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Decided to 86 the strand of dragonfly lights. These LED lights generate considerably less heat and this was more the effect I was going for, anyway. Borrowed the idea from a display I saw a couple months ago in Anthropologie.

I love all of these prints/patterns, though I do sometimes worry that our bedroom is getting a tad, well, complicated visually...

Anthropologie: would this look good in my closet? My new hangers are hot pink (a gift).

DVD cap from a 2007 movie:


Love the teal accent walls in this otherwise boggling film.

there is room for humour here. but it has to be pink.


blogged here.

from Martha Stewart Living magazine


I think I might put random silver things on my mantelpiece like this.

We live in a small one-bedroom apartment and share the bedroom with our three-year old daughter. This is the wall dedicated to toy storage.


We are considering repainting the walls a sharper shade of green (Benjamin Moore's Potpourri Green to be exact).

Chandelier I made out of CB2 Whirlies.. finally.

<33 to Bryan for getting me the acrylic from Canal Plastics.

I love the eclecticism of this room. It feels rich with accumulated treasures, but still not cluttered. And the way that the major pieces and walls are white (or almost white) makes the color of everything else stand out in a pleasingly incidental way, with a few burst of bright color. I'm suddenly eying a few of my honey-colored bookcases and wondering if they wouldn't like a little high-gloss white paint...

My dovie prints and birdie cage are up!! This room makes me so unbelievably happy.


Vote for this apartment in AT:Smallest Coolest Contest 2007

Spring's here. I like to read by the window, a nice 5th floor breeze.

I have this bedspread and when I chose the new curtains, I remembered how this image (and the decorator instructions with it) combine the bright colors with the traditional rug. So, the new curtains should work well with my pinks, oranges and teals.

The bedroom. Painted. Rearranged.


Cherry blossoms have bloomed but I still like the branches so they stay.

My place is starting to shape up. I think I am going to place an ikea expedit bookcase on the wall near the floor lamp. Notice I finally got rid of the milkcrates :)

I'm not sure about the Flor tiles rug... this is a more accurate view of the actual colors of the tiles. I don't really have another rug option that works though.


I'm thinking of wooden window boxes for the railing -- other kinds were too expensive. I'm pretty sure I can find hardware to bolt the wooden ones to the railing, and I think when they weather to that greyish wood color, they'll look nice with silver chairs/table, grey stucco, etc.


I'm also not sure about the table. I found a smaller diameter version of this table, but it is still 24" wide, wondering if that is too big for my balcony plans. I did decide I want a full height table, so I can eat/write/etc on it, but was hoping for something 18-20" dia.

from Blueprint mag


This would be a great idea to cover up the open shelving I plan to put to the right of my fireplace so it's not so visually busy!

From Urban Outfitters:


I love these blown glass lamps, but they are so pricey. This is pretty affordable. Lessons in hardwiring anyone?

Apartment Therapy Cure...end of Week 5:

The good stuff...the studio and the living/dining room. The kitchen has stayed under control too, actually, though we are not much better about buying food...but working on it, slowly but surely. Discovering a miracle solution for the scariness known as my wardrobe.

The bad stuff...the study has become a room of cardboard boxes. Many empty ones, which we have to wait to put in the recycling bin because it is already full. Some that are not empty and still need sorting, but those are getting down to the last three from the move. Discovering my miracle wardobe solution too late to actually get it done before we had guests and I had to go to work for the weekend, so currently there is a bit of a disaster zone there too. It will go. It will, it will!


But this picture...a little headstart for week six: the bathroom. Our bathroom set up is kinda silly -- a separate room and door for the WC with the sink, shower and bath next to it but entirely self-contained. Which at least means the former is very small and easy to sort out! It's also impossible to photograph well. But here is the scary before picture from when we moved in...this little after picture is the left side of the shelf in the middle of the wall. The rest of this shelf is all empty now (not one bottle of bleach in sight, despite the dozens the previous tenants left behind!) and there are more daffodils to the right in the top window. Of course...this little room was the easy part!

I am thinking of getting this ikea cabinet until I find the McCobb thing or my obsession with finding it wears off. This thing is 6 feet long and costs $200.

The casual attitude of the bedding is what I want for my place.

Will eventually get vintage bullet planters. I think this is the only thing left we have of Ikea (the console). The trunk is hiding the litterbox.

DVD cap from a 2007 movie:


Dig the handsome Frenchman!

Still need a rug + coffee table :(

Orla Kiely Living Room by Luxe Interiors

Photo: Canadian House & Home


Thx Mr. Yuko in the SF Cure

While Pete was here, we also installed my folding wall mounted table. Earlier this week, I picked this up from a lovely miss who I found through Craigslist. Cost? $15!


I painted the top with left over chalkboard paint because I didn't want it to interfere with my lovely black wall.


Definitely need to get scotchguard for those white chairs. They are going to be chalk dust colored in a couple days if I don't!

I cleaned up a bit, created and framed new art, added a second set of hooks so that I now have room for my reusable shopping bags, and added clips for outgoing mail and lists...

DVD cap from a 2007 movie:


Nutty movie but love the NYC apartment. A bit sedate for my taste, but the bones are good (dig those windows), the couch is very comfy and dig the teal paint.

my ebay purchase has arrived! Total impulse buy but I love it. Its also made me completely rethink my color scheme for the living room (was going to do oranges and reds) but thats okay.


Now I'm thinking of doing blue and orange with tanish gold curtains. Maybe eventually a light yellow-y gold on the walls. definitely more quirky than red and orange but I kind of like that :) thoughts?

This is also the dorm room that was in the small & cool contest. I really like the simplicity of the bed on the floor. And the orange sheet.

not much different, just spruced up a bit!

for a grouping on the long wall next to my bed


from manymuses (I did not take this photo)

new shelves! pine, L brackets, those funny molly bolts or whatever they're called

for a grouping on the long wall next to my bed


don't know where this photo came from, I didn't take it

this photo pretty much sums up what i'm going for in the bedroom. it's airy, yet lush. colorful, but not too crazy to sleep in. it's also small and includes a daybed in the approximate size and position of my bed, which helps me to visualize a concrete image of what the room could actually look like (as opposed to some abstract notion of all those concepts).

My Hallway/Kitchen Inspiration... Love Shades of Gray's, Golds, and Mango's ... keeping in clean with some classic flavor (Let's see how it translates?...I've made mistakes already)

A basic Shaker peg rail is also a contender for our new entryway coat rack. Hm, I also like this stacked effect. That's something to consider too. Photo via

Voila. They are a tad crooked, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it because we hope to repaint the walls a slightly perkier shade of green)...


We live in earthquake country, so I've resisted the urge to frame these lovely birds in the interest of safety.

Replaced the Ikea Enetri bookshelves with this sideboard. The blue cabinet will go up on the wall above it. All my ugly messy things are hidden behind the doors! Finally!

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