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My very first photo with my new macro lens. I think I found my niche. This is what makes me happy.

Mild HDR technique applied to one of my monsoon storm photographs.

X-Pro1 + Tamron SP90mmF/2.8




I take photo of this composition every year, but this year's photo has slight different mood from the past because an unexpected resident came to the center.


Do not use this image without explicit permission by ikururo.

:copyright: 2014 ikururo

Created for Kreative People's Treat This 63

Source Image courtesy of lensletter "My Grandmother's China Cup"

I had to do it! Couldn't ignore this leaf!

This is SOOC, no edit here...


Have a great weekend everyone!

Went to the 22nd annual ice climbing festival in Ouray Colorado.

Burning the backroads,

Sucking jet fuel from the radio

Cows and corn fields flying by...

I get the opportunity to photograph Pectoral Sandpipers on average... once a year in the Okanagan Valley. They pass through in numbers only in a window of mid-September to mid-October. Last year, my best shots were taken at the Kelowna Landfill, but this year, in the glowing evening of September 11th, I captured these two shots at Robert Lake.

And I got out just in time!


Cantigny Park

October 19, 2014


COPYRIGHT 2014 by JimFrazier All Rights Reserved. This may NOT be used for ANY reason without written consent from Jim Frazier.


A rare opportunity to photograph a live cicada up close. Usually heard but not seen.

Ft. Washington State Park,

Flourtown Day Use Area

Aug 18, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - FEBRUARY 06: Host Conan O'Brien speaks onstage during the 5th Annual NFL Honors at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on February 6, 2016 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Portrait of my brother.


Soon to be demolished grain mill.


Roanoke, Virginia



Silberblatt in der morgendlichen Herbstsonne.

Annual honesty in the morning sun.

I recognized it in the days of the child, December is winter. Some four seasons seemed to shift, but I was able to enjoy this autumn enough recently. and Surely I think that I can enjoy it this winter.

On December 16, 2012 in Igusa mori Park, Suginami ward.


僕が子供のころの感覚では12月は冬でした。 最近では四季が少しずれているようですが、僕は今年の秋を充分楽しむことが出来ました。 きっとこの冬も楽しめると思います。



Barton Hills.


Austin, Texas.


Olympus OM-1

Zuiko 50mm f3.5 Macro

Kodak Ektar 100 shot @ 320 / developed @ 400




Spring means that our Claret Cup cactus will bloom. I have a photo of last year's blossoms on my web gallery, which shows them fully opened.


What amazes me is that at one time, I really thought this cactus was going to die. When we first got it, we had it in a spot that was not right. It really suffered. Instead of just throwing it out, my boyfriend put it into a much bigger pot and nearly burried it in soil. We set it outside and ignored it; it was only ever watered when it rained. Slowly it came back to life. The first year only one flower emerged, and it died within a day. But eventually it began blooming in profusion.


The buds appear on the plant and grow slowly over many weeks, and even after they have opened, the red flowers can last for a very long time. The centers are a bright apple-green, and that is what is visible reaching from the slowly opening blossom.


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plastic robins meet up to discuss the issues....

The {Zaara}Annual sale is now on!

The sale will run from now until the end of the month, September 30th. Everything in the store is 50% off.

Hancock County - Iowa


With the mild temperatures, open ponds and lack of heavy snows, the Canadians have decided to hang around a while longer!


I wonder how many Canadian Geese are actually in Canada? Eh?


Wishing all my dear flickr friends and cousins a "Blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year!"

Be Safe!


Copyright 2015

OK all you creative Flickr people:


Official Annual Lanzetta PS Challenge.


I first saw this pic and thought, hmmm. this needs a dinosaur. I was going to add one, but I'm lazy.


So here it is: your challenge is to add a dinosaur to this shot. I alone vote, and the one voted best (meaning whoever I happen to like the most this week, meaning whoever leaves the most flattering comments in my stream) WINS!!


Winner receives a printed 8x12 version, the title of Most Creative PS Dude Evah, and the distinction of being cool in my book, as long as you don't live on an island outside of the U.S. Just kidding! I will include Australia.

my bag are pack and ready to go,,see ya next week guys,,

its my vacation time,,,,,,going back to the philippines,,,,,,,,

New Jersey, the Garden State, is the third largest cranberry producing area in the United States. Each year I wait in anticipation for the annual “wet” harvest. The damns are opened allowing the bogs to flood. The reels are driven in the water to shake and beat the bushes freeing the tart autumn fruit allowing it to float to the water’s surface. The wild red berries are corralled like wild cattle, bringing them together to be vacuumed into the waiting trucks. The entire harvest lasts but a few days.

Bart Simpson: "Hey, where'd that cool, creepy Santa come from!?"


John Waters: "Japan -- except over there they call him 'Annual Gift Man' and he lives on the moon."

Some fab 1960s illustrations from 'Pippin' Annual.

This one is annual and is part of the edible flower list, It is also used as a medicinal herb. Easy to grow...

MiFleur's Most Interesting Photos on Flickriver

Intended for travel, fine art and documentary categories.

These beautiful star lights go up every year at the Christmas Season to signify Hope for the patients at St. Paul's Hospital in downtown Vancouver, BC. A tall Christmas tree can be seen also, and now shown, but also up every year, is a huge cross with more decorations.

D. C. Thompson & Co. Ltd. 1970, illustrators uncredited.

this tiger day lily blossoms every year in front of our house and every year I end up taking pictures of it


This image cannot be used on websites, blogs or other media without explicit my permission. © All rights reserved

Every year I look forward to these flowers blooming in the garden...

Every year, we go to Taba and every year, I take this same photo on our way back, as this is one of my favorite places ever :) Unfortunately, it was cloudy this year.

I have had this orchid plant for the last 10 years. Every year in February, I get the delightful visit from the flowers and they last over 2 months!!!

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The central valley of California has a lot of monoculture. You can drive for a few minutes along the same type of crop or trees. The trees look like solders marching by in a parade. This was in the late afternoon, with the low sun producing these nice shadows.


I processed a single RAW exposure into a balanced HDR photo.


HDR, 1 RAW exposure, NEX-6, _DSC0398_hdr1bal1a

Sri Koothandavar Temple, Kooaagam, Viluppuram, Tamilnadu, May 2014.

Montana Rail Link Electrician Steve Howes inspects the traction motor brushes on MRL SD40-2XR no. 253. The 253 is in the MRL's running repair facility (also called the roundhouse by employees) in Livingston, Montana, for its annual inspection.

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