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From BUSTED to BRILLIANT! What a difference some paint makes!

Will eventually get vintage bullet planters. I think this is the only thing left we have of Ikea (the console). The trunk is hiding the litterbox.

This room from Domino is so inspiring. I come back to it again and again. I love how modern and traditional is mixed together, and neither are overpowering because of the clean color palette. This will be my new inspiration.

Check out her book, Midwest Modern.

I LOVE red, and thought the thread imagery throughout this rug added something

Here is a look at my newly decorated reading nook.

Posted on AphroChic October 2, 2007

My newly designed reading nook.

The most expensive thing in this room was the vintage fabric made into "art". Most of it was free. I made this space for my husband and I to take breaks from the kiddos in the room right next to us (living room). The free old school tv allows us not to go crazy from watching too many kids shows! Our dining area will now be outside most of the time.

Posted on AphroChic October 2, 2007

This is my inspiration room. I love the way purple, white and gold blend together here. This room feels so warm and cozy to me. It's exactly what I would like my living room to feel like.

Starting to add new plants and growing some of my own from seed. Little fountain in the basin I DIY-ed.

Taken before the cure.

Scored this for $10 for the loungey area, and it was taken over immediately by Erik. *sigh*

AT Cure assignment: Clean one surface and use your 'outbox'. Here is our cleaned up media bench.

I love this little landing strip. There's room for just about everything you need...including a spot to sit down (if you remove that basket or replace it with one a little smaller). For you elaine.

Kijiji find for $50. THis 1950's Lazyboy is in Mint condition! It's super comfortable and the mechanisms work like new. I love the colour and it's going to live in our Den/office once the 3 seater is gone.

I LOVE my mod sofa. I don't plan to do too much here, but am really in need of some lighting.

I love the middle, squarish module, and the way it's styled, down to the pink clock and wooden box in the open unit. This is what I'm thinking of for bathroom storage next to my sink,

Week 5 is shopping week. I bought frames for most of the prints I'd bought over the last six months. I still need two frames and a cover for my ceiling light, but then I'll be done spending money!

I was inspired by happy mundane - Apartment Therapy LA's own Jon who spied some cool pendant lamps at Hotel Screen Kyoto. Unfortunately, I did not have a drum shade, so I took some Band-It plywood edging, a parasol, my handy dandy glue gun, and an old dress of my daughter's that I have always loved, and this is what I came up with. I'm not done yet, but you get the idea....

Viva la Difference!


... or something like that.


I still am happy with this big re-do but change that comes from desperation results in sub-par workmanship. Most everything you see started as "I'll just try this in this one little spot to see if it works..." Then shortly thereafter it was "done". Crappy done, with no or inadequate preparation.


That is why the curtain over the large window remains one solid panel. I did a half-assed job and never got around to finishing it by splitting it in to two panels.

I made this with a scrap piece of wood for the base, three wine crates, and vintage mid century legs. Can be configured different ways depending upon the space. This is it raw. Have not decided yet if I want to stain, paint, etc.

Unfortunately, I can't remember where I saw this. But it is breathtaking.

The kitchen is both my favorite and my least-liked room in my apartment. I love to cook and to entertain, but I detest the almond-colored 70's style cupboards. I removed the doors on top and put aluminum contact paper on the bottom doors. In a perfect world, I would have shiny white cabinets and white marble countertops. *Sigh*

Will eventually get vintage bullet planters. I think this is the only thing left we have of Ikea (the console). The trunk is hiding the litterbox.

Who knew that tile grout needed to be sealed on a regular basis? Not I. This weekend, I treated our new downstairs bath with something that our tile supplier recommended, 'DuPont StoneTech Professional Advanced Grout Sealer.' Sounds official, right? It needs to be reapplied about every three years.


We haven't been able to use the shower (there's no proper enclosure yet), but we continue to admire our new tile. It's a 4"x16" Italian, ceramic tile by Lea which is quite reasonable in price and easy to work with.

To break up the whole "coral thing" I added a vintage terry beach towel with saucy girl in the shower ;o) Will eventually find a frame for this huge size.

No more books shoved on top. Trader Joe's provided the enduring yellow mums. The bookcase was built by friend and woodworker extraordinaire, Bernie Jungle, who has been mentioned in San Francisco magazine recently.

Posted on AphroChic October 2, 2007

I cleaned up the base of this vintage lamp with the help of Flitz metal polish.



We painted the entire condo this weekend! Here's a photo of our blue living room.

This is the closet in the den. It's huge, and orange (needs to change) and needs to be worked on. I'm thinking shelves on top.

All orange, all the time. I would like to replace this light.

Our LPs now have a better home.

I liked this little leaf hook - once again, bringing the outside in.

Here are the makings of our new guest/downstairs bath! The before is here:


I'm wondering whether to carry the color of the dark gray floor tile up to an accent wall behind the sink...or to paint it all a simple white. What do you think?

Painted the tub black (previously was a nice peach. Blech.)

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