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This spot will be familiar to many Brampton/Caledon/Orangeville photographers so I am hoping this is a new take on a familiar scene.

Week 33 - Dolly Diptych Weekly


These were two photos taken separately, but I wanted to make them look like a single image. I hope I have achieved that :) By the way, my Taeyang really needs new clothes, he's been wearing the same shirt for months...

I see a cat at the and of the tunnel !

Is the rust of life, destroying its brightness and weakening its power.

IPhone Street Photography

Questo è uno scatto a cui sono molto affezionata. Sono io con i miei dubbi, le mie paure, le mie ansie. Prendetevene cura.


This is a release to which I am very affectionate. I am with my doubts, fears, my anxieties.

You take care.

For those that suffer from anxiety and depression, including myself.


Part of my "Just Face It" set, where I use the same face to create different types of visual art


Face by Whatthemell @Devient art

3 textures by me


© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved


Candid street portrait taken in Glasgow, Scotland.

Zero Image 2000Kodak Ektar 100

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This is another in (what is becoming) my series of flipped/mirrored staircase shots.


This is the spiral staircase in the Premier Inn at Blackfriars, London.


This uses the same shot that is mirrored (on a different axis) in this very different looking shot.


Stair Deep into My Eyes!


You can see more pics in my London set,

earnest but tense desire, a keen anxiety to succeed.

(this is not the first time I post pictures of these chairs, I just thought it was appropriate for what is going on in my life, right now)

A series of 5 pics about the 4 elements, and the world I live in:



It's been a week since Tiffany left us. Her big personality that once filled this house is sorely missed.

Une musique. Sur des lignes. Sur des lignes vides.

Il n’y a rien de symétrique. Une promesse à chaque fois

rendue différentielle selon l’écume des degrés.


Des accents imperturbablement,

des accents qui se signent

avec l’âme de la main en recouvrant l’esprit

d’une dissolution proche de l’alcool chlorotique.

Une main coupe des tranches en lamelles

depuis la fatalité du crépuscule.


Si l’on s’imagine que les écailles sont vivantes,

la nature qui trépasse, même si l’on pensait

que le temps pourrait être.


par la transparence épaisse d’un tissu.


Des taches antérieures posées dessus

devancent tout attribut comme un stigmate.

Devancent pour annoncer l’indice,

l’indice qui dénonce le mystère rampant

avec cette humidité dans l’aura qui n’assume

plus rien qu’une enveloppe d’aurone des champs

pour arôme.


C’est comme l’écriture. Le registre de l’écriture.

Toute la nature passe au travers, passe là-dedans,

aucun voile ne pourrait anticiper ni son illusion ni son répit.

Se noyer dans un verre d’eau, il n’y a pas besoin

d’y tremper le moindre doigt. Les murs fabriquent des cellules,

des dentelles d’araignées et quelques artistes érigent des murs

en lambeaux, avec des effiloches, en les étreignant

pour des édifices, organisés en zone, sous-zone, etc.

au milieu de terrains en feu qui se suffisent à eux-mêmes

entre l’espacement de la poésie rendue impossible.


Mouvement erratique.

Mouvement de l’erreur dans l’erreur.


La consistance d’une paire d’oiseaux

qui ne consistent en rien précisément,

qu’à se convertir en un tour d’aile

sans que l’on n’y prenne garde, à contre-jour.

Le ciel affamé

sur le bleuet des eaux grises, le bleuet qui fatigue.

Le ciel affalé.


Il y a des branches en bois qui flottent sur l’eau,

on dirait des sabres blancs. La mer verticale ensuite,

en-dessous, au fond, le corps descendant.

Une nuit pour croire.

Une nuit pour croyance.

La fatalité de la lune. Le mot qui n’existe plus.

Au fond. Une musique encore. Encore et encore.

Médusante, la peau électrique avachie sur un rideau

d’étoiles cosmogoniques qui guident des fleuves

dont l’inspiration primitive est d’assurer l’immobilité

lente à des pirogues en braise. Au fond.


Si l’illumination de l’angoisse sature les flaques dans le feu.


L’angoisse lumineuse


19x29 cm pastelli a cera su carta da spolvero. 12 feb 2014

"The suspense: the fearful, acute suspense: of standing idly by while the life of one we dearly love, is trembling in the balance; the racking thoughts that crowd upon the mind, and make the heart beat violently, and the breath come thick, by the force of the images they conjure up before it; the desperate anxiety to be doing something to relieve the pain, or lessen the danger, which we have no power to alleviate; the sinking of soul and spirit, which the sad remembrance of our helplessness produces; what tortures can equal these; what reflections of endeavours can, in the full tide and fever of the time, allay them!"

— Charles Dickens

I just changed the permission for all the pictures of my kids. So from now on only my friends can see them.

I thought about this step for a long time now. It just scares me too much, when you hear what happens in this world. I want my kids to be safe.

I know that there are a lot of members on Flickr I can surely trust. So if you have me already as a contact, or had some of my pictures as a favorite and would like to see my kids' pics in the future just write me a note. I will then look at your stream and decide if I have doubts or not to ad you as a friend.


At this point I also wanted to thank all of you for so many comments and nice words! I really appreciated every single one of them!


Original images shot with an iPhone 5.

Composited and edited with an iPad using Photoshop Touch, Decim8 and ProCreate.


Some people have asked me how I achieve these effects, such as above, on my iphone so I have created a website on which myself and many of the world's leading iphoneographers share our work flows via step-by-step tutorials. If you are interested in learning more about taking and editing photographs on your mobile phone using the many apps available, please visit


The photograph above is one of the 43 that comprise Breaking The Ice. The book that actualizes the moments in time when i felt that i was no longer in my comfort zone, mentally or geographically. It illustrates my fears and anxieties at the time and the build up of courage and light that came after an exhaustive exploration of myself through Berlin. Little did i know that this was just the beginning.


There are still copies available waiting for you to explore. Help me fund the next installment by purchasing 1 of the 400 copies that were printed.


Now that i've done my part as a terrible salesman I thank you all for your interest and support :-)


Come see me at : / Breaking The Ice / Good Press Gallery / Fistful Of Books & follow me @elchanyungco on instagram :heart:︎


EXPLORE : Sep 26,2013


ǾÀ-ǾÀ Urbex Tour


HDR 5 scatti

Fotocamera: Nikon D700

Aperture: f/2.8

Shutter Speed: 1/8 s

Lente: 15 mm

ISO: 200

Exposure Bias: 0 EV

Flash: Off, Did not fire

Lens: Nikkor AF-S FX 14-24mm f/2.8G ED

...remember it's just a phone. [ taken with an iPhone5 ]

“Every tomorrow has two handles.

We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.”

~ Henry Ward Beecher ~

Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona.


I just came back from my annual fall trip to the American Southwest. This time I went to Zion National Park (again) and Page, Arizona. This is the second time I have visited the Horseshoe Bend area to capture this iconic spot. Each time this place give my the creeps because of the height of the cliff from which you must shoot the bend and the fact that you must get to its very edge in order to get the whole thing in your frame. The first time I could not do it. There were a lot of people around and I just could not get the courage to get too close to the edge. This time I did a lot better and forced myself to get as close as I possibly could without sh***ing in my pants ;-)


I know this place has been over-photographed (indeed, the most recent issue of Outdoor Photographer features a photo of this place in an article and in an ad on the back page of the issue) but I consider this photo an achievement because I had to overcome serious anxiety or heebie jeebies in order to take it.


Tech Info:

Nikon D800E, Nikkor AF-S 16-35mm f/4G ED VR, Lee 0.9 GND filter.

Post-processed in Lr 5.6 and Ps CS6.

Anxiety has kicked in!! Besides feeling a bit under the weather, I'm a teeny bit excited to see what's in store for us again when IT unveils the next portion of their 2013 collection. I have a hopeful feeling that it will be FRs and Nuface this time around.


What are all of you looking forward to this year?


I'm curious to see how the collection will look this year since the convention collection will be more glam (assumingly since it's Hollywood themed), will the FR set be more relaxed? Perhaps fall-winter as opposed to last year's spring influenced Style Directive collection?


Anywho, I'm just rambling. It's the anticipation along with the medication and it's early. It's going to be a busy day and I pray I will be able to narrow my list down to just a select few as I promised myself that I won't be preordering like cray-cray (like I have in the past years).

Anyways, that's all for now. List-of-Death coming Monday.


zurich rosengartenstrasse, november 2010

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Psalm 23:4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me; your rod and your staff, the comfort me.


(explored, #15)

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