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Taken at Seaton Carew on 07/04/2014.


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A final outing for this romantic couple!

Adj. - noting or pertaining to automobiles approximately 25 years old or more. ~ I think this qualifies. ~ View On Black or on white, but view large please.


When I was little, old men used to ride up and down the alleys in trucks like these. Even though newer, those trucks then looked pretty much like this one does now: beaten up and raggedy. Oft-times, so were the old men that drove them. ~ ~ "Spoonfull"


But to a kid of seven or eight, ridin’ up and down the alley in one of these was high, Indiana Jones adventure. I’m sure they had some kind of suspension and shock absorbers, but it didn’t feel like it. Now I know why those men all seemed to have flat butts and hemorrhoids. :-)


They never had air conditioning either, and the hot, dusty air of summer would blow in your face. They said they had 4-40 air conditioning; 4 windows down and 40 mph. It didn’t cool you off, but at least you stopped sweating. I remember tasting the grit of the dust on my tongue - slightly salty.


No one had a working radio in these things. Didn’t need them. The men usually hummed or whistled one tune or another as they drove slowly down the road – something old that I didn’t know, but sounded like the stuff my parents played on the record player.


The men would sell things from their trucks: fruit, veggies, knife- and scissors-sharpening and pick up whatever people wish to get rid of: clothes, beds, junk – whatever.


In-between humming a tune, drags on a cigarette or talking to us, they’d call out as we creeped down the alley: FRE-REESH PEACHES, WATEEMELLONE, ICE-COLD WATEEMELLONE, FRESH GREENZ – KNIFE SHARPIN’!!


We’d yell sometimes too, but as seven year olds, boys voices are still as high as girls and don’t travel far in the thick, humid air of summer.


“Don’t hoit yo-sef, now,” said one with a smile. “Wait ‘til yo voice changes some. Den yu cain yell ‘till yu hoarse.”


Most of the men were either black men from the American south or white men from Eastern Europe. Either way, they had accents so thick, I could barely understand them. But, we kids understood a warm smile and kindly eyes and an offer to ride about a ¼ mile or so on an old raggedly, rattlin’, smoke-spewing truck like this.


We’d get something when we jumped off the truck: a piece of fruit, a ripe tomato, a slice of watermelon – and off we’d run back to whatever game we’d been playing under the summer sun.


“See yu later, kid,” they’d say with a wave and a puff of smoke coming out their mouths.


“Ok, see ya!”


But, I doubt we’ll see such trucks, or such men, ever again.


Outside Kenosha, Wisconsin. (generalized hdr technique from a single jpg). Created for the Dictionary of Image pool.


Oakley House Plantation

Old shop in Hawes, Wensleydale selling lovely old chimneys etc.


I used to watch a lot of the antique road show programmes and always recall when they popped into this shop, the owner declined to be on camera. . . . .hmmmmmm

Västerbyn in Rengsjö, a cluster timber house from the 1500's. The houses stand on its original site, is beautifully decorated inside, as was in the old Hälsingland farms.


Upload for Window Wednesday.

From my husbands antique tool collection.

Taken with camera on full zoom and antique effect!

No invites please

At Sundays antique show

Happy Saturday my friends

PP with Flypaper Textures

better big on black!

the colors of this morning reminded me of an antique landscape painting.


sharing to see if you all think so too.


happy tuesday!

Taken either Junior or Senior year.

Slide Rock State Park in Sedona, Arizona


Parked in the Apple Packing Shed built by Frank Pendley

The slow progress of a doll.

This is my little Jo, modelling the custom's dress.

Many layers of cotton battiste and voile, tea stainned, with antique trimings and pintucks galore!

Escher/Droste of an antiqued clock face. Done in the usual way. I just

liked the textures and warm colors.


strobists: 1/4 power Sigma EF-500 DG Super, diffused through white

plexi to create the specular highlight (a poor homage to the lighting work of ming thein's timepieces).


UPDATE: This image was featured on Boing Boing, Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010. Thanks, Cory!


©2008 David C. Pearson, M.D.

I've been meaning to photograph this antique billboard ever since I first notices it a couple months ago. I finally found the time to stop by it today.

Found at a very interesting antique shop where there was a little bit of everything scattered about the grounds and stacked to the rafters...

Here’s one from the archives. I’m transitioning from Aperture to Lightroom so I’m trying to learn new software right now. Yikes, there’s so much to learn!

Edit done in Mistical Tint and Tone. Border donen in picnik'

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