comes out more than the vast majority of novel writers. This is his first actual work of fiction and feels a little traumatic and haunting it it’s deep feeling sense of the experience of life and family. Vuong’s deep feeling protagonist is trying to come to terms with the actions of and his relationship to his mother as well as some of his own life choices. You get the sense that each day brings its own struggles and is definitely not easy and that reality is a cruel sort of mistress that keeps revisiting him. But, the poetry above all will make you remember and want to return to this book.


23. A Woman is No Man By Etaf Rum


This book is about many things-family, tradition, but also feminism and a new generation of women who think and reach beyond their metaphysical borders. It follows three generations of a family who immigrated to Brooklyn from Palestine and the abuses they suffered at the hands of their men as well as the secrets they covered up. Most devastating is the way that the grandmother and mother expect (though much more so the grandmother) the conforming of the younger women to submit to all the male wishes and hide any evidence of their true selves that might appear ungrateful and difficult. This is a family that would rather kill than be seen as dishonorable and, though it is technically fiction, it is shocking in the depth of abuse these women take and how they themselves as humans are taken for granted. This book was full of surprises for me on virtually every page.


24. Broken Places and Outer Spaces Nnedi Okorafor


I’m a big fan of the science fiction of Nnedi Okorafor, most notably Lagoon is my favorite, but this book is one I read this year and is a highly personal autobiographical account of her learning to break free from paralysis after a Scoliosis surgery that did not go as well as expected and finding her own unique voice and inspiration in the work of other artists to explore her own realm of Science Fiction in a way that is wholly worthwhile. I had no idea that the author I’ve read so many fiction books from had this extreme experience but I was indeed inspired by her own perseverance and coming to terms with the surgery and not letting limitations define her but pushing beyond these with a strength and dedication that doubtless has made her one of the very best authors in her field.


25. John Edgar Wideman: Fanon


This is one of the more complex books of fiction I’ve read this year…it is truly a story within a story within a story based on some of Wideman’s real life with his brother as well as the actual life of the revolutionary Frantz’s about not wanting the cruelty of history to be repeated and about drawing connections between timelines and the way racism continues to impact people across continents today. It is at times highly poetic and at other times so visceral you might have to put it down but in any case very worthwhile reading and incredibly adept and masterful in its exploration of all of these connections and reconciliation between past and present with a hope for a better and different future. There are many passages here that are profound and all are thought provoking.


26. The Hungry Ghosts by Shyam Selvadurai


I have learned a great deal about the political crisis in Sri Lanka in the 1980s from Selvadurai. If you want to try to understand what was happening between the Tamil and Sinhalese people, this is a topic that Selvadurai visits often as well as coming of age as a man who is gay and being an immigrant in Canada. There’s also a real delving into the classism inherent within the Sri Lankan society between these people and also, between the protagonist’s own grandmother and her tenants and the abuse and neglect that happens to the poor. Meanwhile, the grandmother manages to distance herself from her actions and convince herself that these people brought these things on themselves with bad karma…by her own standards, she should expect a much worse life in her next one. There are many similar topics in terms of Sri Lankan politics and coming to terms with one’s own sexuality in Funny Boy but this seemed more of an in depth work so I would recommend reading The Hungry Ghosts if you have limited reading time but you may find you’d like to read his others anyhow.


27. Taina by Ernesto Quinonez


I read two of Quinonez’s novels back to back and while I liked the emotional drama and complexity of Bodega Dreams, I really liked the sense of Puerto Rican tradition and strong female main character here. This involves everything from the idea of magical realism to deep religious beliefs. Could Taina be a postmodern virgin Mary? Could this be immaculate conception? The other protagonist, a young male, is willing to believe anything she says and fight for her virtue. While this story takes place primarily in Spanish Harlem, it also shows the inherent racism and classism in NYC as a whole while adeptly pulling one into the personalities and tribulations of the characters. Well worth reading!


28. On Black Sisters Street Chika Unigwe


This book explores the lives of African women immigrating to Belgium in hopes of a better life and being lied to with the idea that they could be housekeepers and nannies but then are sold into a sex trade where they are basically enslaved until they raise an inordinate amount of money to “pay back” their immigration fee. It is about living unsafely as an illegal and being forced into prostitution just to survive, which happens far more frequently than many people might realize. Women on our own are valuable in terms of our ideas and our empathy but the world will still look at women as a whole and women from African especially as only worthwhile as a body to rape. This is a very difficult read, mainly because of the aspects of truth that this happens but also because you get attached to the characters and don’t want them to suffer, which is the work of a great novelist in and of itself.


29. Home a Refugee Story by Abu Bakr al Rabeeah


This is a really insightful read for anyone who is looking to hear about the author’s escape from Syria to refugees in Canada. We learn a lot about the power of the human spirit and it is also in many ways a testament to why all countries should welcome refugees. It is also valuable in terms of giving ideas on how we can do better in terms of supporting the transition between countries when there is a new language, culture shock, and when families need to keep something similar in place such as even a space to pray in schools. We need to all make sure we are being kind and sensitive and welcoming as well as aware of the probably trauma that refugees have suffered, especially coming from war torn countries. This also shows us how valuable it is to listen and to help refugees tell their stories, as the work of Rabeeah’s Language Arts teacher Winnie Yeung is the reason why we have this remarkable autobiography.


30. The Other Americans by Laila Lalami


There were many times reading this book I felt fascinated, wondered about the choices of the characters and what they would do next, and drawn to the mystery surrounding the death that unites all of them from the beginning of the Moroccan American father who owns a restaurant and is suspiciously killed by a hit and run. This is a work of fiction but the way it explores racism and xenophobia is all too real and Lalami really helps the reader sense the loss of humanity when incidents like this take place as well as the complexity of it between the investigation and trial and the level of dishonesty too. It’s also interesting because it involves an unlikely inter-racial love affair and there’s a sense that when these two people can fall in love, maybe we can all reconcile our differences with each other…maybe….hopefully we are capable.


31. The Making of a Dream: How a Group of Young Undocumented Immigrants Helped Change What It Means to Be American By, Laura Wides Munoz


This is a really comprehensive work of nonfiction chronicling the 1,500 walk of a group of Dreamers and a decade of work beginning with Obama and coming up to the published date of January 2019. It makes no qualms about exposing the frustrations and stalemate of the Obama presidency in getting protections but also the horrors of our current political situation for these young and determined humans that are also vulnerable despite their bravery and fierceness. We get to know the inner workings of their lives and family situations, their education and history of what drives them the most in terms of their advocacy. Munoz also exposes how some movements such as gay rights and marriage are pitted against others like the movement to protect Dreamers and how a single year cut off can arbitrary ruin human lives and mean deportations. This is an important read for anyone who still thinks these amazing humans don’t belong or deserve to be here (They do!) and who still thinks it’s easy to become a legal immigrant if you’re just willing to go through the established process….this line of thinking is an ignorant myth. These humans deserve so much more than this. Let’s hope 2020 brings us a new president who is willing to provide more protections and also welcome more immigrants to America.


32. Go Ahead in the Rain by Hanif Abdurraquib


Hanif always brings himself into his writing about music and this is why, even if you are not the biggest Tribe Called Quest Fan, you will still find many reasons to fall in love with this book. That being said, my partner has always loved Tribe and I finally fell in love myself when I saw them perform and was able to photograph them (see: ) Hanif made me love both him and the band even more in the way that he explores their history, why their music is groundbreaking, and their contemporaries as well. Hanif also explores his own love of music and how music was seen in his family. There’s also a story early on that shows the racism of his music teacher at school that made me feel so devastated that these things happen from teachers who are supposed to be loving and nonjudgmental. There is so much to love and learn from in this book and, even if you don’t fall in love with Tribe, you might still fall deeper in love with humanity and our relationship to nourishing sound.


33. Call Me American Abdi Nor Iftin


Oh my God the lengths that this man goes to in order to survive civil war in Somalia, escape to Kenya then to the US is insane. My heart was in my throat for the vast majority of this book…a really survival against all odds life story. It also gives a glimpse at how much tragedy some of our immigrants are carrying with them when they come here and the love and supports we should all give them. Abdi Nor Iftin is extremely intelligent and also funny but I can’t imagine going through even 10% of what he went through when he was trying to escape warring tribes and seeing so much death around him and still being able to lift my head off the pillow each morning.


34. Passing by Nella Larsen


I read both Passing and Quicksand by Nella Larsen this year and liked them both quite a bit. Both have a lot to offer in terms of insights into classism and racism but Passing feels a little more vivid to me maybe because it is set between Chicago and NYC whereas much of Quicksand takes place in Denmark. Both novels are well worth reading though and Passing has both a personal component between these two women with a shared history and that of secrets and racism as one woman is passing for white in trade of an elevated place in society at the time. In addition to giving us glimpses of both cities in 1929, it shows a little bit about what it was like both living as a white woman and living as a black woman and the level of anxiety felt by those who tried to keep their race a secret.


35. Americanized: Rebel Without a Green Card Sara Saedi


In many ways, this is about a family torn because of their differing immigration statuses and how arbitrary all that seems when we’re talking about real humans and not just letters and numbers on a page. This is a family that will go to all lengths in order to get citizenship for themselves and others and will fight to be Americans even though America does not treat them as kindly or with justice. This is also a great deal about the joys of family, of Iranian culture, and also of coming of age and pop culture in America. Saedi, who now writes for iZombie (I still haven’t seen this show myself but now I might give it a try), is at times poignant and at other times really hilarious. You really get a sense of her personality in this autobiography and it really makes you again realize how much immigrants have to offer America and how they deserve far better than what they are given most of the time. It’s a tragedy that we treat humans the way we do simply because they aren’t born here. That needs to stop.


36. Lindy West: The Witches are Coming


Lindy West is hilarious in her examination of racism, sexism, whole bodyism and all that really needs to change about reality. I learned things I somehow missed, like how “Grumpy Cat’s” owners came up with a ridiculous far fetched story so cover up for the fact they were using an insult/slur used for those with different ability levels. I also found the chapters about Adam Sandler and Joan Rivers pretty insightful as well. There were many times I felt like, “Yeah, I agree with that” but she has a really great cutting way about how she presents information and also her opinions that make it a good read.


37. The Reactive By, Ntshanga, Masande


I’ve never read a book quite like this. If you want to know what it was like to be HIV+ in the late 1990s-early 2000s and living in South Africa, this book is the one for you. But also, this book is about family, about overcoming loss, about deep friendships and has a great deal of existentialism and in general bizarre interactions, drug trial and substance abuse, and an analysis of racism in Cape Town as well. I felt very strongly that I both learned something and gained an attachment to these fictional characters and what they were going through.


38. Brother by David Chariandy


Set in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto, this follows second generation Trinidadian immigrants and the racism they encounter living there in the early 1990s. This is a really well written look at family, especially these two brothers and the bond between them and how the family deals with all of life’s small and large tragedies. It’s also a book that will likely devastate you, though I don’t want to spoil anything by saying more.


39. A People’s History of Heaven by Mathangi Subramanian


This could be another book about class warfare and profit over people but the layers in it are exceptional and what Subramanian does really well is to delve into the different personalities and power in the women in this place ironically called Heaven and illustrate the need for women to stick together.


40. Dinner By, César Aira


I read a couple of novels/novellas by César Aira and a collection of short stories called The Musical Brain and Other Stories, which was also phenomenal. Dinner was even more unexpected and hilarious because it combines the need to be remembered and the power of names with a zombie uprising in the little town of Pringles in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love the politically astute sense to this and the twists in the plot. Really a very unique book not just about zombies but about the power of human memory.


A couple of really highly recommended books of poetry:


The City in Which I Love You Li-Young Lee


Rangoli by Pavana Reddy


A couple of quick cat related books


I don’t think the following books are necessarily life changing but I did want to mention to them in case you are a cat lover like I am! I think animals bring out the best in humans when we find ourselves at our most compassionate and so I’ve always enjoyed reading books that feature cats. Here are the couple I read this year and enjoyed:


If Cats Disappeared from the World by Genki Kawamura


We could give up movies and time but could we give up cats? What if we were terminally ill and this could buy us one more day on Earth….what would we give up?


The Traveling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa


For the vast majority of this book, we really don’t know why the protagonist is looking for someone to take care of his cat but we get to meet a lot of different types of people from his past and learn about them, which is both interesting and philosophical.




Why is it so difficult to address systemic racism in America?

Maybe because to fix it will invariably result in changes in how wealth flows in our society. And this means granting and redistributing civil and basic human rights. Alienating groups from society’s benefits has to stop. The Rich won’t like it. And one of the first things Biden said to the rich is that nothing was going to change.




Democrats’ President Biden to the rescue?! THIS is who Democrats committed election fraud for?!?!


“Biden suggests police could shoot assailants 'in the leg instead of the heart'




It’s becoming clear that Trump’s network of Neo Nazi’s served to provide the optics for Trump’s up armoring against the people prior to the 2020 election:


1-“3 more linked to neo-Nazi group arrested in Georgia”


2-”'Disturbing' texts between Oregon police and far-right group prompt investigation

Texts between Joey Gibson, the leader of the far-right group Patriot Prayer, and Portland police Lt. Jeff Niiya have been criticized by officials in Oregon's largest city.


3-“Arrest Warrant Issued For Brian Bartels, Police Say He Started Saturday Riots In Pittsburgh”


4-“'No Blame?' ABC News finds 54 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults”


5-“CAUGHT ON TAPE White rioter causing damage swarmed and unmasked by protesters and handed over to cops”


6-"A Twitter account claiming to belong to antifa and calling for violence in protests has been linked to the white nationalist group Identity Evropa."

“White nationalist group posing as antifa called for violence on Twitter

Other misinformation and misleading claims spread across Twitter on Sunday night and into Monday related to the protests.”


7-“ Proud boys are dressing up as Antifa”

“Blaming anarchists and antifa, with absolutely no evidence, is a way to make what’s happening seem fringe and marginal when these are popular uprisings.”

“Trump’s Threats to Antifa Are an Affront to Black Agency and a Risk to All Protest”


8-“These are Proud Boys dressed like Antifa. If we see violence or vandalism happening, we can't assume it's the protestors.”


9-“ Wesley Somers, who was arrested for felony arson after setting fire to a Nashville courthouse, has a three percenter tattoo. He's a white nationalist. Not antifa. One of Bunker Boy's "Fine people"..”


10-“ The FBI Finds ‘No Intel Indicating Antifa Involvement’ in Sunday’s Violence

Trump wants to designate antifa a terrorist organization, despite lack of authority and evidence of wrongdoing.”

“The FBI’s Washington Field Office “has no intelligence indicating Antifa involvement/presence” in the violence that occurred on May 31, according to an internal FBI situation report obtained exclusively by The Nation.”




“As protesters face off with militarized police across the country, Trump’s ineptitude and cruelty feel more painful than ever.”

“Where Does America Go From Here?”




“George Floyd: America's racial inequality in numbers”

“Black households have only 10 cents in wealth for every dollar held by white households, according to 2016 data.”

“From education to home ownership, here are eleven statistics that show inequality among black and white Americans:”




BLASPHEMY – Trump’s Barr knowingly and intentionally tear gassed a church, St. John’s:


1-“Rev. Gini Gerbasi said that she, along with the church's seminarian, were forcibly removed from the patio of St. John's Episcopal Church less than an hour before President Trump arrived to take pictures while holding a Bible.

“The patio of St. John's, Lafayette square had been HOLY GROUND today. A place of respite and laughter and water and granola bars and fruit snacks. But that man turned it into a BATTLE GROUND first, and a cheap political stunt second.”


2-” Lena miler comment: Quote from Rev. Robert Hendrickson, St. Phillip’s Episcopal Church, Tucson AZ: “This is an awful man, waving a book he hasn’t read, in front of a church he doesn’t attend, invoking laws he doesn’t understand, against fellow Americans he sees as enemies, wielding a military he dodged serving, to protect power he gained via accepting foreign interference, exploiting fear and anger he loves to stoke, after failing to address a pandemic he was warned about, and building it all on a bed of constant lies and childish inanity. This is not partisan. It is simply about recognizing the moral vacuum that is now pretending to lead.””


3-“‘Fascism has come to America’: Trump ripped for gassing protesters to hold awkward Bible photo-op”


4-“From Gini Gerbasi, via Facebook, Rector at St. John's Episcipal Church in D.C.:

"Friends, I am ok, but I am, frankly shaken. I was at St. John's, Lafayette Square most of the afternoon, with fellow clergy and laypeople - and clergy from some other denominations too. We were passing out water and snacks, and helping the patio area at St. John's, Lafayette square to be a place of respite and peace. All was well - with a few little tense moments - until about 6:15 or so. By then, I had connected with the Black Lives Matter medic team, which was headed by an EMT. Those people were AMAZING. They had been on the patio all day, and thankfully had not had to use much of the eyewash they had made. Around 6:15 or 6:30, the police started really pushing protestors off of H Street (the street between the church and Lafayette Park, and ultimately, the White House. They started using tear gas and folks were running at us for eyewashes or water or wet paper towels. At this point, Julia, one of our seminarians for next year (who is a trauma nurse) and I looked at each other in disbelief. I was coughing, her eyes were watering, and we were trying to help people as the police - in full riot gear - drove people toward us. Julia and her classmates left and I stayed with the BLM folks trying to help people. Suddenly, around 6:30, there was more tear gas, more concussion grenades, and I think I saw someone hit by a rubber bullet - he was grasping his stomach and there was a mark on his shirt. The police in their riot gear were literally walking onto the St. John's, Lafayette Square patio with these metal shields, pushing people off the patio and driving them back. People were running at us as the police advanced toward us from the other side of the patio. We had to try to pick up what we could. The BLM medic folks were obviously well practiced. They picked up boxes and ran. I was so stunned I only got a few water bottles and my spray bottle of eyewash. We were literally DRIVEN OFF of the St. John's, Lafayette Square patio with tear gas and concussion grenades and police in full riot gear. We were pushed back 20 feet, and then eventually - with SO MANY concussion grenades - back to K street. By the time I got back to my car, around 7, I was getting texts from people saying that Trump was outside of St. John's, Lafayette Square. I literally COULD NOT believe it. WE WERE DRIVEN OFF OF THE PATIO AT ST. JOHN'S - a place of peace and respite and medical care throughout the day - SO THAT MAN COULD HAVE A PHOTO OPPORTUNITY IN FRONT OF THE CHURCH!!! PEOPLE WERE HURT SO THAT HE COULD POSE IN FRONT OF THE CHURCH WITH A BIBLE! HE WOULD HAVE HAD TO STEP OVER THE MEDICAL SUPPLIES WE LEFT BEHIND BECAUSE WE WERE BEING TEAR GASSED!!!!"




“How Hitler seized power:

1. Create a crisis.

2. Demonize opponents.

3. Declare a state of emergency.

4. Undermine elections.

5. Make the rule of law irrelevant.

6. Rule by decree.

If America falls it will be because

of the people who didn’t pay attention. #DictatorTrump #NotMyPresident45 #Racist #Resist”

[facebook has flagged the photo of Hitler as doctored (?) thereby making the post false information. Ignore the photo then?]




DECLARING WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE - “…I was just following orders…”


1-Will the "U.S. Military" Trump deploys against American protesters really by Eric Prince's private mercenaries? Eric Prince is Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ brother. He is also the founder of the infamous Blackwater, a defense security private contractor:

“Police use munitions to forcibly push back peaceful protesters for Trump church visit

Park Police denied using tear gas, but rather smoke canisters and pepper balls.”


2-“Deploying Federal Troops in a War at Home Would Make a Bad Situation Worse”


3-“Over 300 veterans have signed onto an open letter encouraging members of the National Guard to respond to the "moral choice" in front of them by refusing orders to deploy against protesters in streets across the nation.

"We urge you to have the courage to do the right thing," the letter says. "Refuse activation orders."”

“'Do the Right Thing': Veterans Call On National Guard Members to Refuse to Deploy Against Protesters

"It is asinine for a rich man hiding in a bunker to ask these troops, most of whom probably signed up to pay for access to college and healthcare, to take actions that will inevitably lead to more violence and haunt them for the rest of their lives."”


4-“We saw it with our own eyes: Trump wants to go to war against America”




Complicit includes Democrats:

“History Will Judge the Complicit

Why have Republican leaders abandoned their principles in support of an immoral and dangerous president?”




“Possibly hundreds of thousands of US military personnel and dependents stationed overseas, as well as US civilians who maintain US residency, but live and work in foreign countries, have no choice but to vote by mail. Other groups who depend on voting by mail include people with disabilities, the elderly, those who work multiple jobs, and people with underlying health issues. Voting by mail is a necessity not a conspiracy theory.”

“‘It could have a chilling effect’: why Trump is ramping up attacks on mail-in voting

Trump is sowing doubt about mail-in voting at a time when it may be the safest way for people to cast their ballots”




Unlike the Democrat’s Primary Elections where evidence abounds surrounding their election fraud”

“No basis for conspiracy theory”: FEC commissioner fact-checks Trump’s voter fraud claims”

“FEC commissioner refutes Trump's voter fraud claims”




WOW. This photo says it all!:

“The Question Isn’t Whether Trump Will Go Full Authoritarian—It’s How We’ll Respond

We know that no one is coming to save us from Trump. So how will we save ourselves?”




“‘Frustrated and angry’: Thousands march in Dublin to protest death of George Floyd

Black Lives Matter activists rally at US embassy after man dies in police custody in Minneapolis”




“Thousands in New Zealand protest against George Floyd killing

Speakers highlight racism against Indigenous people and call on Ardern to denounce killing”




“A leading conservative writer comes out with a scathing argument for defeating Trump and his enablers: ‘The worst is yet to come’”


"We need to take a longer, harder look at environmental racism — systems that produce and perpetuate inequalities in exposure to environmental pollutants."

“How environmental racism is fuelling the coronavirus pandemic

Toxic living conditions have long inflated death rates. Scientists must learn to track these patterns of inequality.”




“A “sponge city” is one that is designed to retain, clean, and reuse stormwater. Unlike concrete pavements that separate water from the natural ecosystem, sponge cities utilize natural wetlands to absorb water into the soil before it can flow into urban streets, therefore providing a water-resilient threshold. In the past two decades, the model has gained huge support in his home country of China, and today Yu and his team have completed some 500 sponge city projects in cities around the world.”

“Meet the Architect Whose Revolutionary “Sponge Cities” are Helping Combat Climate Change”




It is not inconceivable that we have obliterated ourselves and we are now on borrowed time:

“Global Methane Emissions Soar to Record High, Even As Pandemic Has Reduced Carbon Emissions”

"Global emissions of methane have reached the highest levels on record. Increases are being driven primarily by growth of emissions from coal mining, oil and natural gas production, cattle and sheep ranching, and landfills."


“If unabated, the researchers warn, methane emissions could push the planet toward a world heated up by 3 to 4 degrees Celsius, one of the worst-case scenarios for global warming.”

“Methane levels have hit a scary record high, new studies say”


The successive tsunamis. In order of occurrence: COVID-19; Recession; Climate Change; and Biodiversity collapse will invariably lead to a world with many less humans


“Climate change: Summers could become 'too hot for humans'”






They were just following orders:

“Homeland Security just released their rationale for why they’ve deployed military force, disappeared people, and attempted to murder people in Portland. It’s a list of graffiti incidents.”


“We all childishly believed that the arrival of Fascism in America would be marked by armed paramilitaries loyal to a racist strongman descending on cities with “we’re fascist” signs, but in reality it’s that without the signs.” - Hamilton Nolan


“Inside the battle for Portland with the independent journalists on the streets

As federal agents snatch protesters in unmarked vans, the reporters covering the Portland uprising are facing intense and unprecedented repression.”


“Unidentified government agents kidnapping Americans exercising their 1st amendment right to protest is nothing short of fascism. We must defend the right to protest:”

“Mayor of Portland to Trump: Get your troops out of the city”


“A government program that supplies local police forces with military equipment has major loopholes that put the public at risk.”

“Tell Congress to reform the 1033 program & stop the militarization of public safety officers “




“The Next Disaster Is Just a Few Days Away

Millions of unemployed Americans face imminent catastrophe.”

"Enhanced unemployment benefits have been a crucial lifeline to tens of millions of Americans. Unfortunately, all of those beneficiaries are now just a few days from being thrown overboard."

Trump is condition COVID-19 relief on cutting Social Security Benefits.


“The coronavirus stimulus package carved out $135,000,000,000 in tax breaks for millionaires.

That’s *three times* as much money as was included for emergency housing and food relief.

Whey I say we have socialism for the rich, harsh capitalism for the rest, this is what I mean.”


'We are not at the mercy of the virus, now or in the future.'

“An expert explains: Why it's wrong to talk about a second wave of COVID-19”


”Trump has “brought death, suffering, and economic collapse on truly an epic scale. And let’s be clear. This isn’t happening in every country around the world. This place. Our place. Our home. Our country. The United States. We are the epicenter. Ware the place where you’re the most likely to die from this disease. We’re the ones with the most shattered economy. And we are because of the fool that sits in the Oval Office behind the Resolute Desk.” - Steve Schmidt, longtime Republican strategist and a founder of The Lincoln Project.


“Trump administration pushing to block new money for testing, tracing and CDC in upcoming coronavirus relief bill”




“Hey Uh, Homelessness skyrocking & USPS getting defunded right before an election that’ll be mostly by mail isn’t a coincidence. Just so we’re clear.”





“'Inappropriate, Unjust, and Unreasonable': 300+ Groups Slam Duckworth Water Privatization Bill”

“This bill is an egregious handout to giant water corporations which would embolden them to manipulate and fleece struggling communities – particularly communities of color.” – Wenonah Hauter, Founder and Executive Director at Food & Water Watch

Water is a human right, and we need to keep it public!”




“Q: What is the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)?

A: A law that gives you the tools to fight back federal projects like a toxic waste incinerator or a dangerous oil/gas pipeline in your community.

Now, the Trump administration is gutting it.”

“Trump Wants to Undo the People’s Environmental Law

Learn how the National Environmental Policy Act helps communities protect themselves from dangerous, rushed or poorly planned federal projects”




“A U.S.-backed, Saudi-led bombing raid on a residential neighborhood in northern Yemen Wednesday killed 25 civilians and critically injured nine others, according to medical workers, as the coronavirus continues to spread through the country. Yemen is seeing an "astronomical" surge in coronavirus cases and faces severe challenges, "given the healthcare crisis and the ongoing blockade and the shortage of medicine and fuel and all the things that are needed to keep hospitals functioning," says Shireen Al-Adeimi, a Yemeni scholar, activist and an assistant professor at Michigan State University. "The blockade is still ongoing. And this is in the middle of a pandemic ... I can’t imagine a country that has it worse than Yemen currently. It was the world’s worst humanitarian crisis before COVID, and because of the U.S.'s intervention, and now it's even worse than that."


As the coronavirus spreads in Yemen, where the population already devastated by the world’s worst humanitarian crisis faces growing hunger and aid shortages, the Saudi-led, U.S.-backed coalition continues to drop bombs in the country. We speak to Yemeni scholar Shireen Al-Adeimi, who calls the ong...”

““This Is Trump’s War”: U.S.-Backed Saudi Bombing in Yemen Continues as Coronavirus Spreads”




And Democrats have utterly failed to protect the American People – including Pelosi’s obstruction of heathcare for all during a deadly global pandemic:

“Every lie, Every Crime, The same five stages”




“Invasive alien species may soon cause dramatic global biodiversity loss”


"At the moment it is not yet possible to generate precise predictions based on computer models as to how the spread and impact of alien species will change in the future. Therefore, expert assessments via standardised surveys are an important tool to obtain a better understanding of the causes and consequences of the spread and impact of alien species for the coming decades," says Franz Essl.


"Our study illustrates the option space we currently have to reduce the future impacts of alien species," says Bernd Lenzner.


"The results form an important scientific basis for the further development of international agreements such as the Sustainable Development Goals or the Convention on Biological Diversity. This way we will be able to reduce the negative impacts of [alien species]( on global biodiversity and our society."


"There has been a rapid escalation in the number of non-native species being transported and introduced by humans around the world; the adverse effects of some of these so called invasive non-native species on biodiversity and ecosystems has been extensively documented.


"It is now critical that we work collaboratively to predict future patterns so that we can inform appropriate action going forward—such as improved biosecurity to prevent further introductions of the most damaging invasive non-[native species]("




It is true. Trump is hawking canned beans and cookies from the Oval orifice, Ivanka is doing the same,…during a deadly pandemic and an unprecedented collapse of the American economy:


“DEMOCRATS will just let their buffoonery rage because it improves the prospect of getting a corrupt, out of touch, aged and ailing (dementia) sell entitled fool like Biden elected”


“These two human imposters are wanted for Criminal & Reckless endangerment !!! This is also a high crimes and misdemeanors punishable by impeachment”

“First Time double impeachment before they kill us all !!!”


It is time to issue and arrest warrant for Charles Koch




Chevron has corrupted the American Judicial System enslaving it to its will:

“The Government Gave Big Oil the Power to Prosecute Its Biggest Critic

A judge empowered a private law firm to criminally prosecute Chevron’s nemesis—and now the firm has admitted it worked directly for Chevron.”

“The media is finally starting to take notice of Chevron's blatant corruption of the U.S. judicial system with its relentless legal attacks on environmental and human rights lawyer Steven Donziger. Chevron not only refuses to pay its $9.5 billion judgment to the people of Ecuador for polluting the Amazon, but it also started a legal battle designed to silence and imprison its biggest critic and biggest threat:

"The Chevron case represents an escalation—potentially opening the door to future cases in which judges give private law firms the authority to imprison corporate critics, without disclosing their corporate ties to industries that are trying to shut down dissent."”




“Regulatory Rollback Tracker”

Quote: “We are tracking environmental regulatory rollbacks of the Trump Administration. The table below links you to pages that describe the history of each rule and its current status and rollback efforts, including litigation and court decisions. We track open comment periods, and link to pages where you can submit comments. We’ll be adding rules and updating the posts, so check back or sign up for updates.”




“"Untouched wilderness is crucial to generating, cleaning, and distributing water around the world, and could help to mitigate the looming water crisis. These landscapes also clean the air and act as carbon sinks, regulate the global environment, buffer countries from natural disasters, and they’re critical refuges for countless species."

“Wild places are facing the same extinction crisis as species.””

“5 Countries Hold 70% of the World’s Remaining Wilderness”




“Since the reports came out about Russia’s offer to pay $ for the murder of U.S. troops abroad – which was 18 days ago – Donald Trump has done more to protect this corrupt friends from jail than he has to protect our troops.” And Democrats continue to remain silent and inactive on the matter.


Trump: “I know more than the Generals”

“Russia secretly offered afghan militants bounties to kill U.S. Troops, intelligence says”

Trump: “I didn’t know that”




Taming the beast:

Foreign students buying America education was a huge market:

“"According to the IIE, the vast majority of funding for international students comes from overseas, rather than being funded by their host institutions, meaning that international students are big business for American universities. While students will still be required pay tuition fees, it's possible that a hostile policy towards people seeking to study in the US could discourage prospective students."”

“There are more than 1 million international students in the US. Here's where they're from”


“Here’s the secret of “university indoctrination.”

Professors aren’t doing it. Your little darlings are finally meeting a diverse group of people and realizing that the stereotypes you’ve been feeding them are closed-minded garbage.




Feb 2018: “How Animal Agriculture Affects Our Planet”




Biden's $2 trillion green energy plan:


“Big Oil's climate change pledges sound impressive, but many of them are misleading and misrepresent how much the companies are changing. In fact, none of them have committed to reducing oil and gas production anytime soon.”

“What Does Net Zero Emissions Mean for Big Oil? Not What You’d Think

BP, Shell, and other companies say they’ll address climate change. But their pledges fall far short of what's needed to meet global climate goals.”


“Great article by the NYT's Hiroko Tabuchi on the shortfalls of oil and gas bonding for federal leases “most states also require bonding or guarantees from drillers to plug wells, those deposits often fall short, forcing states and taxpayers to foot the bill.””

“Fracking Firms Fail, Rewarding Executives and Raising Climate Fears

Oil and gas companies are hurtling toward bankruptcy, raising fears that wells will be left leaking planet-warming pollutants, with cleanup costs left to taxpayers.” Enter Biden’s $2 trillion dollar Green Energy Plan (aka corporate welfare)


“Oil & Gas Royalty Relief – Data & Analysis

Royalty relief for oil and gas companies operating on federal lands is the latest in a series of subsidies for the industry”


“California's largest oil and gas company has filed for bankruptcy. It's time for investors to recognize that this is a dying industry and a dangerous investment, and that renewable energy is where the future is!”

“California Resources Corp., leading oil and gas producer, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy”




Re-opening schools – Nazi’s never cared about the lives of children:


“The study of nearly 65,000 people in South Korea suggests that school reopenings will trigger more outbreaks.”

“Older Children Spread the Coronavirus Just as Much as Adults, Large Study Finds”




“Forbes compiled a list of 10 health care billionaires who collectively raked in more than $7 billion since March 11, 2020—the day the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic.”

“Who Is Getting Rich off Coronavirus Pandemic?”




“The Election Crimes Bulletin Returns, w/ Greg Palast”




“Study Finds ‘Rollie Pollies’ Remove Heavy Metals From Soil, Protects Groundwater”




Eulogized by a boob:

“Marco Rubio mixes up John Lewis and fellow late Black lawmaker Elijah Cummings in tweet”




“North Atlantic right whales now officially 'one step from extinction'”




Why should a Washington politician, like Pelosi, who’se been in office for decades, be permitted to keep the $30 million she earned off her position as some type of "tip for a job well done?" Think of all that has happened to the country during this time. It’s has been a staggering failure of the majority of America’s best interests!

“Nancy Pelosi has been in politics since JFK was president –

Anyone who has been in politics for over 50 years, and worth $29 million and ranked 15th out of 50 of the wealthiest in Congress, is exactly why term limits should become law.”




“Trump’s argument for re-election is that he will put a stop to this. But it’s happening while he’s president. He’s running as a challenger to himself. Re-elect me so I can stop the awful stuff that happened while I was President is a strategy I don’t think I’ve ever seen before”








Call your U.S. Senators: 202-225-3121 Call your U.S. Rep: 202-224-3121



"The U.S. Senate is on the brink of passing a massive corporate giveaway that will be yet another transfer of wealth from the American people to the wealthy. It was described by HuffPost's Zach Carter like this: "It is not an economic rescue package, but a sentence of unprecedented economic inequality and corporate control over our politics that will resonate for a generation. It represents a transfer of wealth and power to the super rich from the rest of us, with the support of both political parties ― a damning statement about the condition of American democracy." We all must act now to STOP THIS! Light up the switchboards on Capitol Hill! Call your U.S. Senators: 202-225-3121 Call your U.S. Rep: 202-224-3121




HUFFINGTON POST HEADLINES: “Democrats Are Handing Donald Trump The Keys To The Country, The Senate coronavirus bill is shocking.”


This is what Biden is all about. And make no mistake this aid money will find its way into Republican political campaigns at the Local, State, and Federal level making it extremely difficult for Democrats to “take back” the Congress, Senate, White House, and Judiciary. It is an unprecedented, shocking, and obscene transfer of wealth and power from Working Americans to the Super Wealthy Ruling Elite. Sadly, it was enacted by a group of politicians made up largely of an age group that won’t be in office while all the effects are felt.

Any talk of an exemption the prohibits Donald Trump or his family from benefiting from the hundreds of billions, which could easily turn into over trillions of dollars once leveraged through the federal reserve is nonsense.

It is not impossible that the recent Bailout will enrich Trump, his family, or his properties. Portions or all of it may turn out to appear like Trump’s “golden parachute”.

They will use the money to play the stock market.

A portion of the hundreds of billions passed out by Trump and Mnuchin will be kicked back to the Republican Party as campaign donations. There is speculation that It is entirely possible that Charles Koch may get the entire amount.

Bailout proceeds will find their way to Casino operators, Luxury Cruise Lines, as well as the Oil, Gas, Fracking, and Nuclear Energy industries.

It is hard to imagine A COVID Bailout that would raise less government revenue in the form of taxes than that approved by today’s Democrats and Republicans. Today’s COVID bailout performs abysmally when it comes to paying itself back.



“The emergency coronavirus legislation that the Senate agreed to on Tuesday can only be described as an outrage. It is not an economic rescue package, but a sentence of unprecedented economic inequality and corporate control over our politics that will resonate for a generation.


It represents a transfer of wealth and power to the super rich from the rest of us, with the support of both political parties ― a damning statement about the condition of American democracy.


Final text of the bill has not been released, but according to a legislative draft, the new law would establish a $4.5 trillion corporate bailout fund overseen by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, with few substantive constraints. Some outlets are reporting this as a $500 billion fund, but $425 billion of that can be leveraged 10 times over by the Federal Reserve, resulting in a multi-trillion-dollar program.


The bill permits bailed out companies to lay off up to 10% of their workforce over the next six months, with no restrictions thereafter. Mnuchin would have authority to waive any upside for the public in its new investments, and the bill’s restrictions on stock buybacks at bailed-out firms are too temporary to be significant. Bailed out companies could even pay dividends to their shareholders.


Bailout money will flow to the shareholders of large corporations, otherwise known as rich people. The oversight terms that Democrats secured are purely cosmetic, replicating the toothless provisions of the 2008 bank bailout that enabled watchdogs to report abuse but not actually prevent or rectify it.


“If you give vast amounts of public money to a single person with no real accountability, you won’t like what happens next,” Damon Silvers, the deputy chair of the oversight panel for the bank bailout, wrote on Tuesday.


In exchange for this takeover, Democrats got four months of more generous unemployment benefits for the millions who will be laid off and a one-time check of $1,200 per adult, eliminating a Republican restriction that would have limited poor people to just $600 and phasing out payments for six-figure incomes. These are not bad provisions, but they pale in comparison to the handout offered to the rich.


“$1,200 isn’t enough,” the Economic Security Project, a liberal think tank, tweeted on Wednesday. By agreeing to the deal, Senate Democrats in effect accept a horrendous future in exchange for a somewhat less burdensome present.


“It is a panicked and reckless legislative response,” Sarah Miller, executive director of the American Economic Liberties Project, an anti-monopoly advocacy group, said in a statement on Wednesday. It’s one that “will repeat most of the mistakes made in the 2008-2010 bailouts” and “fundamentally transform the American economy,” she added.”




“Stimulus Bill Becomes GIANT Giveaway To Corps & Middle Finger To Americans”




“The Senate’s $2 Trillion Bailout Falls Flat on Worker Protections

The coronavirus financial relief package is packed full of corporate giveaways and lacks basic safeguards for workers and their families.”




Mel Whobrey:

“@ The proposal give Mnuchin (and Trump) complete discretion to choose which industries and companies will receive $200 billion to $500 billion, and then hide the identity of the bailout recipients for six months.

@ There’s no requirement that companies maintain payroll or benefits

@ No requirements to reduce executive pay

@ Very limited restrictions on stock buybacks (that Mnuchin can waive)

@ No safety provisions to protect frontline workers

@ No paid sick leave

And it provides nothing for the tens of millions of American workers who have or will soon lose their jobs –

-no expansion of unemployment insurance

-no health insurance

And nothing for hospitals and hospital staffs that are or will soon be, inundated.

They are pushing back against this bill because it doesn’t protect average workers and families. Now is the time for action that helps the many, not the privileged few. We can’t allow those with greedy fingers to continue to snatch away for themselves – especially not now.”




“House Democrats Urged to Remove 'Insidious Attack' on Social Security Hidden Within Senate Coronavirus Bill

"The only way to escape this trap is to avoid stepping into it in the first place. That's why the House must remove the cut to Social Security's dedicated funding before this bill passes."”

“Employers can stop paying into Social Security? Let's do something: Tell House Democrats to remove this provision and protect Social Security. Social Security Works and RootsAction urge you to Call your Rep. at 202-224-3121 TODAY. #HandsOffSocialSecurity

Tell them:

1. Remove the cut to Social Security’s funding.

2. Increase Social Security benefits by $200/month.

The Senate bill would let corporations stop paying into Social Security for the rest of the year. But the House can still fix it.”


Ann Gertz:

“Entitlement my ass! I paid for my Social Security since I was 16 years old! Our benefits aren’t some kind of charity or handout! But take a look at the Congressional benefits – free health are, outrageous retirement packages, 67 paid holidays, three weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick days; now THAT’S welfare. And Congress has the nerve to call my retirement an Entitlement? Re-post if you are sick of their crap, and ashamed of our so-called “leaders”! Hopefully everyone on Facebook will post this”




Peter Newberry:


“You want Ventilators & Masks from the Federal Government’s Reserves to treat your citizens? Well, Governors have to treat me well, it’s a two-way street.”


President Trump, March 24, 2020

And for THIS attitude Democrats reward him with a $100s of billion slush fund for him and his cronies




Believe or not, the actual cause for the push back by Democrats on the COVID-19 Bailout may be due to Democrats not wanting to be “out progressived” by none other than Trump! NOT because they wanted to secure additional benefit for Americans in the 99%:

Tim Duy:

“Suspect this sudden pressure to reopen the economy before we control the virus is a reaction to the realization that the economy as structured cannot survive a month and the necessary restructuring will be in the direction of everything the GOP has fought against for decades”


Jimmy Dore:

“Pelosi is Blocking Direct Cash Payments to Citizens. WTF?”


“Corporate News Hides Ugly Truth Of Stimulus Bill”




“Inverted totalitarianism on display: Servers of the oligarchy consolidating

assets and telling you it's for you. Clearly showing you they have zero

interest in the public. Time to wake up and recognise capitalism is a massive

failure and this is just one big party.

”Live: Senate to vote on $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill”




““My concern is that [Boeing] might be leveraging this crisis to shore up their own bottom line,” Dan Grazier—POGO's Jack Shanahan Military Fellow—told the Associated Press.

The Senate $2 trillion emergency spending bill provides airline companies with $25 billion in direct grants provided by taxpayers. Airlines would also be able to get $25 billion in loans from this legislation.

The White House and Senate leaders agreed early Wednesday on a $2 trillion economic rescue package, the largest in the country's history. The bill comes in response to the viral pandemic that has...”

“Airlines, others to benefit from $2 trillion rescue bill”




Martha Stewart cartoon:

“I would really like to see the Trump Family’s recent stock trading history right about now,…”




“3.3 Million File For Unemployment Claims, Shattering Records”




“16 Wisconsin companies accused of price gouging”

Ace Hardware in Delavan, for Clorox bleach and toilet paper

Asian International Market in Milwaukee, for rice

C&S Supermarket in Milwaukee, for rice

Cermak in Milwaukee, for pinto beans

Dollar Tree in Marinette, for toilet paper

El Rey Foodmart in Milwaukee, for rice, bleach and water

El Rey Foodmart in Milwaukee, for limes

El Rey Foodmart in Milwaukee, for bleach

Grainger, online, for surgical masks

Marketplace Foods in St. Croix Falls, for toilet paper

Matrangas in Racine, for bottled water

Menards in Burlington, for Lysol wipes

Menards in West Milwaukee, for hand cleaner, online/Oshkosh, for N95 masks

Pacific Produce in Oak Creek, for rice

Point Market in Stevens Point, for rice

Restaurant Depot in Milwaukee, for toilet paper and cookies

Walgreens in Cudahy, for toilet paper

Walgreens in Waukesha, for Lysol spray

Walmart in Milwaukee, for toilet paper

Walmart in Rhinelander, for milk








'This Is a Massive Scandal': Trump FDA Grants Drug Company Exclusive Claim on Promising Coronavirus Drug




“Joe Scarborough Wants Trump Bailed Out So He Won't Get Revenge On America”




“4 Senators: Graham (R-S.C.), Sasse (R-Neb.), Rick Scott (R-Fl.) and Tim Scott (R-S.C.) thought the coronavirus stimulus bill offered too much assistance for people who will end up unemployed due to Covid-19. They wanted to reduce unemployment benefits in the bill, citing concerns that it would create lazy people; However, working class hero, Bernie Sanders(I-Vt.), stood up to them and was willing to also hold the bill until stronger conditions were imposed on the $500 Billion corporate welfare fund. In the end the Republican group failed to get Trump to back their cause.”

“The Senate Passed A Massive Coronavirus Aid Package That Would Give Most Americans A $1,200 Check”

“The $2 trillion economic recovery bill still needs to pass the House. Americans making less than $99,000 per year will get some amount of payment under the legislation.”




They took our tax money now they want to take our lives (in a new way) and Democrats won't fight for us. 99% of Americans can only die to make and even that as a political statement has very little next to no impact. COVID-19 is only a “problem” for the “little people.”

“Billionaires Want People Back to Work. Employees Aren’t So Sure”




“Watch: Reporter spars with Senate GOP as they complain about unemployed people getting too much money”




“Massive social distancing, with its accompanying job losses, stock dives and huge bailouts to corporations, raises the threat of a depression. But it doesn’t have to be this way. History offers us another alternative in such situations: a debt jubilee. This slate-cleaning, balance-restoring step recognizes the fundamental truth that when debts grow too large to be paid without reducing debtors to poverty, the way to hold society together and restore balance is simply to cancel the bad debts.”

“A Debt Jubilee is the Only Way to Avoid a Depression”




“The US and UK responses to coronavirus have failed miserably. But Denmark has moved swiftly to help workers by protecting wages and preventing layoffs — showing yet again, in the midst of a pandemic, that we’d all be better off living in a social democracy.

The US and UK responses to coronavirus have failed miserably. But Denmark has moved swiftly to help workers by protecting wages and preventing layoffs — showing yet again, in the midst of a pandemic, that we’d all be better off living in a social democracy.”

“Social-Democratic Denmark Shows How to Respond to Coronavirus”




“Sen. Bernie Sanders is raising the alarm over the Senate economic stimulus bill being drawn up to combat the domestic effects of the global coronavirus pandemic, warning that the legislation is being unduly influenced by lobbyists and business interests—not the American people." #Leadership #BernieSanders

“Sanders Calls for 'Unprecedented Legislative Response' to Coronavirus Crisis—Not Corporate Bailouts

"Now is not the time to allow large corporations to take advantage of this horrific crisis by ripping off U.S. taxpayers and profiteering off of the pandemic."”




Harley R. Pageot:

“Did I see you Americans are getting a one-time $1,200 check to cover COVID unemployment? Because Canada just announced $2,000/month for the next four months.”




At its current rate, the United States will have over 6 million cases one month from today.

“To Confront Coronavirus, We Need an Emergency Wealth Tax”




Note the bruises on Biden’s face:

“Special thanks to Massachusetts Governor Charlie Parker? Are you kidding me?

"The former vice president...went on to praise a number of Republican governors, including 'Gov. Charlie Parker in Massachusetts.' He was presumably referring to Republican governor Charlie Baker, not to jazz legend Charlie Parker."”

“Biden Gaffes His Way Through Coronavirus Proof-of-Life Video

Praises journalists for 'putting it all on the line for all of us'”




“US hospitals are preparing for 96 MILLION coronavirus infections and nearly HALF A MILLION deaths, leaked documents reveal”




“Leaked JPMorgan Report: 'Cannot Rule Out' Human Extinction”




“Florida may dump another $200 million into voucher ‘schools without rules’ | Commentary”

“"Choice advocates have so steadfastly refused to enact basic accountability measures that I have to conclude they’re terrified of you seeing the truth."”


Education is for Rich White Nationalists:

Trump administration quietly cuts funding to the nation’s poorest schools

Thanks to an under-the-radar bookkeeping change at the Department of Education, hundreds of rural schools across the US are set to lose vital funds. As reported in the New York Times, the department has changed the eligibility criteria for the Rural and Low-Income School Programme, which provides fun...




CoronaVirus and Climate\Environmental Collapse – it isn’t “showers” and “ovens” but Republicans and the billionaire class “can work with it” to achieve their purity goals for America:

“Official: White House didn’t want to tell seniors not to fly”


“Breathing Polluted Air Shortens People’s Lives by an Average of 3 Years, a New Study Finds”


Rand Paul is a Libertarian like Charles Koch:

“Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul voted against an emergency response coronavirus bill Thursday afternoon after his proposed amendment to the bill was turned down.”


“Kentucky Koch Group Opposes Saving Hospital – Patient Care and 2,000 Jobs at Risk”





“Matt Gaetz made light of coronavirus by wearing a gas mask. Now one of his constituents has died>”




“Gosh I wonder what an internationally notorious murderer was planning to use the information he was gathering for? Hmmm

Notorious war profiteer Erik Prince recruited former American and British spies to work with the right-wing group Project Veritas to infiltrate at least one Democratic congressional campaign and organizations “considered hostile” to President Donald Trump’s agenda.”

“Erik Prince Recruited Ex-Spies to Infiltrate Groups Hostile to Trump’s Agenda”




The Democratic National Committee and Democratic Party have cheated their voters during the Primary in an effort to make sure the will of the People was never realized:




“"We have fewer options than before and no time left."

Here's why it's now or never for addressing these huge economic concerns.

We can not wait for the fog of geopolitical and geoeconomic disorders to lift before addressing critical global challenges.”




Climate induced food shortages will be made worse by Trump's nonsense for the rich

“New Trump Budget Proposes Big Cuts to Crop Insurance and Emergency Aid to Farmers”




“Airlines are burning thousands of gallons of fuel flying empty 'ghost' planes so they can keep their flight slots during the coronavirus outbreak”




Promising news: Florida water management experts are recommending officials reject Nestle's application to draw millions of gallons of water from natural springs daily.

Water district experts: 'No' on Nestlé request

Suwannee district staff says application to draw drinking water near Ginnie Springs lacks basic details.




Ensuring workers have paid sick leave is the best way to stop the spread of #coronavirus. And the people least likely to have it are low-wage service workers like restaurant employees and home health care aides. If our government does not act decisively, it will be the poorest among us that are hit the hardest. Our economy must work for ALL Americans.

Opinion | Best Treatment for the Coronavirus? Paid Sick Leave

President Trump and Congress are ignoring one of the most obvious steps to preserve public health and economic growth.




"Evidence is building that this was a coordinated strategy between political officials at the Department of the Interior to allow the fossil fuel industry to profit at the expense of worker’s lives."

Trump Administration Ignores Worker Safety in Pursuit of Offshore Oil Profits

A coordinated strategy between political appointees at the Interior Department has rolled back safety standards for offshore oil rig workers and increased the risk of another catastrophe like Deepwater Horizon.




In the years up to 9/11/2001, about 400 people were killed in political terrorist acts throughout the world, mostly in South America. In 2018, close to 16,000 people were killed.

The Global War on Terror has made the problem 40 times bigger. #WarOnTerror #Terrorism

The Terrorism-Industrial Complex (TIC)

A modified image of President Ronald Reagan with Afghan mujaheddins–‘freedom fighters’ against the Soviet Union in 1983. Today, against the USA, they are called ‘terrorists.’ 25 Feb 2020 – Since George W. Bush – a friend of the bin Laden family – declared the global “War On Terror....




This Magical Trail in Sedona, Arizona is Believed to Heal Visitors

Gain clarity, and find a higher vision for your life by visiting the Boynton Canyon in Arizona! Many people believe that this place heals its visitors, too!




Analyzing changes in the complexity of climate in the last four decades using MERRA-2 radiation data

The energy balance of the Earth is controlled by the shortwave and longwave radiation emitted to space. Changes in the thermodynamic state of the system over time affect climate and are noticeable when viewing the system as a whole. In this paper, we study the changes in the complexity of climate in...




Trump Blames Obama For His Botched COVID-19 Response

Because of course an Obama-era rule meant to make Americans safer is the whole problem, here. Trump’s accusation has been fact check as false.




After being forced to jump through flaming hoops for a circus performance, Zena the tigress had a seizure. Her trainer then dragged her by her tail and instructed another circus employee to douse her in water. This circus has been exploiting and abusing this innocent tigress and it has got to stop. Sign the petition to demand that Zena and her friends are all sent to a sanctuary!Play

Sign the Petition: Zena the Tigress Was Dragged By Her Tail While "Performing" in a Circus!

She convulses violently while her trainer pulls her by her tail back into the ring.




Warren has the chance to unite the left by endorsing Sanders. She should take it.

It isn’t just Bernie Sanders' supporters who say there’s no path to the nomination for Elizabeth Warren. It’s not sexism, either. It’s math.




“Aside from the morally and intellectually dishonest here in the US, who believe the wars of the last decades have somehow been effective and worthwhile in a manner other than for the profits of weapons companies and promotions for the generals, the remainder of those paying attention have understood the wars to have not just been staggering failures of misguided and malicious Western policies to forcibly mold and shape the Muslim world into a political order and system beholden to the US, the UK and Israel, but have also unleashed horrid and hellish sufferings on tens of millions of people, sufferings that seem to be unending. A war between the US and Iran would be no different.”

They Have the Watches, We Have the Time; US and Iran Hardliners Still Want War -

“When I was in Afghanistan, I often heard a Pashtun saying attributed to the Afghan Taliban strategy for war with the United States: “They have the watches, but we have the time”. I do not know the provenance of this saying and I do not know if the saying exists in other Muslim or Asian More”




And Damsel flies

One Dragonfly Can Eat Hundreds of Mosquitos a Day. Keep These Plants in Your Yard to Attract Dragonflies

It’s possible to help reduce mosquito populations around your house without using nasty chemicals. Did you know that dragonflies are the biggest predators of mosquitos and can eat hundreds of them a day? This makes




Trump nominates man whose firm tripled price of insulin to regulate drug companies

Alex Azar would be ‘a star for better healthcare and lower drug prices’, Mr Trump said




Biden's Long Career Shows a Predisposition for Appeasing the Right

Biden’s approach to politics involves "taking the platform of his Republican opponent and trying to make it his own."




And Trump's approval rating is high. Might be a good time to indicate that nature always eliminates “irrational” species

What the Trump Administration Is Doing to Your Water

The administration is attempting to undo the landmark 1972 Clean Water Act. Read on to learn why you should be concerned.




Debtors Of The World, Unite!

Moral thinking about debt has fluctuated throughout history, as Olivia Schwob’s recent piece in these pages deftly details. The current moment, she notes, marks the possibility of still another turning point. Millions of debtors, isolated, are owned by the banks. But if you’re part of a collective...




It’s time to end harmful fisheries subsidies. The World Trade Organization - WTO organization has 99 days to agree to end funding for unsustainable fishing.

International Nonprofits Urge WTO to End Harmful Fisheries Subsidies This Year

One hundred and nine nongovernmental organizations based around the globe issued a policy statement March 3 calling for world leaders to engage in discussions now to reach an agreement before time runs out.




Coronavirus is not the villain: Australia’s economy was already on a precipice | Richard Denniss

We are on the edge of recession because the government has put virtue-signalling about a budget surplus before economic advice




Collapse of the ocean food chain

Stony Corals Seem to Be Preparing for a Mass Extinction, Scientists Report

Stony corals serve as the centerpiece of a rich and diverse ecosystem, which is why their recent behavior has scientists concerned.




It included Obama

Mystery dark money group spends almost $1m on anti-Bernie Sanders ads

‘Why are they funding these ads? Because we have a corrupt political system’




Copenhagen to plant communal fruit trees on city streets

Pick-your-own all over the Danish capital.




White House to Require Trump Loyalty Test for Political Appointees

CNN reports that Trump’s new personnel chief is distributing questionnaires to potential political appointees to verify their loyalty to the president. As part of the Trump “litmus test,” candidates must explain what part of Trump’s campaign “most appealed” to them. The campaign to ident...




All for palm oil

Pregnant, Starving Orangutan Clings to Final Tree as Bulldozers Destroy Her Rainforest Home

Humans keep destroying rainforests seeking profits in the lush jungle, but wild animal populations who have lived there have lost their homes, and are often displaced. When massive bulldozers destroyed what was left of the rainforest in Borneo, an island in Southeast Asia’s Malay Archipelago, anim...




We bumble bees. CFS and allies are currently litigating and fighting to ensure that California's endangered bumble bee species become listed under California's Endangered Species Act. Learn more:…/pollinator-petitioner…

Tired Bumblebees Who Fell Asleep Inside Flowers With Pollen On Their Butts

Sometimes bumblebees get tired from flying and fall asleep in flowers with pollen all over their little furry bee butts. these lovely creatures here.




Bernie = Green New Deal versus Biden = Big Oil's delightful Squeal. It is time to consider the possibility that Big Oil actors are either or both Delegates or in Leadership of the Democratic party.

“Members of Congress Own Up to $93 Million in Fossil Fuel Stocks

As dire climate change projections mount, one in four members of Congress is invested in oil, gas, or coal interests.”

They are Environmental War Criminals and need to be prosecuted




The Republican Senate Will Go Scorched Earth on Joe Biden. Does He Have the Mental Stamina to Make It?

The monkeyhouse is already gearing up to fling poo at the revitalized Democratic contender from now until November.




Texas voting lines last hours after polls close on Super Tuesday

Voters in Houston, in Dallas and at Texas State University reported facing wait times that extended past two hours after polls closed.




Trump's "personal" $100,000 contribution to combat coronavirus is an admission of guilt and who really knows over what




The biggest voting day of the Democratic presidential primary has ended in a two-person race between former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders. With more than a third of delegates at stake, Biden swept the Midwest and the South, winning Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Texas. Sanders saw victories in Colorado, Utah, his home state of Vermont, and the grand prize of the night, California, where Lati...

Then There Were Two: Sanders Wins California with Latinx Support as Biden Sweeps Southern Black Vote

The biggest voting day of the Democratic presidential primary has ended in a two-person race between former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders. With more than a third of delegates at stake, Biden swept the Midwest and the South, winning Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, T...




Another example of how bad it will be for birds after Trump changed the Migratory Bird Act. Now, there will be all sorts of hideous reasons that birds must be killed because they are hated and just like wild horses, the birds dine on forage and that takes away from the poor poor ranchers and Heaven forbid, that their $1.32 per cow/calf unit will break them because all the forage will be gone. As If!!

How a Trump Administration Rule Could Kill Millions of Birds

A century-old law has made it illegal to kill migratory birds either purposely or accidentally. But a new proposal by the Trump administration and supported by the fossil fuel and other industries would relax regulation, legalizing unintentional killing and putting millions of birds in danger.





Roger Stone Verdict: Three Years, Four Months For Cover Up

Convicted of seven felonies, Roger Stone is sentenced to three years, four months in prison. (How fast will Trump pardon him?)




Sierra Club

“it is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.” Ansel Adams




Charles Koch belongs behind bars for so many reasons it isn't even possible to list on the entire internet.

PUBLISHED: "YouTube’s two billion monthly users are being subjected to climate change denial, even after its parent company, Google, committed to fighting harmful misinformation about science."

YouTube Is Promoting Koch’s Climate Change Denial Network - EXPOSEDbyCMD

A study by Avaaz shows that the company is recommending climate disinformation to users, and much of it comes from groups funded by Charles Koch and his allies.




A law is only as good as its enforcement.

When it Comes to Pesticides and Kids, The EPA Looks the Other Way

A good law goes unenforced




Leave it to the billionaire class to try to perpetuate burning Fossil fuels. We HAVE TO BOTH stop emissions AND take green house gases out of the atmosphere. What's more, burning Fossil fuels doesn't represent the entire environmental damage caused by Fossil fuels. Bottom line - non-negotiable if you want the human species to survive and thrive - ALL Fossil fuels must be abandoned IMMEDIATELY.

Bill Gates-Backed Carbon Capture Plant Does The Work Of 40 Million Trees

In Squamish, British Columbia, there’s a company that wants to stop climate change by sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. It’s called Carbon Engine...


In Squamish, British Columbia, there’s a company that wants to stop climate change by sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. It’s called Carbon Engine...




Military public land grabs and intrusions into civilian spaces are raging in the West. Wild landscapes are targeted for huge seizures of public land, increases in hideously loud war plane overflight impacts, or development of facilities like threat emitters. The military already has seized vast areas of the American West for use as ground and air ranges. The Nellis Range in Nevada spans 2.9 million acres, but the Air Force now wants to seize 300,000 more acres of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge.


How the Military is Raiding Public Lands and Civilian Spaces Across the Western Front -

I now reside within an Urban War Range, though the Air Force doesn’t officially call it that. Boise and eight other cities across southern Idaho have become military playgrounds, along with land within a 30-mile diameter circle of town center. When I step into my yard, walk in the foothills or go ...




“It’s equivalent to buying a car without seeing a sticker price,” POGO's General Counsel Scott Amey told the Associated Press.

“This could be a recipe for shoddy work and paying a much higher price than they should.”

Homeland Security waives contracting laws for border wall

SAN DIEGO (AP) — The Trump administration said Tuesday that it is waiving federal contracting laws to speed construction of a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border, moving the president closer to...




BREAKING: "Russia is aiding President Donald J. Trump in the 2020 election, intelligence officials told lawmakers." OUR ENEMIES WANT TO WEAKEN US FURTHER BY INSTALLING TRUMP FOR A SECOND TERM

Russia Backs Trump’s Re-election, and He Fears Democrats Will Exploit Its Support

A classified briefing to lawmakers angered the president, who complained that Democrats would “weaponize” the disclosure.




We Arab Americans and Muslims Are Voting for #BernieSanders. Because He's Jewish.

Nominating the old Jewish guy comes naturally to us voters in the Arab Disneyland of Dearborn, Michigan - and people like us across America.

We Arab Americans and Muslims are voting for Bernie. Because he's Jewish | Opinion




BREAKING: We're suing the Department of Defense to stop it from burning millions of gallons of unused firefighting foam containing PFAS. This class of highly toxic chemicals are known to cause cancer and other serious health effects.

Department of Defense Illegally Burning Stockpiles of Toxic “Forever Chemicals”

What PFAS are, why they’re harmful, and what we can do to protect ourselves from them.




Yale Study Says Medicare for All Would Save U.S. $450 Billion, Prevent Nearly 70,000 Deaths a Year

As the Democratic presidential hopefuls prepare to take to the debate stage tonight, we turn to a central issue of the campaign: Medicare for All. In a new s...




Portland Installs Turbines in City Water Pipes To Create Free Electricity

Leave it to Portlandia to figure out how to create hydro-power without building a dam! Portlandians are now generating free electricity every time they turn on the tap! If you live in Portland, Oregon, your lights are now powered in part by the water flowing through your pipes. The city …




Indigenous people in Canada are giving the world a demonstration of the power of nonviolent action. The justness of their cause — defending the land from those who would destroy it for short term profit and the elimination of a habitable climate on earth — combined with their courage and the absence on their part of cruelty or hatred, has the potential to create a much larger movement.

Shut Down Canada Until It Solves Its War, Oil, and Genocide Problem -

Indigenous people in Canada are giving the world a demonstration of the power of nonviolent action. The justness of their cause — defending the land from those who would destroy it for short term profit and the elimination of a habitable climate on earth — combined with their courage and the abs...




World Leaders Urged to 'Act Now' to Save Biodiversity

"The world has a moral imperative to collaborate on strong actions."




Palm Oil Investigations




Secretary Sonny Perdue's USDA has, unironically, declared certain pastas as vegetables and is requiring lunchroom staff to indicate that pasta made of vegetable flour as a vegetable.

From School Lunch to SNAP, New Attacks on Kids’ Health and Nutrition

Life comes at you fast, and so does the Trump administration’s ongoing assault on children’s health. Over the last many months, my colleagues in the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Center for Science and Democracy have been hard at work rounding up stories of action or inaction, at agencies fro...




Slowly but surely, the arctic seal hunt is collapsing: 30,435 harp seals were hunted in 2019, a high number, but less than half the number of animals hunted in 2016 (66,800).

FOI documents shine light on collapse of seal hunt

Access To Information records from the Department of Fisheries documents the ongoing collapse of the Atlantic seal hunt.As first reported by Blacklock’s Reporter, the harp seal harvest last year wa…




The University of Southern #California (#USC) announced Thursday that it will phase in free tuition for students from families with an annual income of $80,000 or less, and home ownership will not be used to determine a student's financial need.




German Terrorist Attack: Did Trump’s Steve Bannon go to far for Charles Koch?

“Far-Right Terrorism Is No. 1 Threat, Germany Is Told After Attack”




Her husband, Tres, was working two jobs in their hometown of Coffeyville, Kansas, where the poverty rate is twice the national average, but it wasn’t nearly enough to pay off the debt, which hit $70,000. After he missed a court appearance about his unpaid bills and was unable to get the money for the $500 bail, Tres was sent to jail.

“You wouldn’t think you’d go to jail over a medical bill,” he said. “[It was] scary. I was scared to death, because, you know, I’m a country kid. I had to strip down, get hosed and put a jumpsuit on.”

Dad in Kansas Jailed Over Medical Debt from Son’s Leukemia Treatments and Wife’s Seizures

Dad Jailed Over Debt from Family's Cancer and Seizure Treatments




Every minute we lose the equivalent of 40 football fields of tropical forests — and millions of people could be unknowingly invested in that deforestation through their retirement plans.

Use the upgraded Deforestation Free Funds tool to harness your investing power and make an impact on the climate crisis.

Expansion of Deforestation Free Funds enables investors to see rainforest destruction hidden in mutual funds

Everyone with an IRA or a 401(k) has the power to pressure investment firms to change their practices and stop funding the destruction of our planet and our communities. Deforestation Free Funds unleashes that power, for good.




If Bloomberg Wants to Buy an Election, He Should Run as a Republican Against Trump—Not Sabotage Democrats

The mega-billionaire should be running against Trump in the Republican primaries, not as a Democrat. If he actually cared about this country more than stroking his massive ego that is exactly what he would be doing... Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is one of the 10 richest persons in the w...




Conservation of biodiversity is like an insurance policy for the future of mankind

Fens and bogs are valuable research environments for paleoecologists due to ancient fossils that have survived in the peatland for thousands of years. A recent study carried out by the paleoecologists of Tallinn University of Technology reveals that the rich biodiversity of spring fens is a result o...




Stop the BLM's Dangerous Roundup and Sterilization Plan

We need you to weigh in on NOW on a dangerous and potentially precedent-setting plan by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to manage the wild horse population!




A new analysis finds that reducing air pollution has near-immediate health benefits.

Getting rid of pollution improves public health a lot faster than you’d think

A new analysis finds that reducing air pollution has near-immediate health benefits.





Harry Reid On A Brokered Convention: Chill Out, It's Not The End Of The World

“We’ve had brokered conventions before, and we’ve always come up with good candidates," the former Senate Majority Leader said.




“Fluoride: So corrosive that special equipment is required to store it. It eats holes in concrete, dissolves metal and human flesh but it’s ok to add to our drinking water?”




"The administration is continuing its clean air attacks while looking people straight in the face and playing them for a fool." -- Union of Concerned Scientists

Blowing the Cover off the 'Cleanest Air' Illusion of the Trump Administration

In fact, in action, the Trump administration's clean air pursuit looks a whole lot more like clean air assault.




“Full -time infant care costs 88% more than in-state college tuition in Nevada.”

“Full-time infant care in Nevada costs $11,137 and In-state college tuition costs $5,920/year”

Economic Policy Institute

Full-time infant care in #Nevada costs 88% more than in-state college tuition. Find our how your state compares




Face facts, Bernie Sanders is electable

It’s well past time to bury the 'Bernie is unelectable' trope. He has a better shot than moderate Bloomberg.




New information on energy production methods

Natural gas is a much ‘dirtier’ energy source than we thought

Coal, oil, and gas are responsible for much more atmospheric methane, the super-potent warming gas, than previously known.