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Jasper spends more time than he should looking at photos and commenting on Flickr. Could be worse habits though so I frequently let him use my laptop.


Anthropomorphism is such fun :)

Swan mask by Illusions, swan photographed @ Tempura

Textures by Skeletal mess & JoesSistah - thank you <3333

I first tried to make this image getting on for two years ago, when I first bought a camera. I failed as I couldn't get the combination of composition and depth of field I needed using the lenses I had at the time. I'd forgotten all about it until watching Joe Cornish's new film 'With landscape in mind', in which he makes an image from this location, and which made me realise that this could be done with the tllt/shift lens I now have.


I'd imagined the rock as a bird's talon, hence the title,and this is very close to what I visualised rather a long time ago.


The good fortune of this reminder prompted me to write a blog post on this image: Musings on: being aware of the right kit


I have also written an article related to anthropomorphism in photography in Great British Landscapes magazine, issue 17.




aka 'Anthropomorphism'


My friend Sim found this pod under an African Flame Tree in the Botanical Gardens but the seed pod seems to be the wrong shape for a Flame Tree..


Reminds me of a maori design :)


The seeds seem to be Abrus precatorius (thanks Umbertoboni & Emili@!) but the pod shape is very odd..


Hmm.. it seems that nature was warning me not to eat the seeds! Some important information from umbertoboni below.. thanks umberto!


Pay attention because abrine one of the components of this seed is one of the most toxic substances in nature. If it reach the blood few micrograms (1/1000000 g) is enough to die. It is similar to ricin (from castor oil plant) used to kill a soviet spy in London by an umbrella.




Mr Jasper thought a late afternoon stroll with Miss Clementine was in order.

The deer in the woods gave them a wide birth, as did the humans they saw, but these two don't care what people think... as long as they have each other.



Miss Clementine wears a Squeakymonkey melancholy dearest dress and boots from ParasolDoll. The gate is made by Pandorajane



I've always had a love of animals in clothes, i have such pictures on my walls, and i particularly love seeing vintage taxidermy scenes. Five or six years ago i saw the most amazing vintage diorama of a huge tea party with squirrels and mice all sat around a huge table. It was over a metre long, and it was something like £4000! I was transfixed.

And so these guys were born in my mind...

Her wealthy cousin spent at least another hour in her boudoir when Aafje called on her at the appointed time to ask for a loan.


She was expected to wait in the salon of the chateau, stuffed with antiques, but the suspense of the situation finally drove her up the stairs.


She waited halfway in anticipation, realizing that without the loan her upstart internet company was doomed.


Little did she know that her cousin had lost her fortune in the crisis and was listlessly lingering in front of the mirror, unable to move.


Model: Aafje

Location: Chateau de Nieuil, Nieuil, Charente, France

Moose, Power Animal, Symbol of Self-Esteem, Courage


By Ina Woolcott


Moose symbolises the expression of joy when something has been accomplishment, not in a ‘show-off look at me I want recognition‘ kind of way, but in a true sense of sharing that springs from knowing how infectious joy is. Moose is also a symbol of being headstrong, longevity, wisdom, confidence, self-esteem, primal feminine energy and steadfastness.

Ancient myth calls these antlers ‘The Crown of Courage.’


Home » News » Psychotherapy News » Why Do We Anthropomorphize?


Why Do We Anthropomorphize?



Why Do We Anthropomorphize? Giving human characteristics to animals, inanimate objects or natural phenomena is a human trait called “to anthropomorphize.” Sadly, as in the tragic Sea World attack the proclivity is forgotten as we wonder why the animal behaved as an animal.

Anthropomorphism carries many important implications. For example, thinking of a nonhuman entity in human ways renders it worthy of moral care and consideration. In addition, anthropomorphized entities become responsible for their own actions — that is, they become deserving of punishment and reward.


The moose Photograph by: Richard McManus

It seems I've got this tendency toward anthropomorphism. When the clouds cover the sun at the beginning of my photo shoot and release it when I pack up, I think it's because they're mischievous. When I hit most of the traffic lights green on the way to work, I think that today, maybe, they like me. And when I walk to my car in the morning and a spider web strand catches me across the face, I know those devious little creatures did it on purpose so they could laugh at me doing my spider web dance!


I know it seems like a silly way to think, but I believe more people lean that way than would admit it. So, anyway, when I saw this little ladybug staring longingly at the beautiful face of her daisy, I thought of the song by Roberta Flack, "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face". Maybe it's silly, maybe I'm a big softy or maybe I'm just sentimental ol' me...


Explore / Interestingness / April 2010 / 29th #181


1280x1024 wallpaper

A Jack o' lantern carved by Mother Nature.

A lovely row of beach cabins at Hoek van Holland. Not sure if they are singing or yawning :-)


Little Golden Book

Illustrated by Richard Scarry 1963

Silly title, perhaps, but when I looked at the thumbnail it looked as if one raspberry was whispering to the other. I see faces in everything! (It's also the title of a lovely Sinead O'Connor song).

Floorplan Antique Telephone Gacha (Sky) X7

Floorplan Antique Telephone Gacha (Bubblegum) X1

::DKB:: Party Glasses Gacha - Uzumaki


My man Ricketty Bolt, Rocking in Christmas Day 2014

Rust under peeling paint in macro.

What these Storm trooper Kops lack in sense they make up for in zeal, as they dash off to the chase in a 1920's style jerky, speeded-up tempo


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1951 Ford F1.


Thanks Pierre for the title!

Harbinger of the Apocalust.

I’m a lumberjack, and I’m okay,

I sleep all night and I work all day.

I cut down trees. I eat my lunch,

I go to the lavatory.

On Wednesdays I go shoppin’

And have buttered scones for tea.


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I feel like I'm intruding on something very personal here, like a long-awaited first meeting.


Yes, I know. Me and my anthropomorphism.

"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog." (Edward Hoagland)


Inspired amongst others by this picture:


My website

My blog

Wieselblitz on Facebook

Sharing a water droplet. Euphorbia Martinii. A spurge.

I can't criticize what I don't understand. If you want to call this art, you've got the benefit of all my doubts.

Vader likes his beer a little bit on the “dark side”, but getting to it's not easy when you're only an inch and a half tall....


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Oooo eeee oooo ahhh ahhh.


Another pic here:


This one is the most stylized of all; the long, slender body, arms and tail.



Whenever the full moon rises high in the night sky, the Werewolf undergoes a startling transformation into a half-man, half-beast creature. Unable to control his primal instincts, he rampages across the countryside, terrifying all who encounter him!...


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Little Golden Book

Illustrated by Richard Scarry 1963

The Gingerbread Man

Rand McNally Junior Elf Book

Illustrated by Peggy Burrows


Poupée acheté sans maquillage et sur laquelle, j'avais vraiment envie de bosser. Les poils, c'est mon truc et l'anthropomorphisme, encore plus!! Du coup, je m'en suis donné à cœur joie sur ce petit chat que j'ai voulu croisé avec un lynx. D'ailleurs, je n'ai jamais vraiment vu de customisation au niveau du maquillage sur ce moule alors je n'ai pas fait les choses qu'à moitié. J'ai également customisé son corps de la même manière mais que je montrerai plus tard en photo.


Doll purchased without makeup which I really wanted to work on. The hairs is my thing and anthropomorphism, even more! So, I enjoyed a lot to work on this little cat that I wanted crossed with a lynx. Besides, I've never really seen customization at the makeup on Nikki dolls, so I do not do things halfway. I also customized the body in the same way but I will show later in another picture.

Macro Mondays "Strictly Textures". Look closely at the little faces...

Ever wondered where Lego comes from?


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( Please note that this image was heavily inspired by the genius that is LegoJeff )

It's tempting to interpret animal behavior in human terms (anthropomorphism), but these two Lappet-faced Vultures seemed to be affectionate. Who knew? Vultures can be "love birds". ; -)


Seen at Detroit Zoological Park (Detroit Zoo), Royal Oak, Michigan

Please view in the lightbox.

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